March 31st, 2009

525: spicy beef

Hubby made some really spicy beef last night and I thought it might be great for bento. Muffin also has veg, large grapes and sweets. I packed myself a bento today also, which is on my blog. I realized one reason I haven't been packing mine is that I am not into the "cute" boxes for myself. So I think I need to use this box for me and pack Muffin's in one of the cute boxes. Will maybe try that tomorrow.

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Hello again

Top: Turkey dog flowers, green grapes, hard boiled egg, homemade pasta salad (we all it Garbage because it's just left over veggies and pasta thrown together with french dressing)
Bottom: Roast chicken and veggies
Lid: Just-in-case peanut butter crackers.

I've been making bentos, I just haven't been taking pictures. Far too lazy! Shame on me. I'm still such an amateur. Ah well, at least it good and filling, right? Right?

Food question! What's a good way to use garbanzo beans (aka chickpeas)? I love hummus, but I'd like to try something else to add to my lunches. Thank you~!
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Back on the Bento Wagon!

Hey there! It's been awhile, I know. But I'm back and ready to get in the bento swing of things once more. Because I have decided to continue to try and lose 5 to 10 more pounds, my points allowance is now down to 18, so my lunches are going to be kind of small. My husband, however, is starting back on a call month at the hospital, so you should be seeing some bentos for him pop up during the month. Today's bento comes to a low 3 points! I brought snacks of grapes and Babybel cheese, so we'll see how that gets me through the day. Although I have noticed that I have not been as hungry as I used to be, so I may be able to do this.

This bento contains:
1/2 serving of Hungry Girl's Tamale Pie (click for recipe) (2 points)
1/4 cup 1% cottage cheese (1 point)
cucumber flower cut-outs (0 points)
cherry tomatoes (0 points)
4 baby carrots (0 points)
more at my bentoblog:

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Quick Breakfast bento!

I read soso many bento blogs/sites/communities/whatever but since I lost my job I no longer make them. Today I decided screw it! So I made myself a delicious breakfast bento. It was great!

apple bunnies
better n peanut butter
almond milk [not shown]

I kinda inhaled it. I really need to work on eating slower! It was so good!

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Mar. 31, '09

No bento yesterday, but here's today's. Was nummy!

Mar. 31, '09

Sidecar: Minestrone Soup (recipe here; made it, put in single serving containers and froze it until ready to use)
Lid: 5 Rosemary Crackers:
Top Tier: Strawberries & Clementine
Bottom Tier: Parmesan Cheese for soup, Cucumber Dressing, Celery Sticks, Mini Chocolate Dipped Cookies, Mini Crunch Bar.

And must say, this has to be one of my better pictures. Not sure what i did different though! lol


Bento # 523 & 524

Afte almost a week without bento, because my kid hasn't been needing any and my work hours has mostly been counter productive - who needs a bento at 4 in the morning?! - it's finally time for some new ones :)

As it is obvious, I FINALLY managed to find a place where they sold quail eggs again.I'm not sure of they've been out of season or what... but they've been gone from the surface of the Earth here for quite a while. So now it's finally cutesie-eggsie-season again ^_^

Bento # 523
Bento # 523
Pasta "butterflies" with mixed vegetables, ham and cheese. Two quail egg with molded-in faces, a bit of broccoli, two cherry tomatoes and a mini Ritter Sport chocolate.
Bento # 524
Bento # 524
Mixed stir-fried vegetables, chili chicken bits on skewers, three quail eggs and Chinese egg noodles, decorated with orange pepper stars and some cucumber-peel-clovers


First post! Bento #1!

First post! I've been watching this community since its feature on the main page and have toyed with the idea of doing bentos for my work lunches. So I've ordered some Bento stuff online and am awaiting it's arrival. In the meantime, I had some yummy stuff around that I wanted to try, so I'm substituting a bento box with a tupperware.


It's white sushi rice with this sesame seed, nori and salt topping I found at a natural food store, along with some udon noodles with peanut and soy sauce (and a little peanut butter). Not pretty (yet!) but it'll be tasty.

So hopefully my stuff arrives fast so I can start making pretty lunches.
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Last bento prolly this week

Hello all. This might be the last bento of the week already, such a weird scedule lately! 
But I might make a snack bento friday to entertain myself and keep me calm while traveling towards our new kitten ! 

Tomorrow's bento, and excuses for the bad photo, the colors just did not want to cooperate. 

Top: Strawberries, animal picks, carrotsticks held together by a ring of leek, Paksoi salad which will hold a bunny-egg in the morning but not done yet, apple filled with thousand islands dressing and some tiny sour creme and onion light-cracker things. 
Lower: Rice with bits of ham/leek/egg in it, cucumber decoration, tulip dividing wall and some spicy grilled chicken with sate sauce over it. On it a carrot flower, but it doesn't show that well. 
Chicken: Egg flavour furikake with extra sesame seeds added, 
Lid: Little bar of chocolate <3 

Hopefully the sun will shine as nice as today when I eat it! :) 
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First Post :] Bento # 1

Ok I lied, it's not bento #1, but I never counted my previous ones... And I made a ton before >_>;;
Today's bento was a snack for my friends to share (both of them are university students and they get tired easily! xD One in heels and the other is covered in oil paints.)

Bento # 1

Collapse )

Very spring-like yes? :] Edamame for all those lovely nutrients and tamagoyaki, 'cuz its cute.
Blanched daikon, turkey meat and more edamame beans as garnish.
Soy sauce packets just in case the eggs weren't salty enough.
(In the egg mixture: sugar, a bit of soy sauce, and a good dosage of sake[LOL])
Still sort of plain, I'll make the next one nicer xD