March 9th, 2009

510: noodles again

Muffin has not grown tired of the soba noodles tossed with Thai peanut sauce. Great! They are so easy. I did not menu plan this week and so this was a last-minute "what do we have in the fridge?" bento. Including hot dogs, broccoli, salad, grapes and a little ball of mozzarella.

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The popcorn chicken was a hit last time so that's what he requested again. 
I'm glad that he liked the chicken but it is kind of boring to have to do the same thing twice in a row!

Left: Popcorn chicken, string cheese flowers
Right: Green grapes, bbq sauce, ranch, carrots, tootsie rolls

Bento # 511

We hd VERY traditional danish dinner tonight (fried slices of pork, from the part that is usually used for bacon, plain potatoes, cooked carrots,cauliflower and broccoli. Served with a bechamel sauce with parsley added), and I was lucky to save a few pieces of the fried pork for Kid's bento tomorrow:

Bento # 511
Bento # 511
Chinese egg noodles with chili and a tomato-rose. Broccoli-and cauliflower bits, cooked carrots, asparagus. Fried pork and parsley sauce.


3/9 Bentos #98 & #99

CDC got beef nachos today. I wasn't sure how they would be after sitting and getting cold, but CDC assured me he would like cold nachos. And he did. He also got apples, carrot/celery stick bundle, cup of yogurt, baby pickle and olive sewer, blueberry cobbler bar and a chocolate truffle. This was probably way too much food but I kept putting things in trying to fill the box. The box was just too big for him.

My bento was pretty basic. Onigiri, chicken veggie dumplings and spring rolls, broccoli, carrot chips and snow peas.
I used one of my homemade bags today :D

Tomorrow is #100! I'm still surprised how quickly I got here.

Bento09 #3

Sadly this is not horribly impressive as I threw it together right before work. Yellow box is fettuccine with homemade pesto sauce and some cooked grape tomatoes and steamed asparagus. White box is lettuce, soy chicken nuggets, mushrooms, cheese cubes, cauliflower, peas, and more grape tomatoes.