February 27th, 2009

kitty pie


My first bento since my son was born last June. I think it came out okay.

Mostly rice with mixed veggies stirred in, topped by leftover venison steak in mushroom gravy, garnished with radishes and scallions. Also three individually wrapped strawberry-filled cookies from the dollar store and a couple of Jolly Ranchers.

I had never carved radishes before. They didn't come out great, but it was fun to try.
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Feb. 25 & 26, '09

Probably no bento today since what I need to do is tackle an odd combo of leftovers (though I do plan to have a tangerine with them), but here's the bentos for the last two days. Let's start with yesterday's lunch! :)

Feb. 26, '09

Bottom Tier: Tomato, Salt in the container, Cream Cheese & Chive Crackers
Top Tier: Frozen Grapes, Banana Chips, mini Baby Ruth Bar
Sidecar: 2 mini Cheese Quiches, no crust

This was a woooooooonderful lunch. Even better, grandbaby liked the quiche!

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Mini-quiche recipe found here.
Minnestrone recipe found here. Made one batch then put it in small containers and froze it. Should probably add it to the bento_recipe comm, just haven't done so yet. lol

Bento post #3

I can't say that this is my 3rd bento, but my 3rd bento worth posting!

I am struggling with making homemade sushi... this bento has a cute little half roll - so tiny. Pioneer woman's posts really help!

Greek yogurt w jelly, apples, pecans & graham crackers
Mini crab, avacado & chive sushi rolls w/ light cheese bites

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I got my egg molds in yesterday. So, cute and delicious, bunny shaped eggs will be coming soon!

Bento #123

There is a seafood festival in the city I grew up in (right next to where I live now) that has been going on for over 40 years. For two years now I will have volunteered in the preparation of it, and then worked one of the booths. So in order to celebrate this festival this weekend I wanted to do a fish themed bento. It didn't didn't really turn out that great. But I thought I'd post it anyway. There is something wrong with it and I can't figure out what it is.. too much brown? red/oranges? I just don't know.

Lentil burgers, carrot, tomato, rice (supposed to be shaped like a fish), broccoli, breaded eggplant

P.S. When will ichibankanusa restock? :(

Severe Weather Bento

We were under a tornado warning while I was making this lunch, so needless to say I wasn't really into it today!

Left: half a bagel, ranch in green container, fruit by the foot, cream cheese
Right: carrots, chicken salad
Not Pictured: bread for chicken salad
apple blossom bento

Contest Bento Fail- Cherry Blossom theme: Fried Squid & egg Sakura Tree

Cross-posted from my cgpbento blog. >^_^<

Today's post is a bento from a while back. I made this lunch to enter a contest with, and it's my most decorated bento ever (and the only one I've made a picture in). As of now, it has failed two contests. Hm, I guess I'd better give up on it.

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Bottom tier contains a rice sky colored with blue food dye, egg yolk sun, tree branches made from fried squid tentacles, cherry blossoms and windblown petals made from egg whites colored shades of pink with food dye, cherry blossom centers of black sesame seeds, and a little nori cat to enjoy the scenery. (A rabbit would have made more sense, but I didn't have a rabbit punch.)
Top tier contains sweet and sour fried squid rings and tentacles cooked with onions, carrots, bean sprouts, and green peppers, and a fruit salad with blueberries and cherry blossoms made from bananas and apples. A pink rabbit pick hiding in the fruit and a pink rabbit bottle of soy sauce continue the rabbit theme of the bento box as well as the pink of the cherry blossoms.

I really liked the idea of using fried squid to make a cherry blossom covered tree. It didn't come out nearly as elegant and beautiful as I hoped it could though. I guess the squid doesn't lend itself perfectly to form.

Zeus called it a "Cthulu tree". Darn it.
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Long time, no bento

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted a lunch...  I haven't been bentoing much lately since both my husband and I eat lunch at home most days.  The days I do pack lunch are lab days, so I usually just take a sandwich that I can inhale between experiments.  :-)  Anyway, one of my friends invited me to lunch today, but I didn't want to pay lots of money for yucky cafeteria food (my college is sadly lacking in the healthy/tastes good sort of food) so I packed a bento and entered it in Pikko's Furikake Frenzy contest.  :-)

I've got a deviled egg decorated with nori swirls, green grapes, baby carrots, two chocolate coins (mostly hidden) and three onigiri with furikake mixed in.  The bottom one is shrimp flavored, the middle is beef, and the top one is salmon and seaweed.  I wrapped them up in plastic wrap so they wouldn't stick to anything.

I had to use my bigger lock-and-lock since both my actual bento boxes went missing.  Last time I pack my husband a lunch in the good boxes...  :-)  

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Bento for work.

I made another little bento today. My recovering self decided that I could add asparagus back in, so I decided to pack some for my break at work tonight:

The left side has a batch of my breaded fried asparagus. Raspberries in the center, mashed sweet potatoes in the silicone cup, and two mini chocolate mint cupcakes in the back. No protein, as I'll have a huge amount of chicken when I get home.

I will start getting more artistic once I can add more foods back in.

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Lunch Box 632: My chips can beat up Lay's chips

Today's lunch, which looks terrible because of my lack of photography skillz, starts with obimake enoki, Feeling chipperAKA mushrooms wrapped in bacon. Ah, bacon - even when not dipped in chocolate it's still awesome. I have steamed broccoli, which is not awesome but I consider to be quite good. Baked purple sweet potato, and it's an undeniable fact that purple food is its own justification. Mochi, which is quietly excellent, and finally microwave lotus chips. That's like potato chips, but made with lotus root in the microwave. I made them with a microwave potato chip maker, seen at left, and I double-dog dare you to tell me that that's not awesomeness defined.

(Website post, with links to recipes.)

2/27 Bentos #86, #87 & #88

Lots of Bentos again today, I didn't even get to take of picture of Hubby's it went out the door so quick.

CDC got left over pizza, almond butter and jelly rolls, carrot roses, grapes, edamame, apple slices with a container of almond butter and honey sauce for dipping, and a few chocolate pocky.

Little One and I got something new. I've been wanting to try tuna filled onigiri. So I finally made some today. I also made some furikake. I filled the onigiri with albacore and wasabi mayo (minus the wasabi for Little One). The furikake I made with black and white sesame seeds, nori, salt, black peppercorns and a pinch of cayenne for a kick. It was good and I really liked the fresh peppercorns in it. We also had steamed beets and carrots, fresh sugar peas, grapes and peach slices. Little one got some white cheddar popcorn (his new favorite snack).