April 4th, 2009

Ninja Town

Bento 41

Snack bento for tomorrow! It is composed of a mini brie and cranberry sandwich, some strawberries, and pineapple.


Discussion question: I often make unconventional sandwiches for my bentos, like the one pictured, which is brie and cranberry sauce on sourdough. What do you like to put in your bentos that is seen as unconventional?
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I had three bento this week. Monday's bento was the first outing of my new Laptop Lunchbox! The red container has Leek and Gorgonzola Bake, I used Danish blue cheese instead of Gorgonzola as that what I had in at the time and it was still just as tasty. The purple one has salad, green had goldfish crackers which I brought back from the States, and the yellow one has a piece of rocky road and a container of vinaigrette for the salad.

Wednesday's bento was cold soba noodles with sesame seeds and spring onion, this had a dipping sauce to go with it which is not pictured. Then the top layer was carrot kinpira, cocktail sausages on picks, some watercress, hoi sin sauce in the green chick and a piece of Kit Kat Chunky. Unfortunately the Carrot Kinpira leaked somewhat and I had a soy sauce tasting Kit Kat! Its also a terrible variety of colours!

ABout time

It has been so long since i posted so i figured time to do so.

Top: Sliced apples with lemon juice so no browning.Next to apples is a home made brownie
Left: Left over chicken strips with pasta sauce and cheese
Right: Stir fry veggies with corn
OP: Luffy + Hat

Searching for Wholesale

Long story short, I'm looking for simple, decorative bento boxes I can buy wholesale/mass quantities. My local anime group is trying to do a bento picnic as an outreach to the community and the idea was, if we can find some decorative bentos for a decent price (read: cheap), then we could let the people who came to the picnic keep their boxes.

I've been just doing google searches to see if I can't find something but I've not had a lot of luck. There is one local place I can look but the quantities aren't guaranteed. I was hoping that someone here would have an idea on where to hunt. Thank you!