March 18th, 2009

totoro bento

Bento #225

I wanted to do a bento for the monochrome challenge, but the menu for last night turned out to be pizza which is... not green XD
So we have red feta-and-sundried-tomato pizza slices with green sides consisting of lettuce, rucola (to put on the warmed pizza, mmm!) green olives with almonds, and half a green mochi.


This is the BF's box (which made the prettier photo today). My own is on my bentoblog:

my very first bento!!

the boxes are all smaller than they look in the picture, but it was still a very satisfying lunch and i really enjoyed it!

from the left we have 2 boiled eggs, a mixture of chicken breast pieces, chopped up pepperami and mature cheddar cheese stars. (underneath all that there is 2 ham and garlic cheese parcels on a skewer)
next to that there are some grapes and a raspberry yoghurt.
in the top little box there is cottage cheese
in the middle little box there is more garlic cheese and some melba toasts
in the bottom little box there is sweet chilli dip (for the chicken)

not pictured: carton of apple juice

i really really enjoyed my first bento, and it was fun to make, and really fun to eat!!

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Mar 18 Bento

So yesterday I went to Sam's Club after my lunch meeting and got more multi colored mini bell peppers, seafood salad, 1 lb mixed spring greens, mixed nuts, babybel and sliced light jarlsberg cheeses, Pub mix and Nancy's Deli Spirals that had 3 flavors - Tomato Mozzarella, Turkey Bacon Ranch and Club - and are just thaw and serve - perfect freezer stash :) I got a couple other things too, but all these items appear in the bento below :)

Rob said the Deli Spirals were good :)


Top Tier: Seafood Salad, mini yellow bell pepper filled w/ hummus and mixed nuts (raw, unsalted)

Bottom Tier: Nancy's Deli Spirals, Kiwi flowers, babybel w/ heart cutout and Pub Mix

Side Car: Salad of mixed spring greens and ham, buffalo chicken and light jarlsberg
He also had light ranch dressing for the salad

Kat's Bento


Top Tier: Seafood Salad, Broccoli & Cauliflower, Babybel, and leftover Shepherd's pie from the pub last night for St. Patrick's Day

Bottom Tier: Mini orange bell pepper filled w/ hummus, mixed spring greens, Irish soda bread (also from the pub), and dressing in the watermelon container

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This was today's bento. The spaghetti & shrimp was really good. I found the recipe here. The only changes I made was I added more teriyaki sauce and green onions for color.

Go here for a description of everything I used for this bento.

I have yesterday's bento under the cut because it was kinda boring. I didn't have enough time and I was pretty tired. I have a high needs baby and I just never know with him! He always needs to be entertained or carried and sometimes he stays up all night and sleeps all day! When I try to wake him up he cries and gets cranky and and AND...i just don't know what to do!

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Keep Calm

More Chicks

Here we have a marshmallow crispie nest with mini egg, strawberries, three quail egg chicks each on a nest of grated cheddar, some marmite breadsticks in the little ziplock bag and some leftover stir fry from dinner.  Hiding under the marshmallow crispie and strawberry on the left is a slice of flapjack.   

I feel that this was a bit bland but I think that's just because I didn't have to do much to create this bento as it was all readily available in the kitchen. Normally I like to do the prep and put in the effort so this coming together so easily was a little boring for me.  If it weren't for the chicks I wouldn't have bothered posting it.  It's amazing what you can do by adding faces to food!!
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