April 5th, 2009


4/5 Bento Backlog - #119 through #122

I have bento backlog from last week due to everyone being sick. We are on the mend now but my voice still has not come back, I sound like a frog. And Little One has some lingering bronchitis. So not many bentos were needed for last week.

#119 for me- I'm loving my new Celtic Cat box from   </a></b></a>paiselypirate . At first I thought it was going to be too small, but once I started using it I realizes it's perfect. I usually pack a sidecar snack and when I do it was too much food. With this box it is the perfect amount. I had rice, shreadded pork roast, romanesco broccoli, carrot flowers and tri-colored radish slices.

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This was supposed to go in bento challenge...

But I was a day too late.  Had this planned out all week but didn't get to make it till today.  Tomorrow I have a long day so I made both a breakfast and a lunch bento!

For breakfast:  Butterfly shaped pancakes and one piggy that wasn't planned for but in trying to make button looking pancakes I ended up with a pig instead. :)  Octodoggies on a plie of fried hogdog bits
Sakura cheddar, sweet omlette and some dried cranberries for color.  There is a little container of maple syrup hiding under Mr. Pig.

The one that was supposed to go in the challenge was lunch:
Inspired by http://i152.photobucket.com/albums/s183/Sweet_Mysterium/SteamII.jpg and http://i152.photobucket.com/albums/s183/Sweet_Mysterium/LowWaters.jpg

This is a place I grew up going to almost every other weekend.  A place called Pine Grove Campground.  My grandma and grandpa had a permanent trailer up there.  It was my favorite place. And I wish I could go there again.

Anyways:  Rice (hidden under the rice are 2 pickled plums since I couldn't figure out how to work them into the scene), italian parsly and sugar snaps for the trees (snow peas would have worked better but they went bad before I got to use them). Yam soba for the reeds, tomato basil tuna for the san, water is colored mayo.  And to the right 3 dumplings on a bed of lettuce.  The top tray wasn't too exciting but I pictured it anywas...  some left over bits from our leg of lamb last night, frozen edamame, and some teryaki fried carrot stars.

Whew!  But at least thanks to all of this I have another 3-4 servings of mini pancakes in the freezer, another 4 servings of sweet omlette, and a batch of dashi stock frozen into 1 tbsp sized servings.  That should help future bentos to be a little faster in the making. :)
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Simple bento

I made a bento for lunch tomorrow

The bottom tier contains white rice with a nori cutout of pooh. It doesn't look too well because I used the thin Korean-style nori, I need to remember next time to use the sushi nori.

The second tier contains 1 chicken dumpling and bulgogi broccoli.

More coming soon!


Leftover Thai

Tomorrow's lunch is mostly leftover Thai food.  In the box in the centre there's some kind of Thai curry with chicken and basil on rice. The flower is made of a cherry tomato with a sweetcorn kernel in the middle, the stalk is cucumber and the leaf is basil.  To the right there are Thai sweetcorn fritters with giraffe picks, sweet chilli sauce in the silicone cup on top with a babybel hiding underneath. On top are two spring rolls and to the left there are some grapes and an itty bitty clementine. 
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