February 8th, 2009

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Bento Box - Yummy!!

First post with a bento!
Bento #1:

After reading Cooking Cute, I was inspired to make a bento box for lunch. It's not impressive, but it was good! I bought a few more boxes and some extra supplies since this was posted, so I can make a few more smexy lunches!
Top Portion: Rice with lemon peppered chicken and rice vinegar mushrooms
Bottom portion: Cherry tomatoes with Steam Fresh vegetables.

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Bento #1

Hi. This is my first post here but I've been lurking for a while. Actually, part of my lunch is a recipe that I found here. I just can't remember who posted it. Anyway, whoever posted the Corn and Pea salad recipe, it's great.

Top Tier: Crackers, cheddar cheese, grapes, blueberries, hard boiled egg and cucumber.
Bottom Tier: Corn and Pea salad, more cucumbers and cheese.

The photos could be better, but I was starving and in a hurry to eat.

My first Onigiri!

Its my first EVAR onigiri! He says hi. And he was tasty.

I used sukiyaki style beef that I cooked in a mixture of sugar, tamari sauces with mirin and water. I also added some rice vinegar to the rice after I cooked it. I have learned an important lesson about Onigiri making today. It is messy.

Still, It was made of win and yum.
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Monday lunch

I try to pack an extra-yummy lunch on Mondays (to cheer me up) and Fridays (to celebrate). Here's tomorrow's lunch:

February 9th

Left: Mandarin slices, maraschino cherries, and cottage cheese
Center: Green beans, shrimp egg roll, and poorly-formed yaki onigiri. Still getting the hang of making those.
Right: Mini-cupcake and half a bagel with cream cheese. The bagel is for a mid-morning snack, because my blood sugar crashes and I can only eat so many granola bars before they stop tasting like anything.

I was really happy with how this was put together since I hadn't tried using multiple containers before, and then I discovered the lid I thought went with the center container didn't fit and I couldn't find the one that does. So I had to get another container and now everything is disheveled and not pretty and will be awkward to carry and and and! Wah. Oh well, it'll still be yummy :D

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All Day Breakfast

We had a full English today and ended up with a leftover sausage and some baked beans so tomorrow's lunch is based around those.  There is also a mini chocolate muffin, a boiled egg, heart shape toast (wrapped in clingfilm, I'm hoping it won't go all soggy but you never know) and under the toast there's a large mushroom.  Two cherry tomatoes to fill the gaps and itty bitty slat and pepper packets nicked from McD's.  The mini muffin doesn't really fit the theme, I admit, but there was a space and it fit the gap so in it went. 
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