March 3rd, 2009

Pheonix Wright

Flowers and Brisket

Here is another bento with my very first attempt at a tomato rose. I hadn't realized how delicate it was, but I'm not too disappointed with my first attempt. Under the rose is raw broccoli and some baby spinach for leaves and a stem. I have a brisket sandwich, kiwi flowers, blood orange slices, fig newtons, and broken up pocky, milk and crush.

There are some more bento posts on my blog Bento Box Blueprints
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inarizushi day

wanted some extra fried goodness today

left~ inarizushi w/ cucumbers, sesame seeds and seasonings
right~ fried fish and pickled plum wrapped in lettuce

have a great day!
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Bento09 #2

White box: Pasta with marinara sauce, spinach, and cheese cubes
Yellow box: carrots, shrimp, clementine, cauliflower, and kiwi shapes on a bed of spinach

I realize kiwi fruit are not the best thing to make shapes from, but I found cute cutters and wanted to use them!
Chiyo Avi

Bear and Apple Sauce Bottles


Totally random, but I was wondering, does anyone here have the "Three Apples and a Bear" sauce bottles set? Like this one? I was wondering if the bear bottle has a big enough opening to allow for salad dressings or herbed olive oil?

Most of the bottles I've seen, the openings appear to be too small to let through the tiny chunky bits of herbs or walnuts (in, say, a raspberry-walnut viniagrette, my favorite!). The bear bottle looks a little bigger, but I can't really tell, since the lids are still on in the picture.

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Bento 3-3-09

Here is todays bento! Nothing exciting going on, just getting my practice in and trying to keep in the habit. :)

Left to Right:
Top: Another experimental on the fly thing of pork, snowpeas, sundried tomatos, soy, and a touch of wooster sauce; cute cut carrots (done with an apple corer) on some seaweed stuff (can't really see it) and grapes.
Bottom: Various sizes and shapes of onigiri - 2 pickles plum an 2 seaweed on a bed of fresh spiniach. Gaps filled with edamame.

Have enough of the pork stirfry stuff to use it in tomorrows bento too. Sooo might be a post, might not :P
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3/2 Bentos #89 & #90

Not very pretty or colorful bentos today but very yummy! CDC and Hubby had left over pork and veggie stir fry with rice, mini spanokopita triangles & grapes. CDC had carrots and dried apples too. Hubby had strawberries, oranges, beets, almonds, dried apricots and chocolate covered raisins.

#89 for CDC

#90 for Hubby

Getting close to #100. I have no idea yet what to do :(. Think... Think... Think...