March 12th, 2009


Bento # 513

Once again, the potato salad invades the bento. I love it because it's wonderfully EASY (scoop it out of the tub and that's it!) and Kid likes it because it tastes good. So it's a win-win situation for sure!

Bento # 513
Bento # 513
Skewered mini meatballs, octodogs, peas and cucumber stars. Mini Ritter Sport chocolate. Potato salad decorated with a frog made of cucumber peel and orange bell pepper.

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  Made this today in the midst of a kindergarden tantrum.  Time about 10 minutes.  Tantrum subsided.  The threat of "honey if this continues I won't have time to make a cute lunch and you will be stuck with a sandwich and an apple" actually seems to work.


Bento #124

Wow it's been way too long. I think lately I've been struggling with easy vegetarian protein sources that are not soy that are also bento friendly. So I don't know what happened. I've been busy and then got out of the habit of packing a bento each morning. Plus I think I spent so much time with this hobby that I've kind of not felt like it lately. But whatever these are terrible excuses. I'm back and going to try to keep it that way. This is a great hobby.

Top: Pasta salad
Bottom: hard boiled egg, green peppers, and tomato
Side: 1/2 an orange

Bento # 514

I decided to make a bento for myself today. Getting fed up with hotdogs and hamburgers again. They're nice for a while, but nothing beats a properly made bento. So here it is.

In Danish we have a saying that something is "neither fish nor fowl" and I guess it fits this bento, seeing as the "fish" is made out of chicken *L*

Bento # 514
Bento # 514
Deep-fried prawns with peanuts. Vietnamese vegetable spring rolls, mixed vegetalbes in oyster sauce, rice with a chicken katsu "fish"

Frozen Meatballs Save the Day

I had some leftover mashed potatoes that we had with some chicken the other day and I wanted to use them before they went bad.  The only problem was that the chicken and gravy were gone and I didn't know what to serve with the potatoes....until I remember my frozen meatballs I made a few weeks ago!  Now I can use the potatoes and they won't go to waste!

Top: Frozen meatballs with fresh sauce, peas
Bottom: mashed potatoes with sauce shapes

Been away too long

So I have swayed away from making my lunch because there was just too much to do working 2 jobs, but I found some extra here is today's bento.
Sorry photos are a bit blurry.

this is my breakfast & lunch bento.

top teir is tuna salad low carb wrap
Bottom teir is breakfast, whole wheat bagle and lowfat cream cheese.
There is a tangerine tucked in the bento bag.

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Muhammed Ebi

Lunch Box 636: Lame and Lamer

I was going for the paintbox look with this lunch. It includes a pair of meatloaf cupcakes, which is simply meatloaf cooked in silicon cups instead of a loaf pan; baked purple potato, which is a purple potato that tastes like a white creamer tater; steamed broccoli, pink orange, and taiyaki.

When I saw that Kroger had some new food like lotus root and purple potatoes, I thought "Cool!" When I saw that they had no prices, I thought "Lame." When the produce clerk had no idea how much the purple potatoes were, I thought "Quite lame." When I went to the self-checkout and they were not in the system I thought "totally lame." When she shrugged and gave me two pounds for 79 cents I thought, "Cool!'

When I went back the next time and found out those potatoes are actually $2.99 a pound... LAME.

(Website post, with links to recipes.)

Shogayaki bento

AP and I had the same lunch yesterday: rice with furikake, shogayaki (ginger pork), asparagus and cherry tomatoes. The pork was marinated the night before, asparagus sliced up and leftover rice were put in the fridge in a container.

In the morning, I reheated the rice in the microwave (just 1 minute to soften them up, as rice gets hard and clumpy in the fridge), portioned them into the bento boxes and left them to cool down. In the mean time, I stir fried the asparagus, dished them out, followed by the pork in the same pan. A couple of cherry tomatoes added colour.

Recipe for shogayaki is posted on Soy and Pepper.

Cerises - by summerbutterfly

I call it brunch!

I'm another longtime watcher-first time poster so hopefully I won't screw it up. :0D I've started making bento to take when I go to school as I have early morning class. Early morning class means I don't want to fuss with cooking something in the morning (I'd rather sleep as long as possible!). So I pack everything up the night before. This way I will actually eat before noon instead of starving all day. Plus, it's a lot healthier than creating a "meal" from vending machine offerings. Anyway, here is a cellphone picture of what I had today.

Bento for 3/12/2009
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I'm baaaack :P hehe

I didn't realize it has been over a month since I posted here :o

This is Rob's bento for today - The Watchmen!!! :D So stolen from a fellow community member :)

MAR 12 -


Top Tier: Salad w/ Southwestern Chicken Breast and Carrot Flowers
Bottom Tier: Bold Chex Mix, Hummus, Macaroni Salad w/ Rorschach made form a quail egg, nor for the face and Buffalo Chicken Breast for the coat and hat :) The smiley is cheese w/ nori face and ketchup blood.
Side car: Kiwi flowers, strawberries, baby carrots and green pepper strips

Here's a close-up :D:


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Now for Kat's Bento! :)

MAR 12


Broccoli, Pizza goldfish crackers, roasted red potatoes, octodogs, Asian treats, Japanese curry & rice

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You can see many more that didn't get posted to this community here:

I'll try not to be away so long again!


Manga cookbook help please:) Soboro

I got the Mango cookbook from the library but there seems to be a typo at least in my copy for the Soboro recipes.  I have tried another but I'd like to try this one a few others in the book to see if I want to buy it.

If you have the cookbook the recipe is on page 58. 

The ingredient list for the Soboro calls for Teriyaki sauce in the cooking instructions on page 59 it say to add the soy sauce which isn't on the ingredient list. So is it Teriyaki or Soy sauce that I should be using?

Audrey - mask

Two in one week!

A trip to the Fabulous Fox Theatre for a tour equals bring a lunch!


First, look at my adorable water bottle! My husband got it for me for my birthday (in November) and this was the first time I had a chance to use it.

Under the lid of the bento, Dulce de Leche Girl Scout cookies (apparently nobody else in my playgroup likes these but yum yum I DO). In the top half, cheddar cheese, a tofu pup, and macaroni and cheese (cold). Bottom half, pita bread surrounding a silicone cup of avocado, grape tomatoes, and an avocado-stuffed onigiri. You can't see it but there's a spoon for the avocado in there.

In the sidecar/sandwich box, a sunflower-seed butter and jelly sandwich cut in a cute shape surrounded by Quaker Quakes (cheddar).

I think next time I'll use my Laptop Lunchbox again - I love it and I miss it! But using the more traditional looking box is a lot of fun too, and I have two other boxes I haven't used yet...

Bento # 515

This bento is a prime example of the fact that things look like one thing in your mind and totally different when it's packed and ready.

I'd planned a "kid friendly" version of the one I had with me today (#514) but since she has no means of heating her bento, plain rice aren't really an option. They're rather uninteresting after a night in the fridge. So I decided on potato salad as a substitute. And tempura praws because she doesn't like peanuts. Nor is she overly fond of oyster Sauce-cooked vegetables, so I decided to tempura-fry some broccoli because she LOVES that.

And then only when I was packing it all did it dawn on me that because almost everything was deep fried.. it was all the same colour of brown :(

So.. although there's actually a nice variation of things in this one, it all looks rather bland and brown. Oh well. Hopefully she'll value the effort anyway :)

Bento # 515
Bento # 515
Chicken katsu. Tempra prawns & -broccoli. Vietnamese spring rolls, cherry tomato. Potato salad with chili. Orange bell pepper flowers scattered over the bento.