March 11th, 2009


Bento # 512

Perhaps not the most interesting bento, but it sure is colourful... right?

Bento # 512
Bento # 512
Chili-chicken on skewers. Various vegetables with coconut sauce. Asparagus and green peas. Spaghetti with tomato pesto, decorated with orange bell pepper.

513: rice

Rushing to go out of town, so no bento for the rest of this week. Cleaning out the fridge gives Muffin brown rice (boy, do I miss our semi-brown rice! Hubby bought this by mistake), hot dog slices, snap peas, cucumber, pineapple and pickled beets.

It is dark and dreary out but

it is still my 50th birthday!  I am going to try to bento as much as I can today -  starting with breakfast.

This morning I am having some corned beef hash with sticky rice, some tomagoyaki, a few grapes and two baby carrots for color and crunch.

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Big time lurker

and I need to be much better about bringing lunch and not eating crap (it is High quality crap (oh man the gourmet pizza place down the street!), but not as healthy as if I would make it)

so I have a few boxes that I want to start using on a regular basis - this is a larger one as I want to increase my veggie intake...not cute, but very healthy

today I have jasmine rice topped with the crockpot lady's sugar chicken (really really good and not that bad for you - it is shredded as it just fell off the bone of the whole chicken) and then veggies topped with the sauce of the chicken

not sure how different the rest of the week will be as I have a LOT of chicken

any ideas?

My lunch today

I'm trying to lose 100lbs by taking bento lunches Monday through Friday. here is todays lunch

1 cup rice
1/2 cup collard greens tucked under 3 oz Sesame beef
2 oz baby carrots
1 tablespoon dip
Not pictures is a clementine for a snack later in the day.

Total calories is around 530

plate, Pete & Pete

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Okay, so this might not be the most exciting bento, but it certainly did taste good:


The best part was stealing some extra spinach to stuff into my sandwich. Next time I might have to dress the spinach first and then add it in to make things a little less dry. Thanks for looking.

For more details and some more exciting bentos, please check out Boston Bento.

3/11 Bento #101

Quickie bento today. Got up late so I only had 10 minutes to pack a lunch for CDC. He's not a fan of sandwiches anymore but he will eat it if I toast it. So he got toasted ham & cheese, chips, carrot sticks, grape kabobs and a carrot spice muffin with cream cheese frosting.
On a side note, I found out that CDC made it a personal mission to eat every star in yesterday's bento :) It was one of the rare times his lunch box came home empty. I ought to try that trick more often!

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Pasta & pork stew bento lunches

Contents of preschooler bento lunch: Pasta shells & cheese with sauteed enoki mushrooms, carrots, broccoli and Aidell’s chicken/apple sausages. The side car holds kiwifruit, a plum, and raspberries.

Morning prep time: 5 minutes, using leftover mac & cheese. In the morning I prewarmed the thermal food jar with hot tap water while I cut the kiwi and warmed the pasta in the microwave. I added a little splash of water to the pasta before warming to help revive the texture.  Details here at Lunch in a Box.

Contents of preschooler bento lunch: Pork stew with fennel, leeks and prunes, plus a side of bread for dipping and orange slices. I used a recipe from The Best Make-Ahead Recipe cookbook, by the folks at Cook’s Illustrated.

Morning prep time: 5 minutes, using leftover stew. In the morning I heated the stew in the microwave while pre-warming the thermal food jar with hot tap water, and sliced the fruit. Details here at Lunch in a Box.

Pork, fennel and prune stew bento lunch for preschooler

Breakfast Bento

I've seen so many wonderful ideas here on Bentolunch, and there have been a few things that I've wanted to try for a while. I was inspired by pikkopots great checkered apple the other day and I've seen it a few other times on here and I really wanted to make my own. Someone else also posted the peanut butter in saran wrap trick and it worked like a charm! Thank you oh brilliant poster that I can't remember the LJ name of D: it was the perfect solution to all of our peanut butter problems.

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I've been watching this community for a while but this is my first post. Today, I went to the local Asian supermarket (Super H Mart) and got my first bento boxes. They're both two tier deals, but one has an insulated case and plastic boxes and the other has a regular case and metal boxes. I couldn't find any accessories though and it's unfortunate because I think the accessories make the box look very nice. If anyone can recommend a place I can buy accessories, I'd really appreciate it. :)

I keep looking at everyone elses' boxes and they look so wonderful, so I'm a bit nervous about posting this up, especially since the photo isn't that great.

In the box on the bottom of the photo I have leftovers, rice and something with chicken (^^;; I don't remember what it's called but it is an Italian dish.) In the other box, I put pretzels, seaweed salad, and pickled radishes. The box is very small, but I'm surprised at how much food can fit in it.

And that concludes my first post! Thanks for reading. :)

Edit: The Italian dish is chicken in Riesling with carrots, potatoes, and other deliciousness.

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I was so excited when I made this lunch because I found my jewel food pick that I had forgotten about so of course I had to use them!

Top:Grapes skewers(with my jewel picks), pasta salad
Bottom: Ham, swiss cheese
Left:  Bread to make hot ham and swiss sandwiches with
Tea? asks Bill Haydon

first post

Hi all, I am planning to make a bento for my boyfriend on his birthday (so he can take lunch with him on his train journey back home).

I have never made a bento lunch before, hence I've done a bit of research beforehand. I was told that keeping food in a plastic container in room temperature is prone to bacteria, and I was recommended to put some rice vinegar in the rice. Can I use white wine vinegar as a substitute? Or does it not matter whether I just leave the rice at it is? (I am now in UK, and it's still rather cold. I suppose the bacteria in rice problem will be fine?)

I'm also planning to have pieces of steak in the bento. Shall I cook the whole steak first, then cut them into bit size? Or shall I cut them into bits before I cook the meat? 

Thanks in advance!

First Bento

This is my first time posting and making a bento. I think it turned out well :)

It's onigiri made with spanish rice (filled with meatless sasauge, broccoli and cheese), grapefruit, raisin and peanut mixture, and a sugar daddy. Besides the onigiri this was thrown together in a rush this morning, hopefully it'll be more creative in the future.
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Bentos 37 and 38

A few days ago, I made this snack bento for my boyfriend. Some may see it as too simple, but my boyfriend loved it!

It was...


Dorayaki and In-N-Out fries!

For those of you who don't live on the West Coast or aren't familiar with In-N-out, they're pretty much the best burger chain ever. After a hard day of work, my boyfriend came home and was very happy to eat his leftover In-N-Out fries (and dorayaki too).

Sometime I might make a bento for him with their animal-style fries (fries with grilled onions, special sauce, and cheese).

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I'm sick, so I made myself a bento today. It made me feel a little better.

Discussion question: My favorite sick food is a tomato-based chicken soup from a restaurant in my hometown called Las Guitarras. If I had some right now, I would make it bento-friendly by serving it over rice. If you were sick, what would you want in your bento to make you feel better? If it's not particularly bento-friendly, what could you do to make it so (if there is anything you could do)?


This was supposed to be my husband's lunch today....but he forgot it on his way out!!!!! OMGAHHHWTFUGH! DX (bento details here)

Anyways, I think I have perfected my sandwich rolls. These look much better than the ones I made last time.  I really like using these rolls for bento. It doesn't look like a lot, but those 6 rolls equal 1.5 sandwiches!

OK, as requested by the totally talented paisleypirate, some tips for making perfect, pretty sandwich rolls:
  • Remove crusts and flatten bread.
  • Roll up your ham, cheese, or whatever first. Then wrap your bread around the roll. Don't roll everything together at once.
  • Use a bamboo mat to SQUEEZE it nice and tight! If you don't have a bamboo mat, you can use any flat bendable surface, like a place mat. Or just use your hands
  • Finally, use a sharp knife to cut the rolls into bite size one inch pieces

It's like rolling sushi! But easier. Hope that helps! ^_^

Tomorrows Lunch

I try to make my lunches the night before or I either end up starving or eating out. I'm trying really hard not to eat out these days

Sorry for the crappy phone as hubby has mine with him in Yellowknife this week

Upper box is pretty self and baby carrots..I need to get silicone divider cups but I just used what I had

Lower Level is sesame beef (3 oz) and almost a cup of sweet potato

When I bought this box on eBay it came with a matching little bag and a fork but ::face palm::   no elastic band to keep it in place and this box doesnt seal well so I had to improvise using something other than a rubber band (didnt have any)  

It hold more than I though it would be since tomorrow is a 9hour shift I'm hoping it will be enough lunch for me.  I plan to try and have a good large oatmeal breakfast and I'm brining a protein bar just in case....Fingers crossed:)