March 24th, 2009


Bento # 522

This week, my kid's school has a Project week. So she only has to turn up in the morning and then she's free to go home and work on her project from home if she likes (she's making a presentation about the Hubble Telescope... wonderfully nerdy, right? ;) )
So that means she won't need a bento this week. But I do! So this is one of my own. I can't wait until dinner time now!

Bento # 522
Bento # 522
Stir-fried vegetables, broccoli, tamagoyaki with spring onions, rice with panang-curried prawns, sea weed and orange snack pepper flowers.


Mar. 24, '09

Apparently I was a day off yesterday. lol Back on track today. ;)

Mar. 24, '09

Top Tier: Impossible Cheeseburger Pie (from Bisquick box), Cornbread (recipe here), Blueberry Bread Pudding (recipe here)
Bottom Tier: Green Salad w/Carrot shavings, Lite Ranch, Strawberries, mini Baby Ruth

This one ended up being a little bread heavy. I think in the future I'll use the larger, unsplit tier for fruit and veggies and the split tier for the protein and grain and condiments. Should help keep it from being a bit too much on the bread in the future.

Okay, time to clean up the baby and get her down for her nap!

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Actually yesterday's bento...

Rob's travelling a couple days this week, so this was actually his bento for yesterday. He won't need another until maybe Thursday...


Top Tier: Seafood Salad; Mixed Nuts, Hummus and berry trail mix in mini muffin cups; babybel cheese w/ flower cutout

Bottom Tier: Mixed Spring Greens w/ southwestern chicken breast and carrot hearts and flowers

Side car: Kiwi; plum slices; baby carrots; red and yellow mini bell pepper strips

He also has apple and kiwi gummies in the lid and had crackers for the seafood salad and light ranch for the salad & to dip the veggies :)

Just a simple everyday bento - I need to do something more special sometime soon...

Sandwich bento

Ive been realy bad at making bento atm after moving, and splitting with my husband etc.. etc... so thought i'd make one today :) its a sandwich bento which ive never done before as i never quite understood how to fit one in a box lol but its come out well

Pringle crisps
Pickled quails egg
Toasted BBQ fake chicken and cheese sandwich

yum :)

I'm new to this community but not to loving bento style lunches :)  this is just a small rubbermaid lunch container, but it works great for me.

I packed this up for my lunch tomorrow. From left to right:

banana and red grape skewers, grape tomatoes, gree beans, sweet pickle slices with chedder flower, baby carrots, another flower and grape tomatoe, a scoop of refied beans with sour cream and a chedder flower in/on a bed of baby spinach to separate. 

I found some tiny (about 1 in.) springtime cookie cutters, and the flower was one of them. so cute!  yum :)

Me: Sailor V
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Mexican Bento

I finally got my huge shipment of bento making supplies [two months ago], and then I stopped making them. Go figure.

Anyways! After almost a month since my last bento, I finally made one again. It's made up of leftovers from tonight dinner, and I put it together for my mom. I have a short day tomorrow, so no need for one for myself.

Top teir: Cold stuffs - pineapple, red tipped lettuce, tomatoes
Bottom teir: Hot stuffs - Taco meat and cheese with chives, Mexican rice with some of my mom's beloved cilantro on it. I can't stand that herb, and every Mexican night, it's a battle over whether it will be included in the meal. My dad is neutral on it, so he's never any help. Since I won tonight, I added it to her lunch.
On the side: Caramel pudding, corn tortilla, and a note reminding her that the lids aren't microwaveable. ^_^
Much Ado

Bento #21

At home for a week for easter break atm, surprised when I come home how much food gets thrown away, I suppose we've always done it, its only being away from home thats made me notice. So I keep hording all the leftovers and food that will soon go off to make and freeze bento foods. Then if we don't get through them before I go back (not for another month, I'm off doing other things before then) I can take them with me and have a few weeks of tasty lunch!

Made in parents lock'n'lock:

Failed onigiri with tuna and pesto, extra tuna and pesto mix, spinich
Mini homemade ricotta, sundried tomato and basil quiche, spinich
Hummous and baby carrots

The onigiri was the last of my first ever batch (left over rice from dinner!) I think it was too wet by this time and I was bored of rice getting stuck to everything! Hopefully will have fully formed one tomorrow unless parents steal them all for work! I was really impressed with the quiche too, having never made it before and kinda having to make up the recipe. Again ricotta left over from dinner and sun dried toms nearing best before date.
LOST: Island Bento

You all everybody <3

Sadly, ongoing not-serious-but-still-irritating illness has really robbed me of all energy for working on lunches lately. It's kinda hard to work up the wherewithal when everything tastes like sawdust anyway, no?

I did have the inspiration if not the motivation for another LOST bento, thanks to laurabento's great tips on making sandwich rolls, so I was able to pull this together for when I needed a vegetarian lunch on Friday. Wish I had something so sweet lined up for tomorrow!

LOST Charlie/Claire PBJ Bento

(Peanut butter, nutella and banana, and strawberry, nutella and cream cheese on wheat)