March 15th, 2009

Bento Three

Kind of ho-hum, but it was fairly yummy.
Top tier: half a dill pickle, plain sliced firm tofu, grapes and strawberries and a strawberry jam mochi.
Bottom tier: Chinese noodles with rice vinegar dressing and some nori sprinkles.

This bento taught me a couple things. First, I should really get some sauce bottles, I like plain tofu but some soy sauce or something would have been good! And second, pickles are hard to make good faces on. If you look close you'll see the cute face I attempted to carve, but it is just a very dark food. I think if nothing else, I am learning to take better pictures of my bento lunch hehe.

Quickie bentos for the boys!

The boys wanted bentos for lunch today and since I was trying to get the little one to nap, I had to throw it together really quick!!

1/2 an egg, chicken nuggets, carrots, string cheese, green grapes and some bosch (sp?) pear slices.  After I took the pic and before I served them I tucked in a mini cup of ranch into each one. 
The orange one was for the 8 yr old and the blue was for the 5 yr old. 

Bento 6-7.

Strawberries; hard-boiled bunny egg; mayo in the blue cup for the egg; cucumber pieces with lunch meat stars; lunch meat slices with cucumber stars on top.  There were also small bread cubes in the lid to make tiny sandwiches with the meat and the cucumbers.

Orange bell pepper strips with a cucumber star with a pick; cucumber strips with a bell pepper star; strawberries with a little sugar sprinkled on top and a pick; fun-size Twix tucked in the side; sauce bottle with salt in it for the cucumbers; Knorr RiceSides Chicken Broccoli rice cubes; two slices of hard salami.


My Bentos so far!

Hi All! :)

I've been sort of lurking and doing my own bento thing - definitely north-americanized.... But I feel brave enough to share. I am aiming for vegetarian bento lunches to coincide with my personal yoga practice which I usually do during my ofice lunch hour.

My first 13 bentos are below the cut. :) You can REALLY see the difference between my first attempts and my most recent! ;) It's a work in progress. I am trying to have fun with it and also keep it realistic so that I'm not spending SO much time that it becomes a chore.

But #13 is worlds away from #1. :)

So take a peek Collapse )

Spring Bento

I spent today sitting in the garden enjoying the first day it has been mild enough to do so and so this evening I thought I'd try and be creative and make a spring themed bento.  This is the most ambitious I've ever been with bento so I'm rather proud of myself.  I doubt I'd ever go to quite this much effort for myself but it's for my mum so I'm willing to make the effort for her.  Her colleagues are always dead jealous when they see her lunch!!!

The ground is made of rice with beef furikake, you can see a stray Snoopy shape in there too.  On the left is a marshmallow crispie nest with a mini egg, the rabbit is made of dyed quails eggs and he's got an itty bitty carrot made from a tiny chatenay carrot and a bit of brocolli.  The hen and chicks are also quails eggs and the chicks are sitting in a nest of shredded chicken.  The daffodils are made of egg sheets and baby corn and there's brocolli holding everything in place. 

Although, after all of that I'm still not sure why I decided to make the rabbit pink!!!
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