March 7th, 2009

Pheonix Wright

Snack Bento

This is the very first that is made up almost entirely of junk food. I have a 4 hour bus ride tomorrow from school to home for spring break and I needed something to take along. I have milk pocky, broken up winter pocky, chocolate mushrooms, strawberry and kiwi high chew gummies, fizzing lychee bub bub candies, dunkaroos, and salted peanuts. And then, just in case I'm not in a sugar coma yet, I'm taking two apples along for a little fructose. Those aren't included in the picture.

There are some more bento posts on my blog Bento Box Blueprints


Hi all! I made another tutorial on my blog. Last time was the cherry tomato rose, this time I did the orange bear.

But instead of using a huge navel orange like this one here, I used a smaller, cuter, bento-sized tangelo.

I hope these tutorials will inspire you all to make more bento!

Enjoy! ^_^

Also, I have a question. What is your favorite furikake? I always buy the regular Nori Komi, and I want to try new flavors, but I'm afraid I won't like them and will end up throwing them away!

Gackt Bentos

Our community for Japanese musician Gackt Camui featured a bento challenge this month, and I thought members here might want to see the bentos and box created

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Two challenges, one to make the lunch,  another to make a bento box
(three food bentos and a coffin-shaped bento box!)

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3/6 Bento #97

CDC's lunch today- mini terryaki chicken apple sausage kabobs with apples and pineapples on top of rice. Steamed broccoli, grapes and a strawberry/banana skewer drizzled with dark chocolate. I had to make one of those for myself, my favorite food in the whole world is chocolate dipped strawberries :D

2nd bento

Didn't have much time today, or alot of food left in my apartment =P So I had to make do.

Bottom tier: plain rice.
Top Tier: peanut butter rolled sandwich, oatmeal raisin cookie I baked that morning, couple strawberries. I attempted apple bunnies but they didn't come out quite so nice. Practice makes perfect!