February 12th, 2009



I'm very excited about the strawberries.  They looked so good in the supermarket I couldn't resist! 

Other than those there is a mini pork pie, a little thing of Branston's pickle, ham swirls and  mini chocolate muffin.  The face on the pork pie is made of primula cheese with sesame seeds.  I find I'm unable to resist the allure of putting faces on food these days.  It's strangely compelling.  Then again I was the kind of kid who bit the legs off jelly babies so they coudn't run away... yeah. 
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24th bento

My boyfriend loves how big his restaurant bento is, and since he eats his lunch at home on workdays, I can use it because he won't be lugging it around everywhere (it's pretty cumbersome, as you could probably tell).

Here's what I gave him for lunch today:


Clockwise from top left: String cheese, blueberries, APPLE TRIFORCE, almonds, mini Fig Newtons, Dutch wafers, dorayaki, pita chips, pierogies pan-fried in butter

I took the sage advice of our pierogi experts here and I actually cooked them without ruining them this time! Thanks for your help.

Also, I had a triangle-shaped cutter, so it was necessary that I make an apple triforce. :)
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gung ho

basially like the title says - i went gung ho on this bento ~

ive been hungry lately >_<

from bottom left to upper right~

chicken slices with garnish (messy a bit) / savory tamagoyaki / broccolli / wheat pasta / pretty much homemade pasta sauce

have a great day :)
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2/12 Bento #67

CDC tried to play sick today (homework was due and he didn't have it done). This bento brought him out of his funk and he managed to get his homework done and get to school. He was really stoked on the cheese cube kabobs for some reason :D He also has ham rolls and crackers to go with the cheese. The fish shapes are a new thing I found, we will see how they are received. They are pre-made, frozen fish sticks. He likes fish so hopefully he can handle these cold (with ketchup of course). Grapes, cinnamon apples and carrot sticks round out the fruits and veggies.


Bento #110

So, I'm all prepared for a bento weekend. Last night I spent the night making a freezer stash of: lentil burgers, chickpea burgers, black bean balls, and salmon patties. All I have to do now is put them in the microwave for a minute and throw them in the box. Anyway, I'm rather excited for this bento. I work at Papa Johns and we've been a little busier lately. This business resulted in running out of mushrooms. So we had to go to the grocery store to get mushrooms. We were left with all these little plastic containers that I was planning on recycling. But my apartment does not have a place for these, nor does the grocery store.. So I washed them and decided to use them as one-time use bento boxes. Mostly for my fiance because he likes to forget the normal ones. Plus weekends are super busy for both of us for work, so this mean I don't have to wash these.

Lentil mini burgers, omelet, tomato, cucumber, sweet potato rice (!)
Muhammed Ebi
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Lunch Box 629: Potato pie

Spam musubi is tasty stuff, which is why I have two whole bricks of it here. (I don't know if "brick" is the proper unit of measurement, but they look like miniature bricks to me.) Then there's edamame and some light-fried plantains that look like they were organized by a librarian. (I am a bibliophile, but not a librarian.) Then there's some grape tomatoes and white sweet potato pie. The latter is the result of my playing with the purple sweet potato pie recipe. Japanese white sweet potatoes taste pretty similar to purple ones, why not make a pie out of 'em? It works, and it's kind of cool because it looks like you tried to make a sweet potato pie out of baking potatoes. Can't wait to try this out on a friend.

(Website post, with links to recipes.)
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Good afternoon! I've posted here maybe once or twice, because I don't have much opportunity to take lunch to school. This semester, I'm considering taking a snack bento on Fridays between my lecture and lab, and this is my first week of doing so. My lunch is under a cut, because I'm unsure of the image size.

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apple blossom bento

Pork Fried Rice ([American] Chinese Restaurant Style)

Greetings! I really wanted to share my newly updated and perfected recipe for Pork Fried Rice that completely mimics the Chinese Take-Out I grew up with in Maine. I was really proud of myself for getting this one so right. Who knew I could ever successfully reproduce a restaurant food? (And a common take-out one at that.) So, here's a bento lunch I made this week. >^_^<

The Top Tier contains tonkatsu on a lettuce leaf as a decorative and edible holding cup, and a small salad on another lettuce leaf with tsukemono carrots and an 8ml vial of Light Lime Vinegarette dressing.
The Bottom Tier contains my pork fried rice, with a little koi fish cup of tonkatsu sauce.

Click the cut link for my full recipe for Chinese Restaurant Pork Fried Rice, originally posted at http://cgpbento.livejournal.com/6165.html, and also featured on my profile page. Recently, I was making a couple batches, and on the second I measured everything I put in as I went, so this recipe is no longer base estimation, and in theory could be followed by anyone to achieve the same great results!
I also have a recipe for tonkatsu and tonkatsu sauce posted at http://cgpbento.livejournal.com/5756.html
>^_^< Enjoy!

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Today, composing a good bento was for some reason really hard. It holds rice, curried green beans & faux-chicken, tomato, breadsticks, broccoli, and pineapple balls

Number 6.

I made my #6 bento for lunch at work tomorrow. (Clickie to make biggie and for the rest of the description.) I'm running outta food to make bento boxes with so this one's just kinda thrown together with random unbalanced things unfortunately. I had planned on getting out of the house today, perhaps take the bus out to the mall (and a grocery store nearby for more food supplies) but I just didn't feel up to it today. Which I disappoint myself; I really wanted to make the boyfriend a Valentine's bento for tomorrow night when he picked me up to watch Smackdown. I also still haven't gotten my Alice in Wonderland bento, or I would have broke it in by making this lunch in it for tomorrow. Ah well.


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