February 13th, 2009


I decided to try my hand at sushi! It's really fun to make!


The fillings are crab, carrot and mayo. I really want eel but I have no idea how to buy it/prepare it/whatever it. Ah well, there are tons of other things to try out there. Like grilled whatever and avacado! Mmm!

Simple bentos

Two quicky bentos...

Top (Lunch): Stirfry (mushroom, broccoli, beef, onion) on top of brown rice.
Bottom (Breakfast): Cottage cheese with homemade applesauce.

Top: Halved red grapes.
Bottom: Crustless onion-mozzarella personal-pan quiche (halved and stacked) and pan fried mushroom-onion polenta slices.

Be My Bento

2/13 Bento #68 & #69

Bento for CDC & Hubby today.

CDC requested another "make your own mini pizza" bento today. He got the Valentine's version with the ham and cheese heart shaped. He also got olive slice, pizza sauce(under olives), smoked sausage skewers, steamed broccoli, carrot bundle, edamame skewers, checkered apples and a mini orange cream marshmallow.

Hubby got leftover steak that I sliced into bites and sauteed with mushrooms, red wine and demi-glace. In the middle is whipped potatoes and cheddar cheese, steamed broccoli, carrots and beets. The side car has cinnamon apple hearts, strawberries, grapes, almonds, dried apricots and chocolate covered raisins.
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Bento #84 - You Gotta Have Heart

Today's lunch is in honor of Valentine's Day.  I had a far more elaborate bento planned, but when I started putting it together it just wasn't looking right, so I pared it down.  It's all packed up in my Valentine's gift from my hubby - a new box!  (He also got me some accessories that are not shown.) Here it is:

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Top Tier:
1 - Baked Renkon (Lotus Root) Chips (homemade and so yummy!)
2 - Naked Chicken Nuggets (a little worcestershire sauce in the heart for them)
3 - Molded and Dyed (in beet juice) quail egg

Bottom Tier:
1 - Homemade Carrot Cake
2 - Strawberry & Kiwi Picks
(buried under the parsley are two more quail eggs)

WW Flex Points = 4

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Bento #112 and 113 - Friday the 13th themed

Well yesterday was Charles Darwin's birthday. Today is Jason's..

I'm actually kind of disappointed with how I ruined it with the overwhelming the mask with broccoli. Oh well..
Bento #112 - Jason Mask

Broccoli, black bean balls with ketchup, rice covered by provolone, tomato and nori detail
Used: http://www.filmschoolrejects.com/images/jasonvoorheesnew.jpg

Bento #113 - My fiance's

Onigiri, cheese on top, black bean balls, carrot and baby corn
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Bento New York Question

I have a quick question. I leave for New York in less than 24 hours and I am so excited, does anyone who lives or has been to New York have any recommendations for places by Bento stuff? I know there's not a huge Japanese Community, like in San Francisco but I'm wondering if there's anywhere I can find Bento things? I have never been to the States before and I'm having last minute excitement/nerves!!


Helloooooo! I've been making bentos for my husband for about a month now but haven't had time to post until now, here is my valentines bento...

www.flickr.com/photos/laurabento <<go there to see a description and the rest of my bentos!

I am entering this bento in pikkopots furikake frenzy drawing, lunch in a box's my valentine bento contest, and otoro's contest!