February 14th, 2009

First ever bento post!!

Guys, I made a Livejournal account JUST so I could join this group. I come here like everyday and oggle all your delicious bentos. I make my own all the time but for a while had to eat them off a PLATE so they weren't even really bentos :{ Anyway I finally scraped some cash together to get this most adorable Rilakkuma box. Yes it was way over my budget but it's Rilakkuma<3!! But anyway I'll stop blabbing now if you applause, please, for my first ever bento lunch!!! :D

Thank you, thank you. Up top there are some mango pieces drizzled in coconut milk (a little smushed from the cover but just as nommy!!) and a little zucchini/tomato salad. For the record I totally meant to buy a cucumber but those stupid vegetables look WAY too similar. Whatevs I'm not picky. The bottom has a cutie little quail egg in a nest of spicy curry rice, because I am a self-proclaimed curry addict (and otherwise the tier would have been all white!!). And for a fully-rounded meal, a mini chocolate bar in the lid! Om nom nom. Not bad for my first eh eh?? =^__^=

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Valentine's Day bentos

I made a bento for my boyfriend's lunch tomorrow, and one for myself as well. I have to work during the day so I had to make a bento for work, but after I get home, my boyfriend is taking me out for a romantic dinner at my favorite Indian restaurant. :D

Here's my boyfriend's bento:


Clockwise from top left: Carmelized onion and feta pastries, kiwi slices, mini cheesecake, chocolats français, chips, salsa, and stroopwaffel

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Bento # 494

Once again there's a pussy in my bento *waves @ Jaie* ;)

I happen to LIKE Hello Kitty. And when I'm making bentos for myself, I enjoy going slightly overboard with the Kitty theme. Add to that, that I got a new bento box the other day, this very one, and it also have Kitty-chan on the lid together with the bear (I don't know the bear's name...) - so I thought it would be appropriate to have them IN the box as well. And they've got a ball to play with, too ;)

Bento # 494
Bento # 494
Three onigiri with shrimp salad. The ball is rolled in carrot-y vegetable furikake. Kitty and the bear is adorned with nori and pickled ginger. There's tonkatsu sauce in the mouse bottle. Next there's broccoli and daikon cutouts. And roast chicken in bits. And fukujinzuke in the Kitty container.

Remember me? Catch-up time

Eeeh you probably don't remember, I did post here a couple of months ago but I've been pretty slack with the blogging due to insane university schedules. So here are a few of the bento's I've made (I'm still trying to find images of the others). There are more photo's behind the cut.

Collapse )Anyway, it turns out that my specialist seems very suspicious that I have celiac disease (which basically means a gluten intolerence), I get to find out on Tuesday for sure after having a series of tests. It would certainly explain the stomach pains I've been receiving for the past 5 months. Otherwise from now on I'll have no choice but to make gluten-free bentos, I won't be able to trust eating out =S Oh, and happy valentines day.


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Beary Bento


My boyfriend works today so I made him a little bento for lunch. I tired to switch up the features on this one to see if I liked it.

It's mainly just rice with a few mozza and nori accents in the top tier.
The bottom tier has teriyaki chicken and some stir fry snow peas and celery. There's a little bear of soy and and a bottle with extra yaki.

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Bento #114 - My Fiance's Valentines Day Bento

I'm more into a tradional looking bento. But my fiance is kind of picky and it's hard to always make healthy dinners for him. But I'm willing to go outside my favored style if it means he will still have a healthier dinner than what he eats at work...kind of. :P I think he's really starting to like them! Plus I get to hear about what people at his work think about them!

This reminds me of something you would see in a school cafeteria. Haha

Tater tots, chickenstrips, and steamed broccoli with 2% cheddar cheese melted on top (my attempt to have him eat vegetables)

2/14 Bento #70 & #71

Valentine's Day lunch for my boys. We stayed home but it was fun to make them a special lunch anyway.

They got ham & cheese sandwiches, macaroni & cheese, strawberries, grapes, chips and
a chocolate truffle. I got all the scraps for my lunch  LOL  :)