March 26th, 2009

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Travel bento for a friend

Long time, no bento post!

Here is a lunch I packed Tuesday morning for a friend who had to drive 6 hours to get back home.

6 onigiri (2 different designs, plain rice or tuna and mayo), hard-boiled eggs, in the cup: wasabi, soy sauce and ginger; and a ginger biscuit for dessert.
Side dish (not shown) was a pasta salad with canned corn.

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Return of the bento!


On the left, a black cherry and cheddar cheese star salad with salad dressing in the bear. On the right, PB and banana "sushi" with a strawberry for garnish. It was a big hit at work. :)

I have a question to those of you who use cookie cutters, specifically the little letter-shaped ones. I tried using them the other day on the cheddar cheese, and I couldn't get the cheese out of the cookie cutter without destroying the letter, which defeats the purpose. What am I doing wrong? Is it that the cheese is too sticky? Would I have better luck with carrots?
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Bento #7

Left box: steamed yam cut in the shape of hearts with a little silicone heart of butter.
Right box: semi-hard boiled egg, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, and fake chicken nuggets.
Muhammed Ebi

Lunch Box 639: Shades of orange

I've been doing a lot of stir-frying lately. I see a bunch of vegetables and immediately drag out a big pan. Well, here's beef & broccoli stir-fry, which is held in check by some baked Japanese sweet potato. On the other side, a fruit salad made with strawberries, kiwi, blood orange, and yellow raspberries.

Is it my imagination, or are the blood oranges darker this year? Last time Kroger had blood oranges they were light orange shading to red inside. This time there's only a touch of orange, with a lot of red shading into a dark wine, almost purple color.

(Website post, with links to recipes.)
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Okonomiyaki bento & review of metal bento set

Contents of preschooler bento lunch: Mini okonomiyaki (Japanese cabbage “pancake” with shrimp and bacon in this case, made with my recipe), condiments for the okonomiyaki (okonomiyaki sauce, Kewpie mayonnaise, katsuobushi bonito flakes, and aonori seaweed flakes), mini banana, red grapes, and kiwi.

Morning prep time: 5 minutes, using leftover okonomiyaki that I made in smaller sizes with excess from dinner. Further details and a full review of the 500ml Kids Konserve metal lunch set (photo behind the cut) are here at Lunch in a Box.; use coupon code lunchbox at the Kids Konserve online store for 10% off until 9/30/09.

Okonomiyaki bento lunch for preschooler

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too tired to bento

and struggling with silly health things

not to mention the difficulties in trying to take a pic using the computer's camera

but here it is -- # 11 - 2 eggs, some corned beef hash and sticky rice

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I did a this for BentoChallenge's Monster Challenge. I wanted to do Cookie Monster at first, but blue is an appetite suppressant. Plus, there aren't any foods naturally colored bright blue. So I made a Veggie Monster instead! Haha! He will eat  you if you don't eat him first! Also, Elmo is in there because he is a monster too. ^_^

I just went grocery shopping and found some cute snacks including those cool Texas shaped crackers, the little purple yogurt, the pretty Easter marshmallow treats, and my favorite mini oreo cakesters!

Go here for a description of everything in this bento.