February 25th, 2009

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Feb, 12 & Feb. 24, '09

I didn't disappear, honest! I got busy...then I got sick! Soup a pretty bento does not make. :P

So, I have two, one from before the disappearance and yesterday's. The one from before the disappearance is prettier. ;)

Feb. 12, '09

Bottom Tier: Nectarine & Strawberries, Chocolate Pirouette, Cashews, Reese's Peanut Butter Heart, Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette
Top Tier: Salad w/Roast Chicken

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Recipe for Blueberry Bread Pudding can be found here.
I believe the Impossible Cheeseburger Pie is from the back of a Bisquik box. I doubled the recipe, baked it up in a rectangular pan, cut it into pieces, and froze it.

2/25 Bento #85& Contest Winners!

Another make your own mini pizza bento today by special request. This is CDC's favorite lunch now.This one is not quite as packed full of goodies like the other two. I need to figure out something new to add, maybe some sliced mushrooms or pepperoni slices or something. Maybe I should put in some pesto instead of pizza sauce, now that's an idea, hmmm... I wonder if he would go for it?

Crackers, ham and cheese slices, pizza sauce, olives, grapes, carrots and apples.

I've announced the winners of my Bento Contest  here.

#2 and counting

Another simple bento for Ash Wednesday 

lower left (in the cup) is my last Sharon Fruit (OMG I LOVE SHARON FRUIT!!),

the lower right side has some carrot sticks and sugar snap peas

while the upper section has an egg mixed with sugar and some cheese over rice.

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Kinda Boring

My husband has brown bag for work during lunch on Wednesdays so I try to pack things that don't really have to be heated and can be eaten easily.  Here is his lunch.

Top: buttered roll, apple crumb pie(so yummy!)
Bottom:  pasta salad with smiley face : )

I Know that overall its a pretty boring lunch but, like I said, he has to eat this during a meeting. 
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Mini Quiche Bento

So I saw a lot of you guys using mini quiches in your bentos, and I loved the idea! It's been ages since I had quiche, so it was also a nice excuse to make some. I also borrowed the idea to make strawberry/banana skewers. (Perfect combo!) Here are the results:

In the bottom tier I had a peanut, raisin, and chocolate chip mix for snacking, but I neglected to take a picture.

Sorry for the poor photo. I usually take the pictures in daylight, but it was night when I made it, and then I forgot to get good pictures in the morning... :(

broccoli jungle

Orange Chicken & Chinese Rice leftovers --- Don't microwave raw carrot

Cross-posted from my cgpbento blog, because I learned an important lesson about carrots. >^_^<

Today's post is a pretty simple lunch.
Top tier contains orange chicken from leftover Chinese takeout with carrot hearts I added, and some broccoli from the orange chicken with some extra broccoli and carrot hearts I added.
Bottom tier contains the leftover Chinese rice with added carrot bits and hearts, and a cup of blueberries.

This is where I learned Do Not Microwave Raw Carrot Slices.

Since I had the leftover food I wanted to add carrots to, I cut out my hearts, put them on a paper plate, and microwaved them to cook them fast so they could be added in. Within a few seconds there was a firey flash from the microwave. I stopped it immediately and puzzled over the scorch marks on the paper plate and a few carrot edges.

Unsure of what had happened, I moved the slices away from the scorch marks, and tried again while watching. Sure enough, the carrots were somehow causing little bursts of fire. So, I then removed it, put all the slices in a bowl of water, and microwaved that. Much better. >^_^< .
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Dorm Bento 6

The Italian in me won quite firmly. Pasta it wants not rice. *wry smile* So pasta I made!

To the left it is yummy pasta. To the right, cheese cubes, a container of parmesan cheese for the pasta, and broccoli. A great dinner overall

Keep Calm

Giant Onigiri

Here we have a giant onigiri with tuna mayo filling, a large helping of sesame spinach salad, malteasers, carrot flowers, shrimp and sweet chilli dipping sauce to dip them in. 

The onigiri has to be the most delicious looking onigiri I have ever made, it's the face.  He just looks edible!
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Bento # 501 & 502

Well, I admit that after the Bento # 500, these are rather .. blah. Or.. well I think today's bento got ok cute, but they're still not exactly the greatest.. It ALSO has to do with the blue box though. Food just doesn't look as appetizing against blue as for instance against black or red.

But this thermal container is great and my kid loves to be able to have hot food for her lunch - much to the envy of her class mates ;)

Bento # 501
Bento # 501
Chicken scraps, broccoli, rice with indian-style tomato sauce.
Bento # 502
Bento # 502
Vegetarian "Chili con Bulgur" decorated with a green pepper and cucumber-frog and a tomato rose (which is a little hard to see, but it's the red blob next to the frog *L*) Chinese egg noodles and mini meatballs on skewers.