February 17th, 2009


Bento # 496

Right. Kid never got to eat her bento from yesterday - she broke her glasses and came home from school before lunchtime, claiming she couldn't see the blackboard anyway so she'd rather be at home. A little hard to argue with that. But we got the glasses fixed and I brought her bento with me to work - saved me from making one for myself ^_^- so it didn't go to waste. BUT.. I didn't find out whether or not my kid was willing to eat filled onigiri either.

So today I've tried it once more. It's more or less the same ingredients as the previous one, with the difference that I used plain tuna instead of tuna salad.

Now I just hope she'll eat it!

Bento # 496
Bento # 496
Kitty-shaped egg, sausage flowers. Cherry tomato. Broccoli. Skewered mini meatballs. Onigiri with tuna filling, adorned with ham and nori. More Broccoli and lettuce.

Fly Away

Lunch Tomorrow

A gummy, teriyaki ground beef, carrots, water chestnut, tofu, broccoli and lemon, and bites of brownies.

I got caught by a member of my frat today. "Anna, what are you doing with your leftov--oh, that's so cute!" And like that, the disease has spread.

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My daughter got her first Bento box and took her first Bento to kindergarten. ^^ I know it's very simple, but it's a start. She was sweet and thought it was the best thing ever. I just had to share it with someone. ^^

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I'm rather excited about this post-holiday bento. In the orange divider I have a stir fry with some stuff I found at the Asian Market, sugar snap peas and bok choy, in addition to baby corn, baby carrots, water chestnuts, and stir fry sauce. I have a sliced up blood orange with a sectioned strawberry. In the blue divider are strawberries and two truffles, the first of many that will be making an appearance due to all the After Valentine's Day sales. Finally, I have some nice plain soba noodles with black sesame seeds as garnish.

There are some more bento posts on my blog Bento Box Blueprints
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I'm on a big cucumber kick. I packed some ranch to go with it, not shown.

Hey, about the Disney Store bentos. The store at my location doesnt have the Power Ranger ones, does anyone's store actually have them, just out of curiosity? Because thats the one I really want.

500! Rollups

Not feeling a big workload this morning, so we hit Bento #500 in a simple way with ham rollups, snap peas, carrots, nut mix, broccoli, red bell pepper, a radish slice or two, and applesauce in the purple hippo. Here's mine, #499.

I Love Me Bento

I Made this bento to apreciate myself as I have done lots of apreciating someone else without them noticing and not enough love for me... so here is by I Love ME bento...

Veggie Sausage
Snow Peas
Baby Corn
Sweet Potato
Lemon and Coriander Cashews and Macadamias
Mashed Beetroot.
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I made my very first real bento lunch today for my boyfriend. I have been very inspired by the food and design I see every day here. But I have only put together lunches in separate
I didn't take a pic as it was not very colorful or exciting. But someone at my boyfriends office saw it and knew it was a bento box!
It had chicken sausage links, vege meatballs, sliced mozzarella cheese rounds with basil, homemade roasted garlic and black olive hummus, sweet snap peas, and whole wheat Indian bread. Oh and a little mustard and wasabi mayo in a separate cup and for desert a cranberry-orange-raw almond mix blended with agave sweetener.
Thank you for all your inspiration. My boyfriend was very pleased and thanked me. He said it was yummy.

Restart and Diet Bento

I was without internet for a while so some of my backlogged bentos from last week might get randomly posted as I organize my pictures, I'll start fresh with this week.  Yesterday I fasted to get a kick start on my diet which starts today.  I first did this diet about a year and a half ago and lost 30 lbs in about a month, maybe a month and a half. Since then I've mostly just been randomly starting it and then letting it fade away into relatively healthy eating, and then once it falls from that to cheeto-binging or the like I tend to restart.  I'll post the details after the cut.

Here's today's lunch

Brown Rice and curry tofu, brown rice unagi nigiri, brown rice salmon paste-filled onigiri, corn salad (eye roll) and carrots, various cookies, celementine.

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Bento backlog

These are all bento from the last week or two, all for days when I was on campus for 8+ hours. So most of them serve as lunch and 2 snacks.

Carrot sticks, cheese, cream cheese and bell pepper sandwich rolls, egg (with cous cous under neath), peas and cordm salt container.

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I'm starting to notice that I use the same foods all the time. I'm going to try to vary it up some. And hopefully I'll get some new cute bento accessories and stuff soon!

Bento 174

I made a simple bento this morning for my second daughter.

There is some blanched vegetables, a chicken sandwich and some fruits.

Details and older bento posts can be found on here.

1st bento!

 (Okay, first of all, I don't have a camera, so please excuse the quality of my pictures)
I've been lurking here for months, but I live in an area where its super hard to find bento-related items, and I sort of didn't want to but my first online. (I really don't know why.) I went out of town over the weekend, and finally found a bento box I liked! so, first bento!
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Je Suis Paresseuse - Bento Backlog

My apologies for what's going to be a long(ish) entry. I've been good about *making* bentos the past few weeks. Posting them is another story. I will just go ahead and post mini-pictures of my latest creations. Click on the photo for details.


My latest uploaded pictures:
2/12/09 - Gorilla Bento!

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