February 15th, 2009


USB bento warming bag availability

I poked around on the Japanese website that sells that USB-powered bento warming bag, and evidently they're out at the moment but expect to have stock in at the end of February. For sale in Japan only at the moment, but Thanko USA has an online store to keep an eye on in addition to the regular suspects (eBay, JList, etc.). I translated some product specifications from Japanese and wrote up a description here at Lunch in a Box.
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His and Hers lunches!

My Lunch, February 15th, 2009 RC's Lunch, February 15th, 2009
My Lunch, February 15th, 2009
Left: Sauteed zucchini with pesto, shrimp shu-mai, strawberries.
Center: Niku-jaga (Japanese braised beef and potatoes)
Right: Thin Mint cookie, cashew, macadamia and pecan nut mix, crispy peas.
RC's Lunch, February 15th, 2009
Left: Thin Mint cookie, spicy chocolate rings, Butterfinger hearts, Mikan tangerine with a piece of dark chocolate Toblerone in the middle. Center: Niku-jaga (Japanese braised beef and potatoes)
Right: Sauteed zucchini with pesto, shrimp shu-mai, strawberries.

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Piscean bento.

I am slowly getting back into doing true cute aesthetically-pleasing bentos. This week I am sick, so the one I'm planning for tomorrow probably won't be all that adorable; I really do not feel like an awful lot of my limited foods right now.

...but here's one from the other day that I liked:

My birthday is coming up, and my astrological sign is Pisces - so I decided to make an early Piscean bento. :)

I have fish- and star-shaped biscuits and some baked cod garnished with nori. Grapes on vine and some tiny carrot sticks are held in place by a couple of raspberries and two squares of my allergy-friendly chocolate.

I've gotten some new swag, too, and I'm planning on taking a big pic of my stuff soon.

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hello =]
i've been doing bentos for 5 months already, but have been too busy to post my pictures.
now that i have a short break, i've put them all together, with descriptions.
here some samples:


→ take a look of the rest here
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Bento #7

My 7th Bento. This box is actually something I nabbed from a Dollar General around here; it's a little larger than the typical bento box, so I thought it'd be perfect for the boyfriend's bentos. I also made the divider for the bf; he's into Transformers, so I had a neato picture of Optimus Prime and megatron laminated. What's in his bento? 2 Spam musubi decorated with swiss cheese stars, 3 pickle sushi and 4 cucumber sushi around it topped with a soy sauce piggie. A whole hard-boiled egg with a nori swirl and a few pickled mushrooms. This is also the first time I've had spam musubi; it tastes a lot like eel sushi, if you ask me. Om nom.

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