February 6th, 2009

Merendis' Bento #5

I'm pretty pleased with most of this one.  Buckwheat noodles with peanut sauce for the nest on top of "corn salad" lettuce (I've never heard of this before, in Polish it's 'roszponka' and wikipedia insists the common English name is 'corn salad'.  Is this true?0
Quail deviled eggs.  The yolks were a bit hard to remove so I ended up rinsing a good portion of them out, which turned out to be a good thing.  I mixed the remaining yolk with salmon paste, a little mayo and a little sesame oil.  Turned out great!  Who needs those yolks!
Grapes and carrots are on snow peas.
The hurriedly added branch on the bottom is some sort sesame cookie thing.

(I tried making a cut, it didn't seem to work, is there a secret i don't know?)

As for the bird...

Clearly I was a bit hasty in the carving and it didn't turn out too well.  But aside from my poor knife skills, I'm not really sure if this is the best way to make a bird.  I wasn't set on having an apple, it just seemed the easiest thing to make into a bird.  Does anyone have any expert advice for making birds?  I'd like to try this again when my mother comes to town, and it' be great to have a perfected bird there!

494: gnocchi

Warm gnocchi for a cold day! Muffin will like this.
Getting close to #500 but like Trekkiegrrl have absolutely no idea what I'm going to make. I may just blow through it with a very ordinary bento rather than succomb to the pressure!

plate, Pete & Pete

The Red Balloon

My er, "tribute" to the short french film The Red Balloon.

The Red Balloon

Contents: Seafood salad, peas with sauteed onions and fresh ground pepper, tomato balloon, tomato and cheese skewers, oil cured olives, fresh orange.

Also, if you are curious for the story behind the bento theme, please check out my blog Boston Bento.

My second bento pic

Bento #2!

My breakfast bento looks a bit better than my lunch bento. I think I am starting to realize that I love cute bunnies! Looks like I will need to get as many bunny bento accessories as possible.

Breakfast includes: Jello hearts, Fruit rainbow & Hardboiled egg and sundried tomato bunny
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Mountain Climb Bento

I'm hiking up Kennesaw Mountain today with friends, we're having a picnic at the top, so this is the bento:

Completely handmade chicken gyoza, edamame, rice with basil and sesame seeds, roasted chili powder chick peas. Broccoli with cheese, soy sauce for the gyoza, pepperoni, celery sticks with peanut butter.

2/6 Bento #62

Today's Bento was for hubby. A remake of CDC's bento for yesterday. Mini terriyaki kabobs with smoked sausage, pineapple, bell pepper and apples on top of rice, chicken veggie spring rolls, apple cinnamon muffin with cream cheese frosting, grapes, carrots, apples, edamame, strawberries ans a bottle of soy sauce. He really liked this one.

Don't forget to enter my contest! here
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Dorm Bento 3

Ta-da! A breakfast bento for my early classes this morning. Super plain but super tasty yum yum. I havn't had time to take advice into play yet as far as crative dorm bentos go but I'm working on it.

On the right is strawberry yogurt with banana slices and on the right is a cut up hard boiled egg, some chedder cheese slices and raw peppers. A bit weird was the last combo the cheese tasted a little like peppers but it was okay.

Food - She-Who-Cooks

New box!

Lunch, Feb 6th, 2009
Lunch, Feb 6th, 2009
RC's gone on a trip to Hokkaido, but I wanted to make a lunch anyway, and use the new 2 tier traditional style bento box. Now, he also took the camera with him on this trip, so the photo is from the webcam on my laptop, opened flat and my holding it above the lunch, so forgive the craptastic image quality! Top (clockwise): Mikan tangerine segments, cottage cheese with black pepper, mixed veg tossed with ranch, and takuan (daikon radish pickles). Bottom: Rice with mirin bonito furikake, a small bottle of mentsuyu (I prefer it to straight soy sauce), and shredded braised pork.

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First bento picture

I have been doing bentos for a little while now, but this is the first one I've posted - a friend of mine watches this community as well and encouraged me to post my pictures, even if they are plain.

So this morning I drove my roommate to work and realized I had three hours before I had to go into Reno to pick up my paycheck with the husband. We always eat out when we go to get our checks but I'm so darn picky about where we eat, so I decided to make myself a semi-healthy bento and let him eat wherever he wants (he is much in favor of this plan).

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Friday's Bento...sweet sweet corn dogs

I had forgotten how much I love Morningstar's Veggie Corn Dogs. I have been happily reunited with them, and that is why they are in my bento for today. :) It is a very simple bento, but delicious none-the-less. Today's bento comes to 5.5 points.

This bento contains:
1 Morningstar Farms Veggie Corn Dog (4 points)
1 tbsp ketchup (.5 points)
1 cup Cabbage Salad with Sesame Ginger Dressing (1 point)

No bento for my husband today. He had a 36 hour shift yesterday and last night, so he will be sleeping today away. :)

my bentoblog: wwbento.blogspot.com

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3 from this week

This week, I decided to try out the recipes I'd originally planned on saving as a Valentine's Day Surprise.

Good thing! You see, my boyfriend loves the little dumplings, so I bought a mold, bought the makings, and started stuffing.

I encountered Steaming problems, though, as the dumplings liked sticking together if they were touching. I discovered that my little rice cooker can steam 6 non-touching dumplings, if the excess skin is folded just right.

I'm totally going to do things differently next time. But the insides were salvageable in all cases and were yummy. :D


Bottom: Pork dumplings on rice that was cooked with green onions, mixed with butter before packing into box.
Top: Blood oranges, grapes (because I was grumpy afterward the dumpling experience, and decided that grapes were my comfort food), cheese, and Hoisin sauce in the container.
Chocolate pudding and Sprite Zero as well.

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Bento's.. what else? :p

Greetings all. I hope u had a nice week, I sure did :)
Here 2 bento's where I had the time for to make a pic of, the rest unfortunately in a hurry had no picture *bad*.
And I have to say, this weeks bento's made me so happy after being rained at, snowed at, etc outside. :p

Contents and another bento under the

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Bento #3.

Bento number three. (Clickie to make biggie.) Made for myself as a snack tomorrow. Top tier: Two Italian meatballs skewered to mushrooms, tomato stuffed with a layer of cream cheese and a layer of tuna and mayo, a large cucumber star, and all decorated with parsley and sprinkled with mini pickle slices. Bottom tier: jasmine rice sprinkled (okay, coated; I love the stuff!) with furikake, asparagus tops lying on parsley with a mushroom star. *willpower* Must... wait... until tomorrow... to eat!!


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Suggestions: box for a guy with a large appetite?

Hello all; I apologize that I haven't got any recent bentos to show on this post (I should after tomorrow; I'm having a bring-your-own-lunch date with a friend) - but I have a question that I was hoping you all could help me answer.

My boyfriend brings lunch to work every day, and has often complained that foods with a lot of sauce (like curry) will leak into his bag in transit (he commutes by bike and train).  I've thought about buying him a leakproof bento box as an early birthday gift, but I have the following issues to contend with:

1) it can't look too fussy, cute, or pretty because i think he would be a little embarrassed to bring it to work.
2) it can't have too many compartments or tiers because i think he might find it too much trouble to pack and therefore wouldn't use it (i think a single tier - maybe with dividers is probably best)
3) he has a large appetite (he'll bring one of these ziploc containers - which hold up to 946 mL - full of rice and vegetables for a single meal)
4) he likes his food PIPING HOT, so the container would have to be microwave safe.
5) it ought to be leak-proof.

Do any of you who pack lunches for boyfriends, partners, or husbands have suggestions of boxes that I could look into (and which aren't too expensive?)  I thought about a Mr. Bento, but it's a bit expensive for my budget and I don't know if he'd want a thermal bento; I also thought about the 800mL Leaflet Tight box, but I'm not sure if it's leak-proof.  Any thoughts/wisdom would be much appreciated.  (I promise an actual picture post later this weekend).


Bento Cute!

Bento 69-73

I'm quite late with these, but I've been too busy! :/ Five new bento pics! The first four will be under the cut, but the biggest one will be outside of it!
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BEHOLD! Bento 73: an orgy of food! :D I didnt intend for this to become two tiers, but not everything would fit in one tier! If I had squished a bit more...But it would have been ugly looking if I did that! :/ Renkon Hambagu (Lotus Root and Hamburger Patties), onigiri, meatballs, mini tomatoes, veggies, apple bunnies, alfalfa, and containers of sesame dressing and soy sauce. All laying on a bed of lettuce.