February 16th, 2009


Bento # 495

The Winter holidays are over and tomorrow is another school day.
During the past week, I've acquired a couple of new bento boxes - kid was starting to ask for something new and ...well.. There's nothing quite like getting a new parcel from Japan and enjoy a brand sparkling new bento box, is there? So this is one of the new ones.
During the winter hols, my kid discoverd that she liked onigiri with tuna filling.. So I hope she'll eat these. It's a gamble, so either she'll come home from school ravenously hungry - or she will have eaten these and discovered she still likes them. I hope for the last of course, since onigiri is rather essential in a proper bento and I've been very handicapped by the fact that she stopped wanting rice in her bento at all. *fingers crossed*

Bento # 495
Bento # 495
Rabbit-shaped egg, cherry tomatoes, mini corn cobs. Carrot slices, slightly steamed. Mini meatballs on skewers. Three onigiri with tuna salad, surrounded by broccoli and curly lettuce. Stars are made of yellow bell pepper.

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uber simple bento today i was lazy lol

onigiri filled with crab meat/sweet peas/burnt chicken croquette (lol)

have a great day~
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First Bento Post

I've lurked around the com off and on for a long time and finally worked up the nerve to post. I made this bento last night for my son to take to school today. The two tier box is something I picked up on ebay forever ago and actually used as a bead box for a long time, the single tier is one I ordered from Ichibankan just a couple of weeks ago. They didn't have much that my teenage boy was interested in so I haven't gotten him a complete set yet.

From left to right, two mini butterfingers, 1 reeses heart, baby carrots, purple cabbage filler, a small rice ball with a vampire face (I know it's upside down, I turned the box the wrong way and didn't realize it til now...and he's already gone with it for the day) and a tiny dumpling, mandarin oranges, red grapes, and sushi made from a little kit I picked up at Wal-Mart. There are little bits of teriyaki chicken inside the sushi rolls.

Now, lets see if I can succesfully post the picture without massive failure.

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bento #69

bento #69, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

I shouldn't have to work today, there's no class at the school! My consolation prize is an especially delish bento. :D

Pancetta-mozzarella-basil baked pinwheels. OM NOM NOM

Bleu cheese-stuffed green olives and romanito tomatoes.

Tangelo, chocolate-covered cashews, and a Raffaello.

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Bento in a Box!

This is my husbands lunch for today.  I put most of it in a two tiered slim bento and then put that and the sandwich, along with some ice packs, in his new metal lunchbox that he got with his special edition Fallout game (the bobble head came with it also)!

Top: sliced strawberries, grapes, string cheese 
Bottom: chocolate chip cookie dough brownie, fruit roll, baby gummie bears
Right: Tuna and cheese sandwich

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Bento... 52?

I'm getting very good at finding bento-esque supplies in run-of-the-mill places. Example: my latest box(es)... and a lunch I'm pretty proud of.

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I think that the two boxes add up to more than my usual 700 mL (I'd guess that this is closer to 800), but that's OK with me. I'll be up on campus today and the fruit will serve as a nice snack.

I'm still sick and did not feel like adding too many greens to the bento today. I realize that the top is crying for them.

Next time. :)


Bento stuff!

So here's what I'm gonna get, I think. It's $41 or so, not including tax or shipping.

If this shouldn't be here, let me know and I will (or have the mods) delete it.
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Those are like the basics, right? I can't spend too much, otherwise my mother will have a COW.
Any feedback of anything I should need to make a semi-proper bento would be lovely. I'm not really that worried about using nori anytime soon, since I don't really like it anyway.

I'm just tired of using ziploc tupperware containers and having them come apart in my bookbag ):

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Bento 173

Made this bento for myself today. I also made a similar one for my daughter to bring to school. This is my second entry here at Bento Lunches and I'm trilled!

Please visit my blog for details and recipe for today's bento: http://onabentofrenzy.blogspot.com/


Mmmm! Soul Food! (Mediterranean Version)

This is my oldest bento box. I got it years and years ago at a Sanrio. Anyone able to tell me what it says? :D
I made myself some tabouleh with goat cheese and hummus smothered with paprika since I desperately need something fresh and light tasting with all the heavy, starchy, wintery food I've been getting lately. There's stuffed olives, edible flower garnish, romaine lettuce under the hummus, and a slice of tomato. There were more tomatoes, but they mysteriously ended up being eaten.


Hi people it's really been a long time!
I'm sorry I haven't been very active but I've been working like a slave this past year. But now I'm back to bento and I'm intending to have a bento 4 times a week... yeah right lol!

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Kitty with fish

Springrolls and sushi

I made my fiance some spring rolls and sushi for his lunch today.
I used soy wrappers. Does anyone have any suggestions on handling soy wrappers? I found them to be super delicate and had some trouble rolling them and not poking though them.
The sushi had rice, baby spinach, cucumber and carrots with lobster. I added a bit of a dressing made with mayo and some unagi eel sauce mixed in.
The spring rolls had the same kind of filling with shredded lobster meat, baby spinach and carrots but also finely shredded angel hair style cabbage for extra crunch. I also used some of the dressing.
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All my cute stuff is in storage, but then again, he's a guy so I didn't want him embarrassed by something too cutesy. LOL
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Albert Camus

Looks like someone went to Ichiban Kan today!

My mom has started making bentos recently, so she wanted to go to Ichiban Kan in San Francisco today to get some cute utensils for herself, and of course I went with her and got some things too!

I got a sidecar for myself and for my boyfriend. His sidecar matches his bento box, but mine doesn't...and I like it that way! :D

Here's mine:
Top tier: Leftover Garlic Lover chicken*, mini plain onigiri, clementine
Bottom tier: French bread, assorted rice crackers, Lindt chocolates, kiwi
Sidecar: Farfalle in pasta sauce

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*Garlic Lover chicken comes from my favorite Thai restaurant. It's called Thai Ginger Bistro (or just Thai Bistro) and they make the greatest Thai fusion food I've ever eaten in my life. That's also where I got the poached pear, which I had never tried before last night, and ended up loving it. And the owner gave it to me for free, just because she loves me. :D

San Francisco Bay Area people (or people visiting the Bay Area) are welcome to query about it if they'd like to know where it is! The food is amazing fresh, and carries over well into the next day for great bento-making.

bento #6 [ lazy bento ]

From L to R: pizza fillings [ ricotta cheese layered with sliced olives, mozzerella cheese, salami, pepperoni, mozzerella cheese and parmesean cheese on top ], home made sourdough bread, grape tomatoes (so sweet!), fruit by the foot, banana oatmeal to go (snack!), chocolate/vanilla pudding cup, and cinnamon applesauce


Breakfast Omelettes

I took a long hiatus from making bentos for my boyfriend. He lost his job and ate lunch at home with me every day so there wasn't any need. Luckily he's found a better job, and I've been able to start making bentos again. There are some restrictions though. He's a pilot so there's no access to a microwave or table. Things must be finger-friendly -- no utensils, sauce bottles, etc. I think he could manage a fork, hah. He leaves for work at 4AM so I'm packing breakfast instead of lunch. Anyway, it's been interesting adjusting to the new situation.

Breakfast for tomorrow:

Mushroom, onion, sun-dried tomato, and turkey omelettes wrapped in wheat tortillas.

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