March 4th, 2009

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Valentine's Picnic Bento

It's been a long time since I've posted here (too long!) - though it's also been awhile since Valentine's Day and I'm just getting around to posting this...^_^''' but anyways, onto the food!

For Valentine's Day I made a picnic bento for two of my friends. The weather was absolutely beautiful all week, so of course on Valentine's Day it decided to be cloudy and cold. We ended up eating on the floor of my apartment and had a really great time! We made tea and also had pomegranate Italian soda to accompany our meal. (YUM)

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picnics with friends are fun! \o/
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Travel bentos

I'm off to CA tomorrow for a graduate school interview, and since they want to charge me way too much money for a sandwich, I've packed breakfast and lunch.


Mini cinammon raisin bagel with cream cheese, craisins, smoked gouda bits, and a hard boiled egg.  Gaps to be filled with frozen green grapes in the morning as an edible cold pack.  :-)

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Today's bento

I put this together last night before I went to bed. I look forward to eating it! :D

Bento march 4th 2009
Bento march 4th 2009
Big: chili con carne on a bed of lettuce, three strips of red pepper, sour cream in the container. Top of stacked box: Boiled egg, mini babybell, green grapes. Bottom of stacked box: whole wheat tortilla roll with cream cheese, taco sauce and lettuce (cut into pieces), sliced kiwi.

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An observation and a bento...

So I didn't think I'd post today but I ended up with some last minute inspiration. I was placing some umeboshi(pickled plum) un my rice and remembered laurabento's Cherry Tomato Rose

So I decided to try the same technique with the umeboshi! Came out a bit more squishy than with a tomato but you get the same overall effect. :)

Top: Not too interesting today, more of yesterdays pork/snow pea/ sundried tomatoe stuff and some frozen edamame mixed with some canned corn.
Bottom: My umeboshi rose, snowpea pods for leaves, my first attempt at bunny apples which didn't go so well :P , and cute cut carrots.

And my observation is that being a member of this site and the insentive of being able to post and share seems to keep me from slacking off and keeps me bento minded. :)
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Here is another bento lunch for the husband

Top: broccoli, fry sauce(for chicken), ranch dressing,strawberry cake(it was our daughters b-day yesterday)
Bottom: popcorn chicken, Laughing Cow Cheese, Goldfish crackers

Colorful Salad Bento

Top Tier: Salad with purple cabbage, carrots, and English cucumbers with ginger dressing underneath
Bottom Tier: Cubes of Manchego cheese, roasted almonds, strawberries, blueberries
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Bentos 3-5

#3-4 looked exactly the same, except the hard-boiled egg was a rabbit in #3 and a bear in #4. Leftover chili with lots of beans - yum even when cold; hard-boiled egg; crab meat; baby carrots; mayo in green cup for the egg; lite ranch in yellow cup for the carrots. Fruit salad in the sidecar, and two Jolly Ranchers for dessert.

# 5 was my lunch for today since I'm home from school for the week.  Scrambled eggs with honey roasted turkey meat and ketchup; cucumber slice divider; canned peas; mandarin oranges in pink cup.

Keep Calm

Two today.

Two bento for tomorrow.  Usually I just make bento for my mum but I've got a temping job tomorrow so I finally get to make a bento for myself!!

We have Onigiri filed with tuna mayo and cucumber, gyoza (hidden under things), various shrimp dim sum things, tuna cucumber sushi, brocolli and dipping pots of sweet chilli sauce for the dim sum.  Oh and a cute little bear and lion soy bottle each.  I bought them ages ago and completely forgot I had them until tonight. 
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Bento backlog. Bento # 504, 505, 506 & 507.

For some odd reason I've just not been in the mood to actually get the pictures out of the camera and into LJ. Can't say why, it puzzles me, it's not like it's a big and aggrevating task *L* Pure case of procrastination I suppose.

But finally I got myself together and here are the latest four bentos in a row (at least my procrastination-attack didn't stretch so long as to not MAKE the bentos ;) )

Bento # 504
Bento # 504
Potato salad with cherry tomato, stir-fried vegetables, heart-shaped egg and mini meatballs on skewers.
Bento # 505
Bento # 505
Potato salad with cherry tomato. Curry-ffried crayfish with vegetables. Orange bell pepper in flower-shapes.
Bento # 506
Bento # 506
Hoisin-Chicken scraps, broccoli, rice with hoisin sauce from the chicken. Orange bell pepper fishies.
Bento # 507
Bento # 507
Chili chicken skewers. Chili roasted crayfish, starfish-crackers. mixed stir-fried vegetables with coconut sauce. Rösti with garlic pepper.