February 28th, 2009

Amber von Beast

A sick bento and a work bento

My boyfriend is sick! I've been rubbing Vick's on his chest and giving him lots of tea, but I think this bento might make him feel good, too. It was made with love, of course.


Top: Mushroom turnovers on a bed of couscous
Bottom: Tortillas with refried black beans, a bunny egg, and a mini Tabasco bottle (for the tortillas and anything else he wants)
Sidecar: Mini anpan, mini Saltines, strawberry bar, mini Japanese cake, Flower's Kiss Candy

I need some help. My boyfriend loves everything spicy, especially couscous. He's French, so he was exposed to very flavorful, spicy, authentic couscous in his childhood. I generally like my foods on the plainer side, so I've always eaten my couscous with just butter. However, I want to learn how to make different couscous dishes like he used to eat when he was a kid. I think that would make him really happy. I'd like to expand my own palette as well. Does anyone know of some good couscous recipes? As I said before, he likes couscous spicy, but if anyone knows of a good milder recipe, I'd love to hear that as well.

On to my bento for work tomorrow (it's pretty similar to my boyfriend's):

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It seems as if I used a LOT of neutral colors this time. Oh well. What counts is the yum factor of the lunch itself.
Me: Sailor V
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Over three hours of work...

But I think it was worth it!

My boyfriend and I are attending a local anime convention that is only in it's second year, (Anime Milwaukee for those curious) and while it's only 15 minutes from either of our houses, and there's plenty of food places all around, I decided tonight on the way home that I wanted to make a giant bento for tomorrow! Well, thankfully a friend joined in on wanting to share, because I got a little carried away. I think there's enough here for multiple meals.

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Now I have to go clean up my mess, re-curl my wig's bangs for my costume tomorrow, and get some sleep. Ugh! Maybe I'll curl the bangs tomorrow... I'm pooped. Cooking from 11PM-1:30AM is tough!

So if you're around Anime Milwaukee tomorrow, find Sailor Moon. I'll likely have stuff to share! ^.~


Usually my hubby doesn't work on Saturdays. But he told me yesterday that he would work only half a day today, so I decided to make him a snack bento.

So far I have been using regular plastic food containers to make my bentos. This is my first REAL bento box that I received as a prize from Otoro's Valentine's Day Contest. It's too small to be a lunch bento, so i will use it as a snack bento.

Details here as well as a quick, easy recipe for the shrimp dip.


lots'a bentos!

I've still been sick and busy with school over the last few days. I just got around to posting the majority of them over the last few days.

link goes here! for several bentos, with my new boxes and everything from ichibankan (:


Airplane bento

This is from my trip to Spain in October. (Little slow with the posting, lol).
From Bentos

Chicken sausage, dried fruit mix, misc candies (grape gummy, chocolate sucking candy and kitkat), mini cheeses, empanada (leftover from Victor's Cafe), olives, yucca fries (also from Victor's Cafe) and Babybel.

The great thing for me about airplane bentos is that when I get to my hotel, I wash out my disposable box and hold onto it. Especially for trips like this one where I was flying again mid-trip. I filled it again with miscellaneous goodies (no pics, waaa. But mostly candies and chips picked up in my travels) and once more before we left to come home. If I find that I am not going to use it again, I dispose of it before I leave. If I do use it again, I dispose of it when I come home.