February 11th, 2009

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not boobs >_

someone mentioned in the bento i posted yesterday if my onigiri was supposed to resemble a boob >_< and so here is todays onigiri and the answer to both is: no. ahhhaha

onigiri balls, panko fried chicken nuggets, large jalapeno slice for bite

have a greaaaat day!
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Fire Nation Bento

Today I needed a lunch that would spark my spirit and get me fired up to find a job. Thus, a Fire Nation(a:tla) themed bento.

left: white rice, chili powder, and nori
right: fire flakes(extra hot), vegan-friendly chicken/steak, and super spicy spanish rice

*sigh* I really need a new camera.

498: travel bento

This is my snack for a flight I have today. I haven't made one of my beloved travel bento in a long time, but felt the urge this morning. On the plane I will have egg, onigiri, grapes and snow peas/carrot mix. I also put in a little pack of salt and pepper, and a wet wipe. This will get through security with no problem, and I can throw everything away when I'm done. Muffin gets a BBQ sandwich in her thermal bento today, posted on my blog. Getting close to #500 and still no plans for anything special!

Supersizers: Stayin&#39; Classy Since 1954

Where to find inari sushi tofu pouches?

Good morning bento-intes!

I have a great desire to make inari sushi, but I have run into a problem: I can not find the fried tofu pouches for inari sushi anywhere! I can not even find them in my local Asian grocery stores.

So I ask you: Where can I find inari pouches, either online or in a store? Are there any particular brands to look out for? Also I am in Boston, MA, so I have access to any stores that may carry them there.

Thank you very much!

Bento #109

I've pretty much stopped eating soy but since I'm out of my freezer stash of bean burgers, I have to have a soy burger today. I need to finish eating them anyway.. Today I think I'm going to cook a bunch so I'll be ready for my work weekend (Thursday-Sunday.)

Cabbage stir fried in sesame oil, veggie burger w/ ketchup and mustard, apricots, and quinoa with broccoli mixed in with it

I want new bento supplies... hum..
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Question post.

Hello all,
I'm in a situation and I thought this was the best place to to ask for some advice.  (if this post isn't to the rules, I'm sorry in advance)

I have to be at work at 10am and then I don't leave until 5pm then it's straight to class which starts at 6pm. 
I want to make a bento to eat when I get to class b/c I'm pretty hungry by then and class is out at 8:30pm which is too late to eat IMO. 
I don't think I could leave the bento out all day while at work, right?  Is that too many hours at room temp? 

So I was thinking I could hide it in the walk in fridge at work but then I wouldn't be able to heat it up b/c the microwaves we have are super strong and I am afraid that my poor bento boxes would melt/warp.  (I work in a restaurant)  Or do you guys think it would be okay to try it out?  ( :O(

Finally if I do eat my bento cold, what sort of things should I pack that would taste good cold?  The only thing I can think of is cheese and salads.  

Please any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!  Thank you! 
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Daiso online store & Valentine bento contest

1) Daiso discount store now has an online store for discounted bulk sales (continental US shipping only), and

2) A green Putifresh bento box set will be the prize for the winner of the February Bento of the Month Contest on the Lunch in a Box forum (prize donated by Lethargic). The theme is "My Valentine" and the deadline for entries is Monday, Feb. 23, 2009 -- come back to vote in the poll for the winner. Full details here on Lunch in a Box.

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Hummus Wrap

Red pepper Hummus, baby spinach, guacamole, have-to-get-rid-of-before-it-goes-bad mango salsa (and of course, I'm the only one in the house that likes it! lol), and some tomatoes. Whole wheat wrap in the top tier, since it has a seperate little lid, it'll keep the wrap soft. Quick, healthy, and easy!
box lunch, bento
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Feb. 11, 2009 +

I actually have two boxes to show off, though one is a special snack box that won't be "delivered" until Friday.

First, today's lunch:

Feb. 11, '09

Sidecar: Mac & Cheese (Stouffer's, cooked, divided into portions, and frozen, then reheated when time to eat it)
Bottom Tier: Cucumber Sticks, Broccoli and Cauliflower Florets, Creamy Cucumber Dressing
Top Tier: Blueberry Bread Pudding, Strawberries, and Banana
Lid: 2 Cream Cheese & Chives Crackers

So, the husband doesn't want cute for his bentos, which is why his lunches are packed in lock & lock knockoff boxes. But at our local Kroger, I found the cutest Valentine's tins and just could not resist....

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Blueberry Bread Pudding recipe here.

And now it's time to get baby and I eating lunch. ;)
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bento #?

Although I've stopped keeping count, I still make them. Today's bento was just too cute not to post.

Dangos, kumkwaits, hummus and cucumber on crackers and jambalaya that my roommate made.

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2/10 Bento #65

Another Valentine's Bento today. I've been wanting to make him for a while now. I've been drawing this frog since I was a kid so naturally I needed to make him into a bento. I colored the rice with fresh spinach juice and decorated him with nori. For the sky I was trying for blue and I used steamed red cabbage then mixed it with baking soda to turn it blue and tossed it in shiitake sesame vinaigrette. It turned out too dark, I will try something different for the sky next time. under the broccoli is sauteed beef strips. I decorated with egg and smoked sausage flowers, various beet, carrot, golden beet and baby corn flowers. The butterfly is some really cool pasta I found. There are a bunch of different colors like yellow/black, orange/black, purple/black etc. They are really bright colors but they fade when cooked. They are still cool. The sign is on a slice of ham and I finally got to use my new mini letter punches! They work great. I first tried to do the letters out of carrot. The letters themselves worked well but I ended up doing them out of nori so they would show up better. Little one loved eating this bento!


2/11 Bento #66

CDC got a mini bacon,cheddar, turkey burger today with all the fixings, baby spinach, red onions, pickles and avocado. I make turkey burgers a lot but I use extra lean ground turkey and lately I've decided they are too dense and dry. So I tried something new and it really worked. Somewhere (I can't remember where) I read about someone mixing soft tofu into their ground beef for making meatballs, to help make them be moist and juicy. So I did that with my ground turkey breast and it was amazing! Super moist and juicy and the flavor was unchanged. Wohoo! He also had corn chips, carrot beat puzzle slices, clementine slices and he begged me this morning to put in a special treat of sour skittles.
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Question: colored foods and food "glue"?

Two questions for everyone out there:

1) So I've found that one of challenges of making a bento is trying to find things that look good, but TASTE good together too. So the question I'm asking to everyone is: What are some of your favorite foods to use to add color and texture to your bentos? (Ex. nori for black-colored accents, _____ for blue-colored parts, etc. etc.) Being a beginner, so far the only idea I've got is to used dyed slices of cheese, but that's only going to take me so far, and frankly, I think it'd taste kinda nasty with certain dishes. :P Bonus points if it's stuff that retains its look after cooking/microwaving!

2) What are some ideas for "glue" when you guys are putting stuff together? I'm more of a baker, so I usually think in terms of using frosting for "glue", but that obviously won't fly when you're packing savory dishes, haha.

And if all this has been asked before somewhere, feel free to redirect me! Thanks for the help! :)
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Bentos 18-21

Whew! I am getting behind for posting my Bentos! Here's a few in rapid succession from the last few weeks:

Mr. Bento! This is a big bento, but I use it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack when I work from 9am - 10pm on tuesdays. :D
We have leftover curried chicken, over corn and soybeans. Those all got heated up, and the chicken was dumped onto the Rice Face. Also, Yogurt and some sticky buns. Nom nom.

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Contest Bento (22)


I'm very proud of this one. Okay, Explination, then bonus TUTORIAL UNDER THE CUT! OooOooOooH!
Bull is Spanish Rice. This is awesome, 'cause the cheese made the rice stick together and easy to mold. Horns are cheese, eyes and nostrils are black olives, nose ring is yellow bell pepper. 

On the right we have tuppers of chopped tomatoes and avacado (with cumin). The container is sour cream. All these things can be combined to make NUMMY wraps with the tortillas in the behind container.

Also, my friends and I came up with a cool trick, which worked decently well on the cornbread muffin:

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Dorm Bento 4

I have class tonight so I threw this together as best I could. It'll be tasty but its not very balanced.

The left/top tier is beef stew and the bottom/right is broccoli. =D


picnic lunch bento!

I made three bentos with basically the same thing in them. I've been on a bento box search around my area, and sadly have not turned up any with koi on them yet. :( however, I did find some bentos I'm in love with.

From bento

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bentos 4 & 5!

My bento!

Tater tots with "secret sauce" (mayo and ketchup), sour cream, a chocolate chip cookie, freezer mini tacos and halved taquitos, and an apple.
(yes, eat stuff out of the freezer lunch!)

Bento for my dad.

Pork enchiladas with salsa, cheese and olives, refried beans + cheese, spanish rice and and an apple.
not pictured: sour cream and a chocolate chip cookie

all ready to pull out of the large container and throw in the microwave!
(yet again, sorry for the crappy phone pics. my sister has not yet returned my camera!)

Cat Bento

Bento #2


I am hoping to make a bento at least once a week. This week, we have brocolli from Outback Steakhouse, cherry tomatoes, and two buns with spinage, chicken and cheese.
The lighting is better for this one, and I used a background instead of the tablecloth. This would have had an egg shaped like a star, but I blew up the microwave.