April 1st, 2009

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Bento #2 and #3

Much more traditional looking than the last one:


Chicken shumei dumplings, banana and strawberry skewers and a vaguely triangular rice ball with green grapes as filler and romaine leaves to look pretty. It looked nice but it didn't taste so good. The store-bought dumplings had kind of a rubbery texture and I didn't have sauce to dip them in. I would have added veggies and an egg but I only have this single level 550ml bento and there's not much room for... anything, really.

I used the plastic wrap method described on Just Hungry to make the rice ball.

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California hanami picnic

Over the weekend I hosted our annual hanami (cherry blossom viewing) picnic in Golden Gate Park. We had a variety of marinated meats to grill: chicken thighs, marinated beef short ribs (kalbi), skewered bulgogi beef, and spicy pork sliced thin and skewered. Vegetables like enoki mushrooms and bell pepper strips went on the grill, while salad vegetables like cucumbers, baby carrots and celery were easy to dip in ranch dressing. Rice balls are good finger food, so I made a variety with different fillings: grilled salmon, umeboshi pickled plum, Gohan Desu Yo! seaweed paste, kimchi, and plain furikake. Seasoned noodles, sliced ripe strawberries, tiny tangerines, beer and a big bottle of Onigoroshi sake rounded out our little feast. Full details with reviews of three different kinds of picnic containers here at Lunch in a Box.

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Bento #143 - Chikuwa

I have never had chikuwa. It's basically fish and some other ingredients formed into a tube like shape.. After a search on google I found that one way to eat it is with a vegetable stuffed in the center (I saw cucumber mentioned the most. I don't have cucumber though so I'll be trying it with green pepper.) It looks pretty but I'm a bit intimidated. :p

Sweet potato brown rice
steamed broccoli, carrots, yellow bell pepper, hardboiled egg, chikuwa w/ green pepper inside
Muhammed Ebi

Lunch Box 641: Sasquatch, the other jerky meat

Today I have a meatloaf cupcake (with a little container of ketchup on the side), steamed snow peas and steamed purple sweet potato. I normally bake - well, microwave - sweet potatoes, but the purple ones I've gotten lately were small and rather dry, so I tried slicing them into half-inch-thick "coins" and throwing them into the steamer. The result: the color is not as bright, but they came out moist and very sweet! I'll remember this trick. Anyway, I also have blood orange segments, some mango, and several pieces of sasquatch jerky.

I like beef jerky, but I haven't packed it in my lunches because, well, something you gnaw on isn't very bento-istic, is it? But when the folks at jerky.com asked me if I'd try a sample of their new sasquatch jerky, I couldn't resist. (Don't worry, Sasquatch are no longer on the Threatened Species list, and they use only free range sasquatches.) It's surprisingly tender - somehow I had expected it to be tough - and it tastes nothing like chicken.

(Website post, with links to recipes.)

Wednesday's Breakfast Bento

I tried a new recipe for my breakfast bento this week: Weight Watchers Glazed Pear Muffins. The results were okay, but I probably will look for another muffin recipe. This morning's breakfast comes to 2.5 points:

This bento contains:
2/3 serving Glazed Pear Muffins (w/o glaze) (1.5 points)
1 Morningstar Breakfast Link (.5 points)
1/2 tbsp. Reduced Calorie Syrup in the strawberry (0 points)
1/2 cup grapes (.5 points)

This is going to be my breakfast for the next few days, so I won't be posting the same thing everyday this week. But next week should have something different!

Wednesday's Bento

Today's bento is mostly leftovers, nothing terribly exciting -- but hey, it works! Remember how I said I hadn't been that hungry lately so I thought this 18 points a day thing would be pretty easy? Well, apparently I was wrong. I have been starving! But I don't think it's because of the amount of food I have been eating. And honestly, once I eat a snack or two I'm pretty much satisfied. So happily I haven't been using all my weekly points in a day or anything. I've actually been sticking to the usual going over my daily points allowance by about 2-4 points and still staying satisfied. So I guess it's actually not that big of a deal. I was just surprised at how hungry I've been feeling very suddenly. Having healthy snacks around is definitely important, otherwise bad things could happen. :)

Today's bento comes to 4 points:

This bento contains (clockwise from top left):
Cajun Spiced Shrimp (2 points)
1/4 cup 1% cottage cheese (1 point)
cucumber flowers (0 points)
1/4 serving Hungry Girl's Tamale Pie (1 point)
my bentoblog: wwbento.blogspot.com

Roast beef sandwich

As I was just commenting on snappiness's entry, I pack sandwich bento about once or twice a week, mainly because they are so quick and easy, offers some variety from rice or pasta-based bento, and err because they are quick and easy.

Today's lunch is just for AP since I am working from home: roast beef and cucumber sandwich (tilted up just for photo), skewers of grapes and cheese and cherry tomatoes underneath.

Bento Cute!

Long time no post! Question!

I haven't posted in a while! But I have been bento making! I should do a HUGE backlog! XD

Question: what is the best way to carry around liquids in a/for a bento? I always have kooky ideas. For example, I love cereal, especially in the summer, but it is hard to travel around with the milk part! I don't have a thermal bento, but I guess I could carry the milk in a tumbler or something...

Any ideas/tricks? I would greatly appreciate it!