March 1st, 2009

Bear with me - new camera

 OK so I got this new camera a few months ago, and really have not a clue about how to use it, and am trying to figure out how to resize my pics so they are not 2MB big.  No flamers please...

This is in my son's new Chococat bento (I bought an extra from the Sanrio store and if there is interest I will Ebay it for sale or otherwise make it available).  Single tier.  

Bagel bite filled with blueberry cream cheese, cucumber, broccoli, mini pepper stuffed with olive, persimmon stack of cats decorated with nori & cheese eye cutouts, rest of string cheese, half a sandwich, green apple mouse with black sesame seed eyes and noodle tail.

It came back empty.  Yaaaay.

Contest tag? Twitter?

Bento Contests
I'm seeing a lot of bento contests lately, and wondered if we could possibly get a "contest" tag for use here? I'm trying to keep track of all of the bento community's contests in one spot on the Lunch in a Box forum, and am wondering if I've been able to find all of them. If you're running your own bento contest or know of one that's not there already, feel free to post it there for more exposure! Also, this Tuesday is the last day to vote in my Valentine-themed bento contest (login to vote).


I'm also trying to figure out if there are other bento enthusiasts out there that I should be following on Twitter. I'm "Biggie" there, what's your Twitter name if you tweet? Recently I've been tweeting a little about the car crash my son & I were in (thankfully we're okay, but our car is totaled).

Speaking @ BlogHer
BTW, I found out that I'll be speaking on the food blogging panel at the BlogHer '09 Conference in Chicago this July -- it's a big conference of women bloggers, and the panel topic is "Food Blogging in the Time of Recession". I'm pretty jazzed; maybe I'll meet some of you there in person if you'll be attending? Anyway, I wrote about it a little more here.

On call bento

 I made this bento for myself while I was on call, which in my specialty means I was in the hospital for about 20 hours.

Pad thai with brocollini, green cauliflower and carrot shreds on top.

Much Ado

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No bento, just a bit of useful (possibly) information.

Shopping today for brothers birthday (damn boys being so hard to buy for!) went into paperchase, the stationary shop, for a card and what do I find instead.... bento boxes!

Not many, they had about 3 designs and very small (I'd guess about 300ml) but they were def bento boxes, complete with 3 removable compartments, they also had matching cutlery, a small fork and spoon. Unfortuantly they were too small for my use, but just thought there is a lack of Bento supplies/stores over here (UK) so someone might like to know :)

Roast Beef

Bit of a dodgy pic today, probably need new batteries.  Tomorrow's lunch is roast beef on a bed of rice with wasabi and soy sauce with sesame seeds to make it look a bit prettier.  There's also Snoopy beef furikake for the rice, a raspberry shaped raspberry yogurt, a Laughing Cow cheese triangle, some carrots and two cherry tomatoes on a bed of lettuce.  Should be tasty!!
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Dinner Bento and an Update

Main container: Mediterranean wrap (tortilla halves containing yogurt, mint leaves, ham, cucumber, and tomato), carrot sticks, cucumber flowers, broken boiled egg (I didn’t boil it quite enough and it turned out somewhere between soft and hard boiled - definitely cooked through, but rather fragile), spoon for the kiwi in the sidecar.
Sidecar: half a kiwi, pistachio nuts

* * *
Also, an update on this post, in which I asked for suggestions of boxes appropriate for my BF. I ended up ordering two lock and lock boxes upon many of your suggestions, from Heritage Mint (which one commenter recommended), so that he'll have a choice: this one and this one. I fly to visit him at the end of this week, so I'll try to post after my vacation about how he likes them (hopefully I can get him to try using one of them). Thanks again for all of your help and suggestions.

Un Idée! - Three Bentos and My Peanut Butter Solution

February was hectic. After prepping things for school, managing club events, and general fatigue--I was quite ready for the month to be over. After hearing back from two of the graduate schools I applied to (Denied. ;_;), I am crossing my fingers and hoping this month might be a little better.

And, if worst goes to worst, I am going to buy myself a nice bento box to make everything okay!

Anyways...the bentos.

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