March 29th, 2009

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Bento #12, fiesty lunch for a rather dreary day.

It's mostly tortilla flats, and fixin's for it. Beans, cheese, lettuce, and sour cream.
Then for sweets; A cupcake, orange and apple slices, and three yogurt filled hershey kisses.
The hard part will be trying not to make a huge mess while devouring it! :)
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Two Bentos

The first is a leftovers bento. Hot Rice Salad from the night before, a green chick full of sweet chilli sauce. The upper layer had fish balls, two cherry tomatoes, a slice of cucumber and a mini cadburys caramel bar.

Then came cheese and onion quiche with salad underneath, and a side car of chicken samosa, babybel, a blue strawberry of raita for the samosa and a mini flake bar.

I also have a question about Laptop Lunches. I ordered one last week and its arrived already. But I'm wondering how well it holds food in place?
I am having pasta bake in the larger pot with a lid, and I want to put some breaded meat in the other larger pot without the lid, and some fruit in one of the smaller conainers. Will the meat get mixed up with the fruit? I can't guarentee that I can keep it flat all through my journey to work, does this matter?
Also does anyone know if the containers are microwave safe?

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Leftover dinner

I actually remembered to take a picture of my parents' dinner today.
They are on diets so they share a larger than normal bento.
They often loose stuff too so they get ghetto old tupperware lunch boxes rather then one of the nicer bento boxes or the glassware. lol

Left: Mixed green salad with green olives, cherry tomatoes and finely sliced carrots. Mini Baybels. Sliced apples, strawberries, green grapes, and blackberries.
Right: Glass noodles with leftover chicken and vegetables in peanut sauce and multi-grain crackers.
Single packet arare for snacks (yes I treat them like little kids) and sesame dressing in a spray bottle (it's healthier this way, you use less but the dressing is spread evenly so you get enough flavor).
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I've been interested in Bento and the culture surrounding it for a while now. In the last month, I decided to research it more thoroughly before trying out the whole bento experience. Then I got the supplies I needed, as opposed to the ones I WANTED (everything is so cute!), and jumped in. Here's my very first bento lunch.

Top Tier: pork & shrimp shu mai (frozen kind), small container of dipping sauce
Bottom Tier: carrots, grapes, container of hummus, babybel cheese
Lid: Strawberry Pocky
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lunch for tomorrow

Since I have very limited time in the morning lately and I've been making lunches in advance in the evening as much as I can ^.^

Tomorrow a hectic but luckily not too long day :

Left: Banana and strawberry slices <3 Sprinkled with a tiny bit of suger and 2 animal picks :)
Right (wel... middle) : Mixed grilled courgette/tomato/paprika/herbs/leek/chicken, dividing wall, tricolore pasta on iceberg lettuce and some cheeze flowers.

Happy bento this week!
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