February 18th, 2009

Maneki Neko Bento

Bento # 497

I'm so thrilled! My kid ate her onigiri yesterday! I hope that means she finds them ok with tuna filling. And that makes me so happy because it's so much easier to make kyaraben with rice! (as well as a lot of other cute things!)

But! to make sure she isn't fed up with them too soon, I decided to go with the fried noodles in tomorrow's bento. No need to push it.

But... WEE!

Bento # 497
Bento # 497
Fried noodles with broccoli, red pepper and leek topping. Spring roll with vegetables and beef, a cherry tomato hidden in some curly lettuce, next to a broccoli floret. Heartshaped egg with a red bell pepper heart on top.

broccoli jungle

Help Please: Need Search Terms or Stores for Bento Box Inserts/Trays/Dividers

Hello, can anybody help me out with this?

I am trying to find out if there is any way to get trays or inserts for a bento box that did not come with any dividers or compartments.

I'm looking for things like the |-| shaped plastic divider that is sometime seen in the top tier of bento boxes, or the fitted trays that can be placed in all or half of a tier, rather than the usual small silicone cups. Perhaps even a divider bar that can split a tier in half would be helpful.

Alternately (or additionally), if anyone knows of larger silicone trays that were squares or rectangles about the size of half a tier, that would be cool too. They might be more microwavable than the traditional plastic compartments (and leak-proof as opposed to the simple |-| shaped insert).

Nature Girl


Ever since I started my new job in September, I've been bringing my lunch on a daily basis. Yay! I've started doing bentoesque lunches over the last month or so and really really want a bento box. I've been searching high and low for a Purple bento box and haven't had any luck. Does anyone have any ideas of where I might find one online? There are none to be found in my rural Indiana town. *sigh*



So I took most everyone's advice and ordered from ichibankanusa.com

40 dollars later, lol.
Should be here within a week or so. I got the cheapest shipping they offered.

What luck has everyone had with ordering from them? Does it take about as long as they say it does?
(2 days to process orders and 5-7 days to ship)

edit: Oh and i'm on the west coast US (california yay?)

omu rice

my humble オムライス (omu raisu).

I love yoshoku cuisine - which is basically japanese interpretation of western foods such as burgers and pasta.
Omu rice here is a quintessential yoshoku dish, omelette-wrapped ketchup fried rice with chicken and onions. Often the omelette envelopes the rice, but some places prefer a thicker and runny omelette on top instead. With the first stab of the fork, runny egg should flow out. Here I have it topped with ketchup, but there are also demi-glace sauce and cream sauce versions. Lunchtime comfort food, and works well in obento too.

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First time poster!!

I've been following this group for a while, but now that I've finally got a real bento box, I feel confident enough to post. I'll go ahead and post the bentos I've made up until now!

First Ever Bento!

First bento in new box!!

The second one...

For tomorrow!
It is okay that I posted these without a cut, right? If not, I'll change it.

Just one today

This is my lunch for tomorrow. I'm very pleased with how much food my new box holds.

Left: Pierogies, carrot disks, pasta sauce
Right: Veggie eggroll, apple chunks, clementine wedges

Yes, that's right, I eat my pierogies with pasta sauce. I'm not sure if anyone else here has done that before (or maybe this is totally old news and people do it all the time), but I tried it a few weeks ago as an experiment and it was actually quite good. I kind of want to eat them right now... :)

Messy, nul points.

I'm not too happy with this one.  I was rushed and hadn't done any planning at all but everything on the left is just messy.  The contents of the left side are flowers made of red pepper risotto with dabs of creme fraiche in the centres and sesame seeds to decorate with slices of sausage to fill in the gaps (the lone sausage flower being an experiment on my part). The right has celery with cream cheese and grapes. 

I know it'll taste great coz sausage and this red pepper risotto go great together but I really wish that the left side stood out more instead of all just smooshing together.  Ah well, practice makes perfect... eventually!
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