February 9th, 2009


Bento #19


Top tier: grape tomatoes tucked in with 4 pork gyoza and 2 slices of fishcake (kale for filler)
Bottom tier: Rice with nori and pink rice/fishcake decorations
Sidecar: Mini Unagi-don with a teeny sweet pepper and sweet pepper cutouts. 
Gyoza sauce in the fishies(you can't really see them in this photo...)


Bento Box Question

 Hi everyone, I'm new around here but this stuff looks great! I'll try and keep my question short and sweet. I'm planning on making a custom bento box for my little sister for her birthday, as a part of my product design illustration class, and I was wondering; If any of you could have a custom bento box, what would you have on it? The majority of what I've seen is very simple and very cutesy, but I'm wondering if people care as much about their physical bento boxes as I do/would or not. Anything at all, dinosaurs, cartoon kittens, art nouveau, whatever you'd like most. I'm really curious about what you fabulous Bento makers would want on your boxes. (I'm also pitching the idea to my product design teacher and a few reference ideas would be very helpful.) Thanks! 
(And if this isn't allowed, please let me know or delete it, either way.)

Bento #106 - RAW!

I'm trying to eat raw for today. I'm not being that extreme because that would require me to go shopping but at least semi-raw. I had coffee this morning so obviously I'm not being that strict.

Hummus, red pepper, broccoli, tomato and a banana on the side!
-The chickpeas were canned so I don't think those were actually raw, the lemon juice was processed, but I think the tahini was raw. So uhm semi-raw?

I also made a speed bento for my fiance this morning before he ran out of the door.. I'd like to start making a bunch of prepared foods to keep in the fridge so I can do that all the time. That way he doesn't have to eat pizza all the time at work. (He works at Papa Johns, as do I.) -.-
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bento #68

bento #68, originally uploaded by pinstripe_bindi.

Chawan mushi, a savory Japanese custard with mushrooms and kamaboko.

Onigiri, some chicken-apple cocktail sausages I have to use up, and sweet corn croquettes.

White peach gelatins, cherry tomatoes, some leftover kamaboko slices, and soy sauce for the onigiri.

Not pictured: tangelo.

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totoro bento

Bentos #210 and 211


My lunch bento for today: veggie lasagna cubes, asparagus, grapes, cherry tomatoes and some potato croquettes, all on iceberg lettuce with some more lettuce stuffed between the food as a stabiliser and to be eaten with balsamic vinegar (in the bottle) on top.


My art classes start again tonight so I'm bringing a snack bento to eat before that. Onigiri with umeboshi furikake, microwave egglog, carrot flowers, grapes and an English mint biscuit.


BF's bento is as usual on my bentoblog: http://wererabbits.wordpress.com/
Muhammed Ebi
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Lunch Box 627: "It's cool in Hawaii!"

Today's lunch is all about the tropics, where I wish I could be, especially when I'm standing around in a windchill below zero Fahrenheit waiting for a bus. Here's some Spam musubi, which is to Hawaii what hot dogs are to the US, or so my Hawaiian friends would have me believe. Then I have steamed snow peas and marinated, stir-fried tofu, which are not all that tropical, I suppose, but they bring to mind distant places which are likely to be less bloody cold than Georgia was this morning. Then there's some tropic-ish kumquats, strawberries, pink grapefruit, coconut, and a yates apple.

It's not a luau in my box, but I'll take what I can get. Or pack.

(Note: As you can tell by the weather references, this is a backlogged post. Busy busy busy, little time for the web. Argh!)

(Website post, with links to recipes.)
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Feb. 09, '09

Today's lunch is more of a brunch lunch, which works since I got up late and didn't eat breakfast. ;)

And it's not soup! Thank god!

Feb. 09, '09

Sidecar: Mini Cheese Quiche, leftover Chinese food (Steamed Shrimp & Veggies, yeeuuuummmm)
Bottom Tier: Rice
Top Tier: Strawberries, Cinnamon Graham Crackers

Quiche recipe found here.

It is getting time for me to do a little more bulk cooking, so I might be trying out a few new things. I love the foods I've been using lately, but I know seeing the same old stuff day after day gets kind of boring for you guys. ;)
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Summery Bento

This is my first post in the group. I've been bento-ing for a few months now. Older pics are on my journal.
My summer-in-the-middle-of-winter bento. I have a summer roll, edible flowers, quail eggs, and olives stuffed with bleu cheese in the bottom tier. In the top; I have a fruit salad made from green apples, pink grapefruit, strawberries, cantaloupe, and mango salsa. Dipping sauce for the rolls is on the side.
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Bento 4&5.

Made bento number 4 for lunch today, and my fruity bento number 5 is currently in the fridge for a snack later. I may wind up taking it to John's tonight to watch Heroes and Monday Night RAW (yeah, I'm a wrestling geek). I put star fruit in my snack bento... it's not bad, but I don't think it's a fruit I'll find myself snacking on often. I'm still eagerly awaiting the Alice in Wonderland bento I bought on ebay as well. I suspect it should be here sometime this week. It's adorable. (Clickie to make biggie.)



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Ichiban Kan restock?

I've been lurking here for a while, and would love to start making my own bento. While I realize you can do with a ziploc container, I think having real bento gear would motivate me that much more to make my lunch each day.

On that note, I live in MN, and we have no bento supply stores around. I've looked at http://www.ichibankanusa.com/, and a lot of their stuff is super cute, not to mention cheap. But a lot of the things I want are out of stock right now, and I want to get everything in one order as their shipping fee is pretty steep.

So my question is, does anyone know when/how often the site restocks? Thanks!

Big bento, little bento

Here are bentos 22 and 23. The big one is for my boyfriend, who is always very happy when I use the big restaurant bento, since it holds much more than his more portable one.


Clockwise from top left: Penne with homemade pasta sauce, a Botan rice candy and two cherry Mentos, pita chips, samosas, string cheese, blueberries, vanilla wafers, Haribo gummy bears, mini Twinkies

I tried to put in a good balance of healthy foods and sweets.

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2/9 Bento #64

CDC's Bento today had leftover broccoli beef and udon noodles in the thermal bento to keep it warm. The top tier had a string cheese stick, grapes, carrot flowers, mini pickles, a strawberry and a chocolate chip cookie. He said that this bento keeps the food a little warm but not hot. I guess warm is better than cold.

Bento # 491, 492 & 492

Once again this all started with a bento that looked rather dull, so I decided to wait until I had something prettier to post along with it. And then I realised that the schools were out this week, it's the Winter hols...

BUT.. that meant I could do bentos for myself - something that came in very handy today when my train was delayed and I had to eat it on some cold railway station...

And it also means I can make onigiri, which I love and my kid doesn't (but she might start to develop a liking for them after she had one the other day with tuna salad filling ;) )

And then.. the Horror Bento ... I've had this in mind for a while, but haven't had a reason to make it. So this is for me because.. I wanted to do it.

And I hope I'm not the only one who can see what it's supposed to look like.. Hubby couldn't. And my kid not until I pointed it out... So just in case... # 493 is a skull with the brain leaking out!

Bento # 491
Bento # 491
Fish sticks, Kityy with remoulade dip, steamed leek. noodles with tomato and peas
Vento # 492
Bento # 492
Onigiri with shrimp salad and nori. Cherry tomatoes. Mini corn cobs. Chicken katsu, tonkatsu sauce in the Kitty, fukujinzuke.
Bento # 493
Bento # 493
Yaki Udon with chili sauce, mini corn cobs and corned beef. Fried egg. Tomato. Nori.


"bento" #3

I didn't get a picture of bento #2 since it was raining as I was trying to eat it out at the park. It was tasty, nonetheless. I'm still awaiting to get bento supplies (as per clearance from my mother, as I still live at home), so ziploc tupperware will have to do for now (:

Top: Broccoli coleslaw mix, oatmeal raisin cookie, tuna salad (canned tuna + mayo), ranch dressing in mini dixie cup for coleslaw mix, fruit by the foot.
Bottom: rolled up hard salami, chickpeas and cinnamon applesauce

Sorry for the crappy cell phone picture. My sister is borrowing our camera to take pictures of stuff she's trying to sell before she moves. So until then I am quality camera-less.

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Woo Made It To # 6!

Here is a close up...


The cup cake wrapper came out pinker than I expected
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I attempted to make those cool checker board apple marks but I failed miserably so instead I mad an interesting fountain face thing with the apples... either way it was still yummy!
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