April 2nd, 2009

Veggie Burger Bento

Some nights I don't have leftovers and I rely on a couple of staples to fill my bento for the next day. One reliable staple is the Veggie Burger: it's quick, I like the taste of it cold, it's protein, and it's low in points. I have actually been quite impressed with myself on how nutritionally balanced I've been keeping my bentos (at least I think I have...there's protein, dairy, and veggies...that's good, right?). Today's bento comes to 4.5 points:

This bento contains (clockwise from the top left):
1/4 cup 1% cottage cheese (1 point)
cucumber flowers (0 points)
Morningstar Mushroom Lover's Veggie Burger (3 points)
1/4 cup edamame (.5 points)
8 cherry tomatoes (0 points)
1/2 tbsp ketchup underneath the edamame (0 points)
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Bento I

Isn't it strange how one's perspective changes... When I first got my bento box, I thought it was itsy-bitsy, is that thing really going to fill me up? Now I'm putting the filling food in the small tier. And it definitely filled me up.

Bento I

Entree tier: glass noodles with some chicken salvaged from a whole roast chicken, tossed in stirfry sauce and kewpie mayo
Desert tier (the bigger one...*sweatdrop*): Grapes, strawberries, strawberry cream filled wafer, lychee jelly, egg pudding jelly
Plus: a bottle of water (not shown)

It was all eaten with a pair of disposable chopsticks I nicked from the university cafeteria for just such a purpose.

First bento post and first experience with kewpie mayo! Does anyone have any tips on making bento faster? I'm accustomed to rolling out of bed, into clothes, and out the door, but I'm determined to start making a habit of bento.
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Bento #145

I only just got done posting my lunch bento from school and now it's already time to post my dinner bento for work tonight. I cheated on this one to get some more color in it, but I thought it looked pretty cute!

For dinner tonight:
Sweet potato, black beans, broccoli
Knit scarf

yay More Bentos (27 & 29)!

I've noticed in my bento-making life that I've started making two types: full-blown meals and quick "grabs". Here's why;
When I'm going out for a long time, I make a whole meal in one of my insulated bento boxes or in regular boxes into my thermos lunchbox tote. Those I usually make the day before for a very specific meal. The big culprit for me eating out, however, is on my way home from my job, since I know I'm already hungry, but if I don't stop for food, it will tack a good 30+ minutes on before I get to eat. So I make up anything from snack sized to full meal sized, and they just sit like pre-packaged meals in my fridge until I'm ready to eat them in the next day or two.

Knowing I have a cute bento to come home to spares me spending food and helps me resist temptation.

So let me show of one of each:

Here's a meal:

Note that it is a lot of things that need to be refridgerated. No problem in my thermos bag (the cold can keeps stuff a good temp until I eat).

And here's a "Grab":

Pretty simple, but it also uses up the last of my hummus and olives, so it is a good use of left-overs in my fridge.

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Vegetable soup

Today's lunch was basically more of what we had for dinner. Bread, selection of Swiss and Italian cheeses, grapes, cherry tomatoes and homemade vegetable soup. The soup was made following the same recipe as this minestrone soup except without meatballs or pasta shapes.

I also added chopped celery in with the diced carrot during the cooking process. I am trying to wean my husband on to celery... First by using them in making stock, and now by chopping them into small pieces in soups to render them not as visible or obvious. Perhaps one day I might actually be able to use them in a pie or even a stir fry... :p


Thank goodness for the cute flag picks to decorate an otherwise plain looking bento.