March 5th, 2009

box lunch, bento

Mar. 04, '09

We haven't had bentos the last few days because we've been clearing out leftover Chinese food. *g* So yesterday's bento was the first of the week. Sorry for the unimpressive picture.

Mar. 04, '09

Bottom Tier: Cucumber, Cream Cheese & Chive Crackers
Top Tier: Banana chips, Nectarine
Sidecar: Roasted Potatoes, Meatballs

Meatball recipe can be found at bento_recipe. I used the glaze from the Bento Boxes book.


So, this morning has been full of firsts for me! I have boiled eggs (yes, 26 and I have never boiled an egg,) used a rice cooker, made a sushi roll and my first bento. Now, my bento is not all that cute or fancy because I dont have all the punchers and whatnot, but I think it came out good!

Top: Marinated tofu on a bed of rice, a hard boiled egg, grapes and a piece of strawberry angel food cake
Bottom: Avocado sushi roll and saue.

I am pretty proud of it :D

Thanks for looking.
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508: dumplings

Dad made homemade dumplings filled with barbecued pork. He even made the dough! They are delicious. This is Muffin's first bento after a long school break for all the snow we got. She had a sledding accident, which further threw us off. You can read about it on my blog.


Mar. 05, '09

Mar. 05, '09

Bottom Tier: Carrot & Celery Sticks, Frozen Grapes, Tomato, Ranch Dressing, Lightly Salted Cashews
Top Tier: 3 Chicken Corn Fritters, small piece of Impossible Cheeseburger Pie, Chocolate Cream Cookie, Cream Cheese & Chive Cracker

I used the traditional recipe for the fritters as found on bento_recipe, but found it has a little more kick than I'd like, so edited the entry to include a modification I'll be making in the future. I've also added a warning about the size of the chicken pieces.

The Cheeseburger Pie came from the Bisquik box, made it in bulk, cut it up, and froze the pieces for future lunches.

Despite the kick in the fritters, it was a pretty good lunch! :)
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3/5 Bento #94, #95 & #96

I'm getting close to #100, still no idea what to do, maybe it'll just be the usual. Here is CDC's lunch from yesterday.


Egg salad sandwich, carrot chips, grapes, dried apples, mozz. cheese stick and a candy.
I really like this divided lock-n-lock box. I really should use it more often.

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Hello all, been a while cus I'm hit by the flue.
I made this bento this week before it hit me totally, but couldn't eat next day so my bf ate it. But it made him happy atleast :)

Left: Satesauce, nori stars, veggy envelopes and white rice with bits of leek,ham and scrambled eggs and furikake (of which I love the color!)
Right: Orange bits, cheese/cucumber rolls, easter-eggs (of which 2 with milk and crispy rice filling and 2 white chocolate ones)

And also my new delivery made it to my mailbox this week, and I am dying to try them when I'm better again :D <3
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Bento # 508 & 509

Two bentos, one for me, one for my daughter. Oh it was nice to have a bento with me at work. I really ought to make them more often for myself!

Bento # 508
Bento # 508
Rice with coconut sauce and vegetables. Hoisin chicken scraps. Skewers with pickled leek and olives. Edamame with pepper.
Bento # 509
Bento # 509
"Zoo"-pasta with chili tomato sauce. Sausage flowers, green asparagus, peas, orange bell pepper and an egg cut sorta like a chicken