March 30th, 2009

Sunday bento

Think I would rather live on nice cookies but decided to make something more healthy
just simple, fresh food - rice, small bit of raw baby spinach, raw baby carrots and roasted chicken

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This is the new bento set that my younger son and daughter got for my oldest son for his 16th birthday. Inside is ham fried rice, chocolate pocky, salt and pepper packet, a bear shaped hard boiled egg that didn't come out very well, cherry essence dried plums, a few baby carrots and romaine lettuce for filler.

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eta: a cut because my pic was bigger than I thought.

Squash Bento

Hi, Everyone!
I haven't posted in a while, because my kitchen was such a wreck that I didn't even want to work in it, but we cleaned the hell out of it this weekend, so its bento time again!

Bottom Tier: Roasted half of a tiny acorn squash, sitting on top of some almonds
Top Tier: Manchego cheese cubes, chocolate raspberry sticks, strawberries, 2 halves of a Seckel pear

For recipes and more stuffs, check out my blog:
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524: sandwich

A regular lunch, bento-ized! Ham sandwich on a bun, grapes, cucumber, spiral pasta and some carrot sticks in a cute little pink container under the grapes. I forgot a sweet! Oops. I did remember to line the box with wax paper though. Small yay.


3/30 Bento #118

CDC's bento for today which he didn't end up eating. He came home sick before lunch and was not up for eating lunch.
I put it in the fridge and it should be ok for hubby to take to work tomorrow. There is chicken veggie stir-fry and rice, grapes carrots and  mini croissant. I've decided to try simplyfing his lunch and pack a little less. I'm so tired of having half of the food come home uneaten and having to throw it away. He is just in too much of a hurry to get out and play to sit there and eat very much :(   hopefully this will help. I hate wasting food.

grease swirl

Look what I found at Target!!!

From Bentos

They're "Treat holders" for Easter! They have them with all of the other Easter eggs. These are (obviously) Disney Princess and Hello Kitty. They also had Cars, Spiderman, baseball, soccer and faceted eggs, etc. They can't be used for sauces because they have little holes in them, but I plan to put solid snacks in them for my bentos (yes, MY Of course, I have to give at least 1 of each to my niece or I will be in big trouble!)

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