March 13th, 2009


Potato salad

Yesterday's lunch: potato salad (with red skinned potatoes), asparagus and cherry tomatoes. This was the last of the asparagus for the week, phew. I normally grill asparagus, but this time I just cooked them in boiling water, abot 4 minutes, and then tossed them in some extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. They tasted good even after spending a night in the fridge.


Today is Friday the 13th!

I would have made a scarey lunch, but didn't realize it was Friday the 13th till I got to work. What I wanted was something to cheer me up since I am overly tired today.
(only got 5 hrs of sleep)
so here is today's bento, made with happy faces.

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3/13 Bento #102

Left over Broccoli Beef for CDC today. Crackers, grape skewer, strawberry/banana skewer drizzled with chocolate, carrot flowers and strawberry/lemonaid jelllo. I made this using the Knox gelatin recipe, so it's just fruit juice and gelatin. I figure there is enough natural sugars in fruit juice no need to add more.

I've made a few more Bento bag sets lately. Now I'm having sewing machine problems, I need to get a new part that I just found out is cracked.  Check them out here

Bento #125

I think these foods reflect the wonderful weather we're experiencing in Florida right now. Nice cool food for a beautiful warm day!

Top: Pasta salad, potato salad
Bottom: Hummus, green pepper, tomato
It seems kind of high in carbs but perhaps not.. ?

'That time of the month' Bento

Okay, so I've been trying to eat healthy with these bentos, and it's going pretty good, but this is a total breakdown. I've got fudge with walnuts in it, yogurt covered raisins, peanuts, banana and peanut butter skewers and (as usual) an orange. The orange was delicious too = ) and small enough to fit! Okay so my bento isn't too exciting- BUT, I got my bento bag from jewelmaker in the mail today and I squee'd in delight. It's beautiful! More pictures of it below the cut!

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XBOX 360!

My husband is a total Xbox 360 lover! So I made this bento here for lunch. I saw a Playstation bento somewhere before and was inspired by that.

Anyways, I thought I would share with you guys a tip for fixing warped plastic boxes.

This is one of my favorite boxes because it's so roomy. One day, I put it in the dishwasher with the heat dry setting and it came out totally warped/ twisted. I thought it was ruined forever! The upper left corner and lower right corner were sticking straight up and it wouldn't stay flat.

SO my husband gave me the idea of putting hot/ boiling water into it to soften the plastic.GENIUS!

I poured boiling water right into the container and placed 4 heavy cans inside, one in each corner so it would stay flat. Once the water cooled down, it was PERFECTLY STRAIGHT! Good as new!

If you have any warped plastic containers, don't throw them away! They can still be saved ^_^

Go here for a description of everything I used for this bento.

March 13 bentos

Nothing special - a more typical daily bento :) Kinda wish I'd thought to do a Friday the 13th Bento


Mar 13 --
Tier 1: Chef's salad - mixed greens, ham, deli buffalo chicken breast and shredded mozzarella pinwheels with ice cream cone shaped boiled egg sliced w/ half on each side

Tier 2: Bold Chex Mix, mac salad, Asian gel snack, apple gummy, green tea mochi treat, strawberries, red pear slices and Irish soda bread

Kat's bento :)


Mar 13 --
Top Tier: Octodogs and crabs & fried rice

Bottom Tier: baby carrots, strawberries, purple kale, edamame and a box of some kind of Asian candy

Side Car: Salad w/ dressing in the grape bottle


Bento 09 #4

This bento was using leftovers and playing with shapes. I was wondering how much cooked asparagus would look like trees.
Yellow box: soy chicken, carrots, peas, and rice with taco seasoning, asparagus, cooked spinach, and a mini cheese ravioli
white box: spinach salad with real chicken bits and cucumber (no dressing for me)

A handful of things came in the mail for me yesterday so hopefully some cuter lunches soon.