March 22nd, 2009

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It's alive!

It's alive! Atleast my computer is, so I am able to post again ^. ^
Just made my bento for tomorrow already, leftover bento like always on sundays.
I will need some serious grocery shopping tomorrow!

Top: Whole weat spaghetti with a formaggi sauce, accompanied by some mushrooms/paprika/union/leek mixed in it and a bit of sesame seeds sprinkled on top. Parts of cucumber and carrotblocks. Guarded by a panda ^. ^
Bottom: Bits of carrot, pear stars, parts of bear guarded by a tiger and some piece of bread I don't know the name of in english :') Don't even know if there is a name for it? guess it is something typically dutch? "eierkoek" :p
The chick holds some extra sesame seeds :) 

To bad the weather won't be as nice as last week, I loved eating my bento with some spring sun in my face ^. ^ !

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aladdin - pretty jasmine

My very first bento!


Baybel on a mini bagel (whole wheat with peanut butter), green grapes, pasta salad and a very badly peeled egg. Just some stuff I threw together since I don't have a proper stash yet. I knew how small the box was when I was holding it but it seems so much smaller when you're trying to cram stuff in there!

Bento #4: sushi attempt

This didn't turn out as pretty as I pictured in my mind. Mostly because I need more practice rolling maki sushi.

Bottom: slices of banana and strawberry with one whole strawberry to break the monotony.
Top: mini black bean burgers on a bed of fresh spinach, baby carrots almost too old to use and messy kappa maki.

It was all still really good, especially the black bean burgers! I've had to do many experiments with those to get them tasting right and holding together, I think I might finally have it down =P.


Piggly Wiggly!!!

Pig made of English potato salad wrapped in ham and with ham on cheese and nori for the details.  He's sitting on a mixed salad with dressing in the little cup.  That's divided from the rest by a slice of cheese from a selection by President and on the right there are picks with cherry tomatoes, mozerella and basil on and a little piece of flap jack in the corner. 

I'd been meaning to try making a pig after I saw it on Annathered's blog but I think a little more practice is in order... and if I could magically discover some artistic ability that'd be great too!!!
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