February 19th, 2009

First post ever!

Hey all, been a lurker on here for a long time ~ I finally got a bento box last month! Here's my first post ^^; (I'm such a noob :D)

Gyoza on the bottom left with rice vinegar + soy sauce in the piggy, bananas strawberries and apples on the top, carrots, onigiri, baby bel cheese, and rice with furikake ^^


2/19 Bentos #72, #73 & #74

My Niece got her first bento today. She came over to babysit the boys so Hubby & I could have a night out. I made bentos for everyone the next day. I made filled yaki onigiri for the first time and everyone loved it. I filled them with diced teriyaki steak and lamb that was sauteed with mushrooms and red onions. So yummy! I also made the cool zucchini dumplings and filled them with the same mixture. We also had chicken veggie dumplings, steamed broccoli, asparagus, cinnamon apples, clementine slices, strawberries, carrot bundles and a chocolate dipped strawberry.

#72 for Hubby

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2/19 Bento #75

Only 4 more days to enter my Bento Contest!! There are 2 cool prizes. You can see the 8 great entries I already have  here.

Now, on to today's Bento...

Preschool Bento today for Little One. I used our new animal picks, they are so cute!

Sliced string cheese stick, blueberry cobbler bar, strawberries and grapes.

Yesterday's Bento

I haven't posted in forever! I've been such a lurker. This was yesterday's bento as I didn't get a picture yet of today's!

Bottom tier: brown rice with furikake (yes there's rice under there, I just love furikake) edamame, asparagus, beef with garlic and lots of onions (they're all under the beef)
Top tier: mixed greens salad, cherry tomatoes, HK has a bit of olive oil, slice strawberries and green grapes.

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Bento Lunch for Gramma!

My mom works right near my house and she called me on her way to say she had forgotten her lunch today and would I mind picking her up something. Of course being the good daughter I am, instead of getting fast food, I whipped up a little something for her to snack on at work since she can't take a real lunch break today.

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Many first bentos ahoy!

So I FINALLY got a new camera, which means I have a cable again, which means I can post pictures of my early bento attempts at long, long last! Still figuring out how to resize photos, so for now everything's under a cut, but I'm hoping I'll figure that out soon so you guys can get previews!

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totoro bento

Bento #216

This is a somewhat uncharacteristic approach to spam musubi - no spam involved. Instead I fried a spelt burger, added it to a rice patty and wrapped it in nori to keep it together. We'll see how that works out...!
Then there's purple and yellow potato oven fries, a bear container of mustard, homemade coleslaw, a mochi and some veggies as stabilizer and for extra healthiness and colour.


My bentoblog: http://wererabbits.wordpress.com

Turkey Musubi

Boyfriend's breakfast for tomorrow...

Turkey meatloaf musubi w/ketchup, mandarin orange, chocolate truffle, fresh pineapple, and Pinova apple chunks.

Thanks to jokergirl for giving me the idea to make musubi. I purchased a musubi mold several months ago and was so excited to finally use it. Despite him growing up in Hawaii, we're not big Spam fans. The turkey looks to be an okay substitute. Only filled up one box compared to the usual two because I've noticed he doesn't finish it all. Either he has no appetite in the morning or it's difficult to eat and fly at the same time. :)

Happy Friday everyone!