March 20th, 2009

Albert Camus

Bento 39

I haven't posted in a while. Hello again! Tonight I made myself a bento which will be eaten tomorrow.


Top compartment: Nutella and apple sandwiches, slices apples, sliced bananas
Bottom compartment: Mini Fig Newtons, cereal, brown rice and marshmallow squares, pink and white animal cookies
Lid: Strawberry fruit leather!

I put lots of sweet things in this time around.

Also, the chick in the photo is none other than Augustus, the great chick philosopher. He's so profound, even Hegel didn't understand him. I thought he would look quite dapper next to my lunch.

This is my first time doing apple with Nutella. I usually stick with banana or strawberry when eating Nutella, so this time I'm experimenting. I'm not picky at all so I will probably like it.

517: inarizushi mashup

A mashup of white rice, brown rice, chicken, beef, peas and teriyaki sauce in the inarizushi. Also egg, blanched broccoli, cauliflower and snap peas, some baby carrots, and pickled beets. Trail mix in sidecar. I was trying to make a really dense bento so Muffin gets enough food.


3/20 Bento #108 & Giveaway!

TGIF bento for CDC today. He's always so happy on Fridays,lol. He got mac & cheese with mini chicken apple sausages in the thermos to keep it hot. Cold mac & cheese just doesn't cut it. In a side car there is the last of the lemonaid jello with TGIF carrots. I finally used my letter cutters, they are great! They are tiny, 3/4 inch tall, perfect bento size. I got them from William Sonoma on sale cheep! He also got a grape skewer, carrot stars and 2 girl scout cookies (thin mints, my favorite!)

I'm doing a giveaway on my blog! Check it out here

Mar. 20, '09

It's been awhile. We got hit with a nasty flu, and because of my anemia, i got hit harder than anyone else. I did have one bento, but the picture was terrible, and then my tummy regressed right after that. *sighs*

So, here's my first REAL bento in awhile...

Mar. 20, '09

Bottom Tier: Minnestrone, red cup with Parmesan Cheese for Minnestrone, pink cup with Creamy Cucumber Dressing
Top Tier: Nectarine Pieces, Strawberry Halves on a pick, Rosemary Crackers in tinfoil, Celery Sticks and Broccoli, Baby Ruth

God this was so good after such blah lunches for so long!
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Muhammed Ebi

Lunch Box 638: Revenge of the Purple Taters

This lunch starts out with a perfectly ordinary hot dog on a cafeteria roll bun and steamed broccoli. Hey, for me broccoli is normal, okay? But then I have some purple microwave potato chips. Potato chips made in the microwave from a purple creamer potato. There's no way you can claim that that's not awesome.

Oh, and then I have a piece of mochi, which is both ordinary and awesome. I wouldn't have them all the time if I didn't like 'em.

(Website post, with links to recipes.)