February 24th, 2009

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Hi all! This is my first post here, but I've been looking around at everyone's fun lunches for a while ^^

This is just a simple lunch for my class tomorrow--I'm an art student, and I'm in a class about drawing on-site at various events and places, so I have to pack lunches to eat while we're out :3

Top: Popcorn, pepperonis, and colby jack cheese
Bottom: Tastykakes, apple flavored gummis, a hershey's kiss, apple pieces, and sharp cheddar cheese
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Bento #86 - Thinking of Spring

Here is today's bento, inspired by spring:

1 - Rice Lamb decorated with Turkey Lunch Meat face, Krab cheeks, Nori eyes & mouth, Fish sausage ears
2 - Lettuce divider
3 - One egg made into two pom-pon flowers
4 - One hot dog made into three flowers (pea centers in two)
5 - Steamed Broccoli
6 - Spinach sauteed with Garlic
7 - Breaded Okra
8 - Carrot & Red Pepper flowers, Noodle Clovers

WW Flex Points = 5.5
ETA: Tutorial for egg pom-pons can be found here.

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Sushi bento #2

This looks like a lot of food, but it is for my still growing teenage son. Sushi with a teriyaki beef and cucumber filling, extra teriyaki sauce in the red container, fresh mandarin oranges on a bed of baby spinach leaves and two cola flavored hard candies that I found at Borders. There is also a couple sticks of Pocky in the lid of the black box. The second picture is of the bag my son uses for his bentos. I got it at Hot Topic a few weeks ago for a dollar. It's one of their fund raising "save the music" items. We fasten it with a pin also from Hot Topic.

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Bento #217


I thought I could re-use some leftover rice this morning, but it turned out that I hadn't closed the lid all the way and it was dry and spoiled. So I went with the somewhat less traditional, but quickly prepared couscous in the upper layer :)
The lower layer has dumplings, 1-egg tamagoyaki, broccoli, celery, mushroom, cuttings from the red bell pepper Dalahorse and hearts on the couscous and a 98-cal Twix.

I fear this won't be enough food for me in the end - the bento was kind of rushed - but since it's Fat Tuesday I trust someone in the office will bring Semlor or some other fatty food later in the afternoon!


My bentoblog: http://wererabbits.wordpress.com
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Dorm Bento 5

Here is my fifth Bento (ta da!). I haven't bentoed much in the past couple days nothing to cook but I just made a new purchase! I found it in Target and it's a microwave rice and pasta cooker, and a vegetable steamer by Nordicware. It works fabulously! The pasta comes out al dente and the rice comes out fluffy. Yummy and wonderful let me tell you. I can also have it in my dorm becasue it isn't electric and I can't set it on fire (without trying really hard). Today's bento employs nothing from any of that though. =D

To the left, apples. To the right Lucky Charms (I bought milk at the cafe to eat with this). Overall, it was a good breakfast bento to eat between my 8-9:30 class and my 9:45-11:15 class.

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A quick bento with leftovers, can't wait to go groceryshopping since it's finally payday!
Hamburgerbits with sesame salt and some sesame seeds, edamame and some wild rice.
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Sandwich Bento

Top Tier: Sandwich with "Philly Steak"-style Tofurky, cheddar, and mustard on 9-grain bread; almonds filling in the spaces
Bottom Tier: Pickle slices for the sandwich in the blue cup, celery, English cucumber, strawberries, blueberries

For more info, check out my blog: http://bento4lunch.blogspot.com/

Have a great day, everyone :)
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Lunch Box 631: More fun with chocolate

I have another glorious hodgepodge for lunch. Here you see the evidence of a walk through my fridge, or perhaps I should describe it as a drunkard's walk: okonomiyaki, yakisoba, steamed broccoli, baked purple sweet potato, grape tomatoes, mochi, and chocolate soybean clusters.

That last item is an aftershock from last week's chocolate covered bacon. When I ran out of bacon I had some melted chocolate left over, and the heck I'm going to wash that down the sink! So I poured in some of the dry roasted soybeans that I keep around as munchies, and lo and behold, a new treat was born.

(Website post, with links to recipes.)
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new to the site, but not to bento. i used to just watch, but i figured i'd post. (:
sorry the picture is horrible! D:

top:(my bento) pineapple, trail mix, cheese cubes, and cheese its. pocky on the side.
bottom:(mom's bento) dino peanut butter sandwich on wheat, cheese cubes and heart, trail mix, snickerdoodle cookie, cheese its.
side: two cookies, heart shaped gumdrop.

Whole Lotta Bentos Going On & My New Obsession

I have a back log of Bentos to post. Things have been to busy to sit down every day and post. So here they are Bentos #79 - #84.

#79 - Lunch for CDC. Left over roast Beef, mashed potatoes and mini artichoke. There are three little condiment containers, one has gravey, one has ketchup and one has butter for the artichoke. Top tier has grape and carrot skewers, mini cream cheese and jam cracker sandwiches and an orange cream marshmallow.

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Here we have a shocking lack of vegetables as I went to the fridge and found that there weren't any.  Shopping trip for me tomorrow!  Other than that there are shrimp with spring onions and sweet chilli sauce on rice, with soy fishies for the rice, ham and cheese pinwheels and mini pancakes with lemon and sugar. 
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