March 10th, 2009

512: cous cous

Yay for cous cous! I cooked it with chicken stock and decorated hers with summer sausage, cheese, edamame and pickled beets. Top tier has pineapple, pickles, Boursin cheese (for crakers), snap peas.

As usual, mine is variation on the theme. Yay, I get a bento today!

Triangle Day

The kids and I have been talking about and trying to recognize triangles around us lately, so when my husband asked for left over pizza for lunch today I decided to let him in on the fun as well!

Top: Raisins, ranch in triangle container, broccoli
Bottom: Goldfish crackers, triangle laughing cow cheese
Right: two triangle pieces of pizza
Muhammed Ebi

Lunch Box 635: Taterlings

Today I have Greek chicken, roasted potatoes, steamed snow peas, marinated & stir-fried tofu, and mochi. Like the potatoes? I got a big bag of fingerlings at Costco - some of them were so small I was tempted to call them "grape potatoes" - and roasted up a whole bunch of them. As you can see, some of them are purple potatoes! Not that that influenced my decision to buy them, oh no.

(Website post, with links to recipes.)
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Hello bentolunch! I miss you!

So today my daughter and I went to the zoo, and I finally had an excuse not only to make a bento but also to use my new(ish) box.


On the left are little sun butter and jelly sandwiches in cat shapes, surrounded by bits of cheddar cheese.

Next to it, in the green cup, is a ton of avocado. Then a tofu pup, followed by onigiri cubes - three with furikake, one with a spicy sauce (and a heart impression on the top that is pretty impossible to see). There's also a baby spoon in there for the avocado.

There were Oreos under the lid.

My daughter ate all the avocado and a few bites of a sandwich, and I ate the rest. :)

PS I used to get a really fabulous vegetarian furikake at the local Super H-Mart. This time around, it was nowhere to be found. I was sad, and had to get a different type (same brand) that didn't have good things like carrots in it, just seaweed and sesame, more or less. Hrmph.

Hopefully I'll be back again soon! Looks like we'll be hitting the zoo more often in the next few weeks and taking a bento sure beats paying $7+ for a tiny sandwich and bottle of water.
blue bento box

First Bento & pretty box

I made my very first bento this morning. I have no experience packing lunch, so it was a bit of an adventure. while it's hardly the most exciting bento, it did receive a couple complients: that it was pretty and looked "so healthy". =)

Carrot sticks, vegan gouda cheese sandwich on rye bread, orange pieces, and a dark chocolate for a treat. I used half of a plastic bag to separate the sandwhich from the juice orange. It worked surprisingly well, though I also put a folded napkin on top of the sandwich.

I actually already have a real bento box, but it's so nice that I'm safraid to actually use it. Collapse )

3/10 Bento #100!!!

Well here is my official 100th bento. I think it was better in concept that in reality. I didn't have enough time to execute it the way I had envisioned.   So the concept was 100 stars and to have exactly 100 stars in the bento. Stars were inspired by my first tattoo that I recently got (my Hubby got it for me for my birthday). I now have a sprinkling of 13 tiny stars on the inside of my ankle. So anyway back to the bento. I did everything star shaped and decorated with lots of tiny stars. Baked chicken bites, mashed potatoes with cheddar cheese and ham, baked cinnamon squash, carrots with tiny beet stars, strawberry jello stars, cinnamon apple stars and a few grapes. I did a ton of mini stars with nori punches with carrots, beets, purple kale and nori. The filler is that awesome fancy purple kale I finally got my hand on again. This one is mixed purple and green. It was fun to make this bento, I just wish it looked a little less chaotic. And now I realize that I should added #100 somewhere, oh well...

"Nasi Ulam" a.k.a. Herb rice bento

Today I made two bentos at mid-morning because #2 and #3 are on sick leave. Both are down with a flu.

Yesterday was a holiday and I made "Nasi Ulam". I think every one has a different recipe for Nasi Ulam. I basically used turmeric leaves, shallots, cekur leaves, turmeric root, torch ginger, dried prawns, fried fish, salted fish, pepper, salt and cooked rice. I dropped the kerisik and sambal belachan.

My bentos are here.

On a bento frenzy

Bento box Pricing Question

Ok, I was at an Asian market on riverdale road in Georgia (omg, why am I telling you where it is, it isn't about location, lol)

Anyway, I saw these wicked bento sets...

One was the Indian style stainless steel round box, it was two tiers for $10.99 I believe

And then, the other, it looked so awesome. It was a thermal set, round, with three containers. One takes up half the space and on the box was advertised to hold rice. and the other two were half the size of that, one had just a pop on lid and the other had a screw on lid for *gasp* soups and other wet things! Also, on the box was a picture of chopsticks with their own case. This all went into a thermal box that closed with two clasps on the top. This one was $35, I think.

What I'm asking is, are these good prices for these boxes? If they are, I'm totally going back to that store Thursday or something. I've looked around on the internet and found things similar but bigger (like I saw an Indian lunch box but it had like + 4 tiers or something!) so I really have nothing else to relate it to.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
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This may be a silly question but

I've been following this community for awhile and while I now have two cute bento boxes my other lunches were packed using a laptop lunch system.

Is it still ok to post pictures? I dont want to offend anyone and I know sometimes (at least on some other boards) people dont care too much about the laptop lunches..I will post some packed meals with  my new boxes soon though I promise:)


Four Breakfast Bentos

Boyfriends breakfasts for the week...

Bell pepper, spinach, and mushroom omelette wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla, turkey cordon bleu bites, steamed
asparagus, steamed broccoli, and a spinach, mushroom, and sundried tomato quiche in whole wheat tart shell.

Collapse )


bentos and a few questions.

Posted three more bentos on my blog, here.

Is it really okay to microwave the containers of the bento box? I'm kind of hesitant to do this, since I can't easily get any other box anytime soon. I have the clickety click two tier box, and tight seal box. I do know, however that it's not okay to put the lids on in the microwave at all.

I'm continuing to run out of ideas for things to put in bento for lunch. It just seems that it's the same stuff. Any suggestions as to something new and fresh (while not breaking the bank, of course) would be greatly appreciated.  [mods if this isint okay, i'll delete]

Do bananas really keep after slicing them? I mean, not turning brown and all that so they don't end up icky? I'd love to put bananas in, even if im not going to eat the lunch right away. I'm wondering if they'll keep for an hour to three hours, unrefridgerated so I get the time to eat in between classes.


Simple beef and broccoli bento

I've been travelling for over a month and it does feel good to come back to my own kitchen again. One of my first bento last week was a simple one, made with extra mincecd beef and broccoli left from dinner. I had beef soboro on rice, broccoli and carrot stir fry, and a cherry tomato garnish. With more planned and disciplined eating, hopefully I will lose some of the weight that I've put on from all the good food in Asia!

But I am le tired


This is my first post here, and today I discovered the wonderful world of Bento!
I am just so fascinated with all the delightful display of pictures in this community and seperate bento blogs I've ran across. And was even inspired to make my, which I planned on taking with me to work tomorrow, but I couldn't help myself (and giving me an excuse to have fun creating another!).

Here is my #1 bento;

Top half is a bed of rice with flowers/grass made of carrots, green peppers, and a slice of boiled egg, along with two tomato hearts.

A mini turkey burger with a sourdough bun, two smiley potato faces, and swiss cheese/tomato strips for the burger.
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