February 7th, 2009


First Bento~

A friend of mine bought this bento for my birthday not too long ago, and I finally got around to using it today! Unfortunately I didn't have much to work with in my house, so it looks like the kind of lunch you'd find in a brown paper bag. I'm planning on making more of these and getting creative with it, it looks like a lot of fun!

From left to right: Grapes, banana slices, split apple half, turkey sandwich, sliced cucumbers and cherry tomatoes
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me and ginny


This was yesterday's bento, although I was only able to eat half of it because the day was so busy :( It's really similar to the #18 bento.

Top: Chicken nuggets, green beans, a strawberry, navel orange slices.
Bottom: Furikake flavored onigiri (egg, salmon, something) topped with bits of medium cheddar, broccoli, baby carrots.

that peanut recall

There is/ has been a recall of peanuts from one manufacturing plant owing to filthy conditions and salmonella contamination.  i trust most of you have heard about this.  however here is the FDA LINK for information.

Please be informed, its not just peanut butter.... if you eat meal bars that contain peanuts they may be affected (my Luna bars were!) as well as other items.

Crazy Richards peanut butter is NOT affected.

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Thai Curry Bento, and a BIG Thank You!

As promised yesterday, a picture post from today's lunch.

Sidecar: Homemade green Thai curry (leftover from last night's dinner).
Shorter tier: Rice with carrot hearts, mini container of lime and cilantro
Taller tier: Grape gummies, slightly freezer-burned jiao xie dumplings, carrot hearts and coins, soy sauce in a piggie, half a kiwi.

Thank you SO MUCH to EVERYONE who responded to my previous post with suggestions of boxes that have worked for them/their boyfriends/their husbands.  I think a divided 800mL lock & lock looks like the most practical and economical option for me right now, so I will try to find one in the store when I go today, and if they don't have what I'm looking for, I'll look into trying to get one of the single-tier men's bentos that were suggested, or the Lock & Lock container I want from ebay or another online source.  Will definitely let the community know how it works out ( / how he likes the box).  Thanks again for all of your thoughtful comments.


2/7 Bento #63

Bento for me today. I had chicken veggie dumplings and spring rolls, onigiri, steamed broccoli, beets and golden beets. Carrots, snap peas and strawberry. This was the perfect amount of food. This was my first attempt to make a really cute onigiri. I'm happy with the way it turned out :)

Don't forget about my contest! It is a really great prize!  I only have one entry so far! Check it out here :)

Simple Bento

This was a simple Bento. A cut apple put back together into an apple shape. I peeled orange and a cup of frozen pinappple. A mini cup of olives, 3 leftover breakfast sausages and a viva puff.

I have a Biology Mid-Term approching and I need the easy fuel for study.

This is barely a Bento, it's more of cut foods in cups. But it sure was tasty.

Please forward comments to http://itsallinthelunchblog.blogspot.com/
I'm in a University Blog Competition. I would appreciate it! Thanks!

First Posted Bento

Hello everyone! I'm a bit new to the Bento club/community however I've totally fallen in love. This is my first bento box I've ever posted and the third that I've made since I got it. Sorry about the quality of the pictures. I was using the camera on my phone.

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Lobster Bento

Top Left: Tomato and cucumber salad
Right: Steamed lobster
Bottom: Rice with garlic broccoli and lobster

I started using glass containers so that everything is microwave safe. This bento is for the boyfriend and he has a HUGE appetite and he also likes to share with coworkers. I saw that someone below was asking about microwavable bentos for someone with a big appetite, so maybe this might spur up some ideas. Instead of having dividers, I just completely package everything in separate containers... it's not that big of a deal because then it can be popped into the microwave without having to worry about having a hot salad.