March 19th, 2009

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Fell off the posting wagon this week -- too much going on with work! I will say that even when rushed, I do manage to make Muffin something pretty radically different every day. She has been getting hungrier so this lunch came with a ham sandwich sidecar.
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I made more sandwich rolls for my husband today because I have some bread that I need to use up. And ham too! Has anyone ever noticed that on the package of ham it says, "USE WITHIN 7 DAYS AFTER OPENING?" I never did until now, but I never got sick or anything...oh well, now i know!

These sandwich rolls are not as pretty as my last ones. The lettuce was slippery and made it harder to roll up. The heart in the middle is kinda messy because my baby came in the kitchen tugging on my pants, wanting to be carried lol. And I think I should have used a different colored cupcake liner because the potato salad seems to be the same color as the bread -_-"

Go here for a description of everything in this bento.

Mar 19 Bento


Top Tier: Mac Salad, Seafood Salad, Mixed nuts for filler, Crackers for Seafood Salad, Red Pear, kiwi and apple gummies, a babybel and a green tea mochi

Bottom Tier: Chef's salad of mixed spring greens, cucumber bits, car shaped boiled egg, ham, buffalo chicken and light jarlsberg cheese pinwheels and carrot flowers and hearts :)
He also has light ranch in the small container

Kat's Bento:


Top Tier: Seafood Salad, Roasted red potatoes, mango, mixed nuts and a tamarind candy stuck in therebeside the nuts

Bottom Tier: Rob made homemade sushi for dinner last night, so she has leftover cali roll and philly roll made w/ smoked salmon, broccoli and cauliflower peces for filler and in the mini bento container is wasabi and ginger and soy sauce in the sauce bottle

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Its ages since I made or posted any bento! I keep looking at my pretty bento Boxes and thinking, I should use them, and finally I have! Well one I made in a lock & lock box but the other was in a pretty box!

Monday's Bento:

Pork Balls with Stir Fried Noodles and Veg and a green chick container of Sweet Chilli Sauce, Ardennes Pate with a cherry tomato and crackers underneath, and an inarizushi.

Wednesdays Bento:
Frankfurter Sausages cut up on cute sea themed picks, 2 cherry tomatoes, 2 Kinder schoco bons, bottom tier has Pesto Pasta Salad. Sorry for the horrible photo, I was in a hurry and couldn't get the camera to play nice!


3/18 Bento #107

Yesterday's bento for CDC. Fried rice and chicken dumplings. Corn muffin, fruit skewer with strawberry, kiwi, plum and grapes, steamed cauliflower and lemonaid jello.
I've been wanting to make some pork buns does anyone have a good recipe? I've never had them before but they look yummy and like they would be good bento food.
swedish chef

Today's bento

From Bentos

Top tier: Kechri Qouroot (Afghani peasant style brown risotto with mung
beans with chickpeas in yogurt and brown sauce - also came with meatballs, but I saved those separately for another meal) and stir fry veg
Bottom tier: Coconut flakes in the container (for yogurt), hot mustard packet and veggie corn dog pieces
Sidecar: Frozen berries and Greek yogurt

Btw, bentomama: I cooked the (not mini) veggie corn dog last night, cut it up and ate it today right out of the fridge. It was yummy! I have had bad experiences with reheated soy products, but cold it was just fine. Thanks for the idea!

And tomorrow's bento

(Sorry for the crappy pic...I keep forgetting to charge my camera and now my phone battery was dying, too!)
From Bentos

Whole wheat spaghetti w/ veg and Afghani meatballs, mashed potato, tomatoes, banana (cut to "eat" the triangle, almonds, homemade flax dressing in the scary grape guy, red kale, manouri and tomatoes


Hi! I'm new in this community but I've been bentoing for awhile. I don't have any pictures of the food yet, but I did take a picture of all my bento boxes.

I will be posting pictures soon!