February 23rd, 2009

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monday monday

Here is my lunch for tomorrow


Top tier has flax seed chicken and sun dried tomato rice

Bottom tier has cheddar, green peppers, carrots, blueberries and a chocolate chip cookie (after some deliberation I wrapped the cookie and cheddar in saran wrap to avoid green pepper flavor contamination)
I also have a little birdie of vegetable ranch dip for the carrots and peppers, 2 apples worth of soya and post picture I added some chicken and rib bbq sauce for the chicken which I thought might be too dry after re heating.

Oh and the Nintendo Power was a total accident I just threw the bento onto something cause I have a glass table and wanted to avoid glare I didn't even realize it till I was uploading the picture haha
Alan Birthday

Getting closer to the big one - Bento # 498 & 499...

Well once again the first of these two was IMO too boring to be posted on it's own.
But it is a new and interesting box/jar/jug/pail thing that is actually insulated so that you can bring hot food with you. And what's even better: The WHOLE thing pops right into the microwave.

It's made by a brand called Aladdin and I'm sure it's obtainable outside of Denmark as well *GG* (I think it's actually Made In China) and it's on the large side for a bento with its 700 ml of possible content. But you can pack it looser (like here with the noodles) and it won't be too much :)

The second one is a more traditional bento. only new in the sense that I FINALLY found (korean, judging from the pack) potstickers here. So I had to try those!

(oh and yes I kow Alan Rickman's birthday was yesterday but I didn't post anything on my LJ and I HAD to get a chance to use that one-day-a-year-icon *LOL*)

Bento # 498
Bento # 498
Chinese egg noodles. Fish-and vegetable wok mix with sweet-and-sour sauce.
Bento # 499
Bento # 499
Wholegrain animal shaped pasta with cherry tomato and chili ketchup. Skewered mini meatballs (still frozen here), vegetarian potstickers and edamame.

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Bento #85 - Kiddo Breakfast

My son had an early bowling league start time on Saturday, so I decided to pack him a breakfast bento to nibble on in-between frames.  It was quick and easy.  Here it is:

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Left to Right:
1 - Grapes
2 - Egg & Cheese Omelet Rolled up in a Chinese Green Onion Pancake
3 - Sausage Links
4 - A few Red Pepper Slices

This was the first time he's tried the green onion pancakes, and he loved them!  Sometimes it's tough to know what he'll accept (food wise) due to some sensory issue associated with his autism, but anything bready or bread-like usually stands a pretty good chance.

Although this was not made for me, I did figure out the WW points for those who are curious.  Let me just say - it's a good thing he's a healthy, growing, active boy!

WW Flex Points = 11

Bento #120

My lunch today is so finger foody, it reminds me of something I may pack for a kid. Hopefully when I do have kids, they won't be as picky as their father, and actually eat veggies! :D

Top: 1 lentil burger, 2 salmon burgers, hard boiled egg, tomato, cauliflower
Bottom: broccoli, elephant green pepper pizza bites, carrot
bloom county: opus dear lj

bento #70

bento #70, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

It's gyoza sammie time again! This time I have cranberry-cinnamon goat cheese.

I wasn't planning on including an egg, but when I got it packed there was a space left, and it occured to me I could use some more protein in this lunch. So I have a hardboiled egg, but I didn't do anything fancy with it, since it was a last-minute addition.

Broccoli florets with ranch dressing.


Dark chocolate-covered walnuts.

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Another lunch for the Husband.  He wanted a tuna sandwich with lettuce and cheese for lunch today and I didn't want it to go soggy so I made a build-your-own sandwich.

Left: Bread for Sandwich   Top: Lettuce, cheese flowers, Laughing Cow Cheese, Tuna
Bottom: grapes, cutie pie orange  Right: Crackers for the Laughing Cow

Do any of you have a hard time getting your significant other to eat veggies?  I pack them for him and they always come home untouched, its like he's a child! 


Valentine's Day bento & contest deadline

Today is the last day to enter the Valentine-themed Bento of the Month contest on the Lunch in a Box forum, with a chance of winning a bento box set with box, bag, band, chopsticks & case (courtesy of Lethargic).

It took me a while to post this as my four-year-old & I were in a car accident last week where we were badly rear-ended, and I’ve been a little discombobulated and tied up with all the post-crash red tape. Thankfully both Bug and I were able to walk away from the wreck, but our car is totaled. If you’d like to see a photo of our smashed-up car, I posted one on the forum with some details.

Contents of preschooler bento lunch:
Heart-shaped onigiri rice balls filled with Gohan Desu Yo! seasoned seaweed paste (colored with red or green hana-ebi shrimp powder, decorated with nori seaweed and mamenori soy wrappers), blueberries, steamed zucchini with Korean barbecue sauce, and chicken from a homemade Indian curry (lal shorve vala murgh). Full lunch details and reviews of the mamenori soy wrappers, and nori punches are here at Lunch in a Box.

Contents of preschooler bento lunch: Roti chapati bread, steamed broccoli with vinaigrette, grapes, chicken and potato curry (lal shorve vala murgh), fresh pineapple and blueberries. I used the recipe for “Chicken in a Spicy Red Sauce” from Madhur Jaffrey’s cookbook "Madhur Jaffrey’s Quick & Easy Indian Cooking", which I’ve been turning to recently when I crave Indian food. Full lunch details and a review of the uncooked roti-chapati from Costco are here at Lunch in a Box.

Chicken curry bento lunch for preschooler

Tasty Breakfast

 I'm doing my best to go with the Bento Challenge that I found on justbento.com by Maki, keeping my foodstuffs to bento serving portions. I'm starting today, so I'll have lots of things to post (I'll only post the pretty ones, I promise xD) So here is my breakfast in my new celtic cat bento. I didn't have to worry about travel since I was only using it for portion control, and I have to say the orange was delicious. I rather liked the look of the cucumber fence and I wish I had had something else to put on the other side in order to actually make it useful. Maybe some instant oatmeal? If you like the cat bento you can see more pictures on my journal. Thanks everyone!

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daytrip bento's

Me and my bf are going for a trip tomorrow and I deceided we could use some bento's to accompany us!
Mine is less inspired I admit, but its payday tomorrow so empty fridge today :o

His bento: 

Right: Rice with bits of scrambled egg and ham in it, nori,Ku Yu Luk and some spicy chicken with sate in the blue cup
Left: Peanutbutter rolls, cucumber with nori decoration and some red and green paprika's
(somehow she reminds me of a neighbour we had before we moved when I was a kid O.o )

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The big 5-0-0!

So, I finally reached my Bento # 500. I had this more or less planned in advance, but then again, as alwaysreality barges in on my planning, so this didn't turn out quite as I'd wanted it to. Still, it's pretty nice and festive, and I suppose suitable for the occasion, the Bento # 500!

Bento # 500
Bento # 500
Spicy chicken fillet, orange bell pepper fishies, sausage flowers, cherry tomato. Green asparagus. Onigiri with shrimp salad filling, decorated with nori and ham. "500" made of cucumber on more ham.

Keep Calm

Leftovers again

A bit of a mish mash today but again it was all leftovers from dinner so pretty simple to throw together.  I found Asahi beer in the supermarket today which prompted a Japanese feast for dinner with all my favourite stuff. 

On the left there are three shrimp at the top and chicken jibu-ni on a bed of rice.  On the right there is Japanese potato salad and sesame spinach salad, asparabacon wedged in on top of three steamed gyoza.  In the middle is a spring onion flower for decoration. 

I do have a question about gyoza though.  I always steam mine as I cannot manage to fry them without them all falling apart and getting stuck to the pan.  Any hints?  My dad discovered how they are meant to be served and is now bugging me to try it. 
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Bento 31

Something light for tomorrow:


Top: Dried cranberries, strawberry bar, chips, salsa in the fruit container
Bottom: Mini plain onigiri, clementine wedges, banana slices