February 22nd, 2009

Anyone 'doing the Lent' and if you are how are you using your bento gear?

Ok - so when my Galway born husband mentions 'doing the Lent' he means no drinking for the season but it is the Catholic season of fast and abstinence.    I don't have to fast due to health issues but my son is nearing the age when he will need to start.

Does anyone use their bento gear and recipes to help with faith based eating changes?   I will be trying more vegan/vegetarian meals even though I won't be fasting.    Thanks!!
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Egg Drop Soup


I got a packet of egg drop soup and it was delicious, so I put it in my new bento for tomorrow. Also with apple chicken, rice hearts and cucumber stars = ) This is the finished Font Bento I made, more pictures are on my newest journal post. I have 2 extras for sale there too.

First-time bentoer!

I've been oogling pictures of yummy lunches on here for a long time now, and finally decided to start myself!

I got some supplies from Ichiban Kan, so pictures of that, plus my first two bento lunches, are under the cut!

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Also, can someone give me more tips on onigiri? I used medium-grain white rice and boiled it how I usually do, which made it too sticky for the onigiri. How do you boil rice so it's the perfect consistency?

Albert Camus

Bento #30!

Thirtieth bento! It's for my boyfriend.


Rice, chipotle chicken, feta-stuffed olives, carrots, mini anpan, mini Milanos, golden raisins, mini Japanese cake, rice crackers

Silicone bento accessories (dividers & little cups)

I tried out some silicone food dividers (baran) and shaped food cups (triangle, square, circle) from Ichiban Kan and Daiso. I'm really liking them as they're flexible, reusable, dishwasher-safe, can be frozen or heated (microwave or oven, but not toaster oven or frying pan). Means you can cook a small batch of something in the food cups and freeze them for later -- very versatile. My full review is here at Lunch in a Box.

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bento kitty

Bento Day Two


Superstar ham & cheese salad. Dressing in the tomato head. A side car with crackers and more cheese and a ginger bread cookie.
I love this napkin, I used as a furoshiki, it is from the new Orla Kiely Collection at Target, which came out last weekend and is already almost sold out.
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Keep Calm


Marinated salmon on rice with sesame seeds sprinkled about on the left with Japanese potato salad and edamame on the right. 

This one ended up coming together very nicely from leftovers.  The salmon was from yesterday's dinner and then we had mashed potato left from tonight's dinner so it became potato salad.  The rice came from my freezer stash so all in all a very easy bento to throw together.

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