March 23rd, 2009


MAJOR backlog. Bento # 516-521

I'm not quite sure why I never posted any of my bentos last week. I meant to, of course, and they're all photographed as usual. But just never posted. So here's the lot, including one of my own (# 517) and the one for tomorrow, # 521.

And yes, I bought a lot of cheap kiwis *LOL*

Bento # 516
Bento # 516
"Zoo" pasta with peas and ketchup. Meatloaf-bear. Kiwi flowers. Snack pepper with garlic cream cheese
Bento # 517
Bento # 517
Stir-fried vegetables. Edamame, Chicken Stix with chili. Somen. Soba sauce in the strawberry.
Bento # 518
Bento # 518
Rice, decorated with peas and mini corn cobs. Stirfried pork and vegetables. Kiwi.
Bento # 519
Bento # 519
Oven baked pasta, leek and broccoli in cheese sauce. Sausage slowers, mini snack pepper, fried bacon bits. Broccoli and a Ritter Sport milk chocolate
Bento # 520
Bento # 520
Kiwi. Falafel. Döner kebab in slices.
Bento # 521
Bento # 521
Chicken nuggets. Mix of peas, sweet corn and orange snack pepper in bits. Rice mixed with vegetables and coconut sauce. Kiwi and chocolate stars.

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Muffin Bento

*click 4 bigger image

OMG, I made a bento! ひさしぶり!

Initially I just threw in 3 of the organic corn muffins I baked to share. Inspired by communities and a little shopping I did that morning, I ended up adding miniature smoked apple-chicken sausages (sauteed with the fruit and greens), fresh kumquats, spinach, parsley and some black pepper & wine cured ham. + honey condiment.

Thanks everyone!
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bento #74

bento #74, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

I hate deep-frying, I always manage to give myself at least one hot oil burn. However, these baby spring rolls seemed made for bentos! I have some sweet chili sauce to dip them in.

Bottom contains edamame, onigiri (both still frozen, but should defrost by lunch), and baby carrots.

Sidecar has half an apple, some chocolate mushroom cookies, and some tiny strawberry chocolates. I've been having quite a chocolate craving lately! Maybe it's just Easter season and knowing it's available.

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Does anyone else bento for non-family, non-significant-other, opposite gender roommates?

I just got a new male roommate, who has been a friend of mine for years, and needed to get out of his parents' house. When we were moving, he mentioned cooking on a regular basis, so I bought him his own bento box, which should arrive tomorrow, to promote the quick use of leftovers. (My fridge is where food goes to die, usually.)

He saw my stuff and got really wary, but I sent him the link to the black and white Bitter & Milk box, and he agreed that it wasn't "too cutesy" and as long as I didn't put anything Hello Kitty in his box, he was okay with it. (He works for an oilfield supply company, and they'd jump at the chance to make fun of anything "Cute.")

I'm hoping that packing lunches for him will help keep me on track more, and maybe my boyfriend will get the occasional bento now, too!

My boyfriend never minded the cutesy stuff, as long as the box itself was "manly". Any tips for making a bento that's still pretty, but won't get my roommate picked on? I know mine aren't particularly "Cutesy" to begin with, but I've never really had to be careful about it before...
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Bento #134, 135, 136

My fiance opens this morning and I work from 1:30 - midnight (close). So I have a two lunches and a dinner made for today. His is barely what I would call a bento but oh well.

#136 - My Dinner

My dinner for tonight:
Salad with green/red peppers, tomato, black olives, and parmesan cheese; hummus with a couple crackers broken into halves, grapes, and asian toasted sesame dressing for the salad
This kind of reminds me of a laptop lunch. Which makes me want to get one...

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I am so bad at planning meals

I bought these chicken shumei dumplings the other day and I haven't got the foggiest idea what to put with them. Is there anything in particular that would go really well with them? If I eat two or three dumplings, should I just count that as my protein and fill up the rest of the bento with rice and green stuff?

Also, does sushi rice taste different from long-grain white rice common in the U.S.? I bought some frozen rice at an Asian market once and really didn't like it, but now I'm thinking that it might have had rice vinegar in it... and I wouldn't need to use that if my bento is always refrigerated, I don't think. Since I don't have a divider for my box I was thinking it might be best if I just made rice balls so the rice didn't wander all over.
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Mar. 22, '09

The lid on my sidecar broke the other day, so I'm using a lock & lock knock off for my sidecar these days. :(

And I think it holds more than my traditional sidecar. o.O Going to have to watch it when filling that one, I guess!

Anyway, today was a non-traditional meat & potatoes day...

Mar. 22, '09

Sidecar: 2 meatballs, 2 potato & cheese pierogies
Top Tier: Tangerine sections, KitKat, dressing for salad
Bottom Tier: 2 cheese & cheese crackers, green salad w/some carrot shavings

Overall, really good, but I couldn't quite finish since it was actually eaten rather close to breakfast.

Meatball recipe can be found here; used the gaze from the Bento Boxes book.
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3/21 Bento #109

My lunch for work on Saturday. Ham/mushroom/spinach quiche, spanikopita triangles, grapes, carrots and snap peas. I also brought a snack bento with honey nut rice cakes, dried apricots, almonds and chocolate covered raisins. YUM! My bento was very satisfying today :D


3/23 Bento #110

CDC's lunch today. Left overs from dinner last night. BBQ'd chicken leg, potato croquette, grapes, strawberry, carrot bundle, snap peas, mini huckleberry muffin and dried pineapple pieces.

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Bento for tomorrow

Hello again, here my already made bento for tomorrow :)

Upper: Mini pita-bread , left 2 with some leftover spicy sausage and cucumber, right 2 with chicken-curry-ish stuff and cucumber. In between bits of carrot and pear with a piggybottle with light mayonaise and a tiger hiding in it ^.^
Lower: Mixed bits of leftover sausage, radish and cucumber in silicon cup. Salad on a bed of iceberg lettuce and a wannabee flower made of cucumber and radish.

Looking forward to eating it tomorrow :) 

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Bento box catching up

I just realized, that while I've watched and commented since joining this comm, I haven't made any post in regard to my activities. I love seeing the entries, but I don't get to go out with obentos that often, so here's what I've done in the last 2 weeks.

Top Tier: First up, a hamroll experiment. I wanted to do something visually interesting, and all I had at the time was ham and cream cheese for protein (yes, I know creamcheese is a debatable source, but fridge scraping is fridge scraping) so I decided to try something, after I spread cream cheese on the ham, I sprinkled various spices onto the cheese and rolled it up. The Green pick has curry, the yellow pick paprika, and the blue one just had a dash of garlic salt. Under the picks are steamed sweet potato bits, as well as broccoli and more bits top the cup of edamame.
Bottom Tier: Moar Broccoli, steamed sweet potato cutouts, carrot coins, and a lone cardinal onigiri reheated from the freezer with a soysauce bottle.

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Bento 40

Oh shit, 40th bento!

Today I made a very simple lunch for myself. It is comprised solely of comfort foods: buttered pasta, Nutella on toast, and jarred cling peaches.


The economy has had some very brutal effects on me lately, so I am eating on a very tight budget. Buttered pasta has proved to be a great cheap lunch for me. What foods have you used in your bentos that are ridiculously cheap and delicious?
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Bento 26 (Catching up)

I'm really proud of this one!
Sushi in the bottom tier. Grape with soy sauce, medjool dates and olives and cashews, havarti cheese with triscuits and strawberries, and a snack bento.

Yes this is a LOT of food, but this is for my all-day tmrw job (9am-9pm) so it will do me well. :) Yay! 
I have several other recent bentos at my flicker site, go check 'em out!
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