February 21st, 2009

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2 lunches from last week

Hello all :)
Again a very unsteady week at school so had time and hours enough at school to make 2 bento's.
Well better than nothing huh?

left: rice and nori bunny which looks a bit lost, I guess he is not totally sure about him being eaten at lunch =p Shrimps with some sauce underneath.  Surrounded in a field of roasted yellow paprika's, cucumber and edame.
right: bunny boiled egg on a bed of iceberg lettuce, carrots, babybell cheeze, pasta salad with cheeze flowers and a bottle of homemade tomatosauce.
panda: some unsalted cashewnuts :)

For another one follow the cut --->Collapse )

And I got a little question:
I have these cute saucebottles with faces printed on em, but I don't dare to use em anymore since one of the faces simple could be swept off after using it ! Is there a way to prevent this from happening? I love em too much to see the faces go away :( 
If needed I'll post a picture of em too, just say if u need it or not.
Plz help save my bottles ! :( 

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it's been forever!

I haven't posted anything new in what seems to be ages!! Since June!! I've been slacking, uh-oh!

Well, I made lunch this morning for my brother and he just LOVED it, so I figured I'd post it here!


In this one is-

A checkered Fuji Apple, Sweethearts, Hazelnut/Chocolate Tree Candy Thing, Garlic Potatoes and a crunchy Peanut Butter Sandwich.
Simple, but tasty!

For valentines day I made Chocolate Cinnamon Cake and it was FABULOUS. I was hoping to upload a photo I took of it, but it came out terribly blurry and I had to scrap the idea. If anyone is interested in the Recipe for this cake just let me know and I'll post it!

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Much Ado

Bento #19

It's really unseasonably warm here today, so to make the most of it we decided to picnic on the common. This is what I took:

Toasted hot cross bun with butter
Boiled egg (looking kinda funny and plain sat there)
Small orange with flower carved on
3 toffees
Bombay mix in the gaps

Simple, kinda random, but tasty and a very nice day!

Edited to sort out my appauling typing, not sure what was going on there!

ETA (again): How long do boiled eggs keep in the fridge? I boiled 3 today, so will they still be OK on monday?

2/21 Bentos #76, #77 & #78

Bentos for me and the boys today. We stayed home but I decided to do bentos for lunch anyway. We all had the same things. Mini teriyaki chicken skewers, onigiri, steamed green beans and carrots,(I also had beets, yum!), grapes and clementine wedges. I tried furikake for the first time on my onigiri. I have to say I'm not a fan. I really don't like strong fish flavors and this was strong to me. I know there are different flavors, so I'll have to find one without fish,but I'm up for another try.

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Tomorrow is the last day to enter my Bento Contest. Check it out here

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Atlanta, Georgia-area Bento Sighting

Yo Atlanta-area bento lovers.

Tonight I was at the Super H Mart in Duluth (which yes, isn't exactly near Atlanta but you know what I mean) and they had some REALLY cute boxes - I saw two three-tier sets (plastic, one blue, one pink) that had a little strap that fit around all three to give them a handle (about $7 each set), some really big boxes (a pig and a dog) for about $8 each, and the Leaflet Tight single-tier box for about $7. I was sadly restrained because I have a big ol' box from Ichiban Kan and haven't made bento in months (but I bought things at Super H Mart that hopefully will lead to bento for my outings with my daughter in the near future).

Anyway, last time I was at the store they didn't have things like this (just more standard glass Lock and Lock boxes and such) and I wanted you to know.


PS There's a shop with bubble (boba) tea in the plaza and I was ridiculously excited - I haven't had it since I lived in the Northeast...
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Sauce bottles?

Question: Do you guys wash out and re-use your sauce bottles, or are they one-time use? 'Cause I have a bear of a time washing them out, and after a few times the plastic cracks and I'm left with functional tops but no bottle-parts. Can you buy replacement bottoms?
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New Season, New Bento


I had my first tornament of the season and made a nice grilled chicken salad, a side car with some left over pasta, crakcers with "pub" cheese and dressing in the little man. Nice thing about this is you can put the dressing on, then cover and shake! You get a very nicely dressed salad that way.
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