March 25th, 2009

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bento #7!

Halved cherry tomatoes, quiche, ramen mixed with broccoli and peas,
four mini creme cheese wontons, and cottage cheese with mandarian oranges.

I'm still waiting on my bento bonanza order; my first supplies, so I'm resorting to using this old box :3 and I just can't wait to get it, no more avoiding reheating due to not being able to remove them cleanly!

3/24 Bentos #111 & #112

Bentos in my awesome new boxes from  paiselypirate  today! These are so cool, thanks paiselypirate! If you want to see more of her boxes check them out on her blog here.
Little one got the Godzilla vs. Robot box. It put the biggest smile on his face this morning :D. His snack bento for preschool this morning had a mini huckleberry muffin, grape skewers, strawberries and mozz. cheese bites.

My bento for work today is in the Celtic Cat box. I love it! I'm dyeing to find some matching Celtic fabric and make a matching bag and belt for it.
I had meatballs and mashed potatoes with cheddar cheese, steamed broccoli, carrots and snap peas. I also packed a snack sidecar with a mini huckleberry muffin, grapes, strawberries, dried apricots, almonds and chocolate covered raisins.

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3/25 Bentos #113 $ #114

Leftover pizza bentos for CDC and Hubby today. We had some really yummy pizza last night wit a creamy garlic and herb sauce instead of a red sauce with grilled chicken, bacon, spinach and artichoke hearts. , YUM! Plenty of leftovers for bentos, yea!

CDC also has apples, mini huckleberry muffin, dried pineapple, grapes and carrots

Hubby also had, apple, strawberries, grapes, mini huckleberry muffin, carrots, celery sticks, snap peas, mini pickles and a pepperoncini with a couple of chocolate chip cookies for desert

There is one more week left to enter my giveaway for a handmade bento bag & belt set on my blog. Check it our here.
Thank you to everyone who has already entered for taking the time to give me your feedback, ideas and encouragement! I really appreciate it :D . I have taken the advice of many and have lowered the prices of my sets and I will be updating the post with more info soon.
Desirae flowers

Bento Newbie

Hi! I'm Desirae. I've been lurking for quite some time, but finally decided to make myself known. I found the community when it was spotlighted earlier this year. I'd never heard of bento until then, but I've really enjoyed seeing all of your lunch creations. Then I stumbled upon Ichiban Kan last month and had to place an order for myself. A little silly, really, because I'm home for lunch each day--I live a whole 2 minutes away from where I work. But I figured it'd be fun to fix myself a cute lunch now & then and it would come in handy for the rare occasions that I need to work through lunch.
Eventually I'll make & post some of my own bentos, but for now, I'll continue to get ideas from all of you creative people and share a pic of my bento stuff. :)

Two tier Tenmari box, Tenmari tight seal lunch box, Tenmari fork, pretty food picks, star rice mold, & SunnySmile sauce cups. I need to get a box belt and egg molds. :)

Bento #6

Yummy, yummy. A lot of food for a long day of work.

Background: pasta with leftover spaghetti sauce
Left: clementine, pecans, almost hard boiled egg (I must have undercooked, having never made them before, but I kind of liked them much better this way. I wonder how horribly unsafe it is to eat.)
Right: Zucchini bread and Parmesan cheese in the "watermelon" box.

Not too long ago I read a book that suggested making a batch of brownies and freezing for lunch. I couldn't really justify brownies in my lunch but I decided to experiment with zucchini bread. The result was awesome!I still have about 10 servings in my freezer and will be doing it again when
I run out.
box lunch, bento

Mar. 25, '09

Mar. 25, '09

Sidecar: Minnestrone
Top Tier: 2 Cream Cheese & Chive crackers; Tomato, Celery, and Carrots; Creamy Cucumber Dressing in cup
Bottom Tier: Banana and Strawberries; Parmesan Cheese for soup; mini Nestle Crunch Bar

Also added some Rosemary Crackers when I ate because they go so well with the Minnestrone. :)
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tomorrow's lunch

here is tomorrows lunch :)

a bed of spinach with mushroom, baby carrots, grape tomatoes, hard boiled egg, and a side cup of creamy caesar dressing (yum!), mango chunks and red grapes on the side.

i really want to get a new egg mold.  i had a cute bunny one, but somehow it got ruined in the fell out of the basket and melted on the floor it the washer!  *eek-dont let husbands load dishes* :)  does anyone have a recommended site?
Keep Calm

Sushi & new box

As the subject says this bento is mainly sushi... and it's in a new box!!  Mum asked for sushi tomorrow so sushi I provided in abundance. 

The sushi is accompanied by gyoza and edamame with carrot flowers to decorate and a fishy of soy and a bottle of chilli oil for the gyoza.  Still haven't got the hang of the pepper maki but practice makes perfect, eventually.   

The new box was a find from the cheapy store and an absolute steal for 99p for 3 as there was a typo on the labels.  They're perfect for bento and I can't wait to make a few picnic bento using them.  This summer I have major plans to combine my British love of picnicing with my newfound bento skills!!

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