February 20th, 2009



My husband is mexican so I made him a mexican themed bento today. Too bad the sombrero i made didn't fit in the box!

Description and HOW TO MAKE THE SOMBRERO HERE: flickr.com/photos/laurabento/3294278521/

I just made this hat up in my head and it was my first attempt, so it didnt come out as perfectly as i wanted it to.

BUT it is a really cool way to decorate and add some carbs to your bentos! Of course, you don't HAVE to make a sombrero. You can shape the dough into anything you want!

I'll try to make a good tutorial with pictures soon (trying to enter it in jewelmakers contest!).

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strawberry friday

found some awesome strawberries so plucked the biggest one for lunch today

lower left~veggie gyoza (burnt! haha)
upper left~ rice
upper right~ 1st time fried shrimp in dough (came out tasting like a corn dog >_<)
lower right~ the strawberry with a slice of habanero cheese
middle~bologna bite wrapped around mint leaf, avocado, carrot, habanero cheese


have a great day~
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Hiking Bento #2

My friends decided they wanted to go hiking up the mountain every week. I couldnt go last week, but I can this week.

Top: Crescent Roll, Sesame Onigiri, Snow Peas
Bottom: Mini Egg Rolls, Soy Sauce for the egg rolls, Cucumber, Ranch Dressing
And I think I'll take a banana too, just in case I get hungry before we eat.

Does anyone know how to get a really awful smell out of a bento box? Should I soak it in bleach or something?

Quickie Bento

Recently due to problems at home I havent been making bento as I havent had the time or energy but I made a last minute one last night which turned out quite well :)

Contains: Soba noodles, quorn, carrot, snow peas and baby corn in terriakki sauce.


I hate taking cell phone pics lol. Leftover london broil with cheese bunny on the top.. his face is an olive.. peas corn and carrots - mashed potatoes.. i dunno what to do with mashed potatoes.. put a bunny in there too =D

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I decided to play with some Tupperware this morning rather than going for the same old sectioned lunch box I've been using. I have tuna salad with paprika, butterfly crackers, two chocolate turtles, apple slices, kiwi, three kumquats, and some peanut butter.

It may be a little late to ask, but does anyone know how to eat a kumquat?

There are some more bento posts on my blog Bento Box Blueprints

Bento #8


Ahem. Top tier: blueberries, apple bites, and a baybel cheese
Bottom tier: Dijon flounder over parsley, baby carrots, and a slice hard boiled egg

Bet you can't tell how much I love parsley and carrots, hmmm? ^_^. Anyway, I'm still feeling like the creal artistry of bento is still eluding me a bit, but at least I'm getting better with color and making things look a little less like I just threw them in the box!

Bento Box

Hey everyone; I just wanted to show one of the three designs I'm doing, for those of you who answered my question earlier about what you'd like to have design wise on Bento Boxes. The others will probably be a Celtic Mermaid design and some kind of tattoo design. Thanks everyone!

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Lunch Box 630: Yes, that's bacon.

Check this out, yo. Iridori, rice with ume koume, mochi, and... chocolate covered bacon.

Yep. Bacon covered in chocolate. And you thought battered, deep-fried bacon and chocolate chip bacon cookies were over the edge? They had to make a new edge for me. Did I say yo already?

Oh - Kroger has blood oranges right now. Blood oranges are da bomb, yo.

(Website post, with links to recipes.)