April 6th, 2009

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Bento #90 - Oatnigiri

I'm sorry for the extended absence.  Unfortunately my laptop went belly up, so now I'm stuck using the old desktop computer that I had to go pull out of storage.  Bleech - it's sooooooo slooooooow!

Today I have "oatnigiri", a little play a words.  They are steel-cut oats formed like an onigiri.  It makes it easy and convenient to pack oatmeal for breakfast - and easy to eat without utensils too!  Anyway, here's the bento:

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1 - Four oat onigiri filled with a half link (each) of veggie breakfast sausage, the oats have a little sugar-free syrup mixed into them for flavor
2 - One clementine

WW Flex Points = 3.5
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bento #76

bento #76, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

More freezer stash this week. Not because I didn't have a chance to go shopping, but because I honestly wanted fried rice and dumplings.

Fried rice with cremini mushrooms.
Pork & green onion dumplings.
Edamame (still frozen, will thaw by lunchtime).
Lychee pudding cup.

BTW, the "chicken-less" chicken I has last week was very good, and it's also vegan. So if you're a vegan and you have a Trader Joe's in your area, check it out. They have 3 or 4 different varieties of vegan "chicken".
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Bento Backlog! Bento #9

top: Rice, corn, peas, and sweet potato cutout
left: strawberry with honey, celery with honey peanut butter, baby carrots
Right: salad w/ sides of pecans and green apple

This bento was about experimenting with honey. Next time I will put the strawberries in a silicone cup as they did get a little runny.

Bento #147 - My fiance's

I know this isn't the most visually appealing, but I decided to include it because it involves an idea. I got these liners for gift bags that you would put cookies in. They kind of absorb the grease and don't actually get soggy. So they work fairly well for fried foods or anything else that is kind of moist. I got them from a craft store that was going out of business and there are a couple of colors. I little different from the usual cupcake papers I suppose.

Hardboiled egg, red potato wedges, carot sticks, fish sticks (inside the pastry paper)
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One Last Bento

This is one last bento from last week. This was Thursday's Bento, leftovers from a supermarket curry. On the left is Chicken Tikka Markhani, Spinach Pilau Rice, a piece of Naan Bread. On the right is a Chicken Samosa, with a yellow bear of Raita, a Goats Cheese Babybel, with a green chick of Hoi Sin Sauce and then two Cherry Tomatoes.  

I have also again ordered a load of stuff from the Japan Centre. I actually went down there yesterday but they don't have everything in the actual shop that they have online, its really annoying! I've paid £4.95 shipping, when its basically free (I have a travelcard for London) to get to the shop! They do have some kinda funky freezer boxes that have two sections to them which I think I'm going to have to go back and get, and I got some sushi and a couple of rice croquettes, which you can't get online!
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It's been a while since I actually made this one, but I found the pics and wanted to share.

Big sandwich bento from Black Friday last year, when I worked at Circuit City. I had bought a pre-made sandwich from the grocery store, took it apart, cut it into fourths, and rearranged it into my bento. Cool ranch wavy lays (they were SO GOOD), Italian sandwich bread, turkey, ham, bread and butter pickle stackers, cheddar, tomato, mayo, mustard. And kinda behind it was an orange and some pineapple rings.

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Not super pretty, but I thought it was nice, and it was definitely nice to have so much food for that day.

Breakfast Bento for the Week

So this week's breakfast bento (meaning all breakfast bentos for the week are going to be exactly the same...not that this one bento will be my breakfast all week) ;) is very similar to last week's, except there is a different kind of muffin in it. I tried another Weight Watcher's muffin recipe, this time a Maple Bran muffin from thier Complete Cookbook. (Sorry micka, I didn't have the ingredients for the South Beach recipe, so I didn't get a chance to try it this week).  I was pleased with these results and I think this is a winner. This breakfast bento comes to 3 Weight Watcher's points:

This bento contains:
2 Maple Bran mini muffins (2 points)
1/2 cup grapes (.5 points)
1 Morningstar Breakfast Link (.5 points)
1/2 tbsp. reduced calorie syrup (0 points)
By the way, the whole reason I make breakfast bentos is because the idea is that I am supposed to be going to the gym before work and then I eat my breakfast at my desk in the morning. Yeah, that hasn't been happening. These last few pounds are a pain to lose, and exercise is crucial is helping that process along (it's crucial anyway, I've just been lazy). My goal was to get back on the gym-wagon this week, but when my alarm went off this morning, I just felt so tired. I will be going after work, but I do prefer to workout in the morning. Here's to getting up tomorrow morning!

my bentoblog: wwbento.blogspot.com

Monday's Bento

Today's bento is simple, and helps use up the tortillas I have in the fridge. :) Unfortunately, it wasn't that filling...I think I should have thrown some cottage cheese in there. It was a little lacking in the protein department. Anyway, this bento comes to 4 Weight Watchers points.

This bento contains:
Cheese Quesadilla (1 wheat tortilla + 1/4 cup shredded 2% cheddar) (4 points)
1 tbsp. salsa (0 points)
cucumber flowers (0 points)
8 cherry tomatoes (0 points)
my bentoblog: wwbento.blogspot.com
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I was at home today, but I was so hungry at lunch and just couldn't deceide what to eat! 
So I put together a quick bento :)

I made it in the compartments of a thermo-food thingy I bought at Halfords (for the Dutchies). It fits 600ml in the big one and 300ml in the smaller ones, guess the idea is simular to a Mr and/or Mrs Bento. Microwave proof and holds food warm for about 6 hours! Only bad thing about it is the size of the outer thing, its kinda big but I use it for really long days only anyways, then I can easy take along a loose plastic bag for it :) But that wasn't a problem since I used it at home this time ^.^

Top: Mixed lettuce kinds, with carrot stars and bits of cucumber. The lionbottle holds some "thousand islands" dressing
Left: Bits of strawberry, bits of boiled chicken
Right: Saladstuff with a carrot flower, some lettuce dividing wall and grapes. Also a little extra bottle of dressing.

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Chinese Peach

Rusty at Bento-ing

So I'm trying to start bento boxing again. I've packed my lunch for tomorrow and boy am I rusty! It's my goal to try to bento box at least 10 times this month... To help me get back into the habit slowly. Anyways, here's my first crack at it in like... Two? Three years?

Mini-Bento clockwise: Green Seedless grapes, apple and skewered mango cubes

Top Tier: Heart-shaped rice balls with nori ontop, stewed tomatoes all around
Bottom Tier: Steamed chicken and cooked Chinese cabbage (Gai Lan)

Sandwich Bento

Two bento tomorrow as I have a job interview so I get to eat one of my creations for once!

Top box for mum has smoked salmon sandwiches on seedy bread with a garlic cream cheese, a babybel, a pick with rolled up salmon on it, a heart boiled egg, a Kitty of mayo and the tiniest clementine ever. 

Mine on the bottom with ham sandwiches on white bread, a Kitty egg, a Kitty of mayo on top of red grapes and a babybel and some cubes of cheddar on the right. 
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