February 5th, 2009


Bento # 490

since hubby hadmade the baked pasta for dinner, my choices iof what to use today was a given - kid likes it, it's easy and it's ok cold.
And I'd made the egg yesterday (I usually boil more than one egg at a time, mold them and store them in the fridge in their molds) so that bit was easy, too.
So this was a very quickly made bento - but I like how it came out :)

Bento # 490
Bento # 490
Ovenbaked pasta with cheese, vegetables and bacon bits. Kitty-shaped egg decorated with tomato and food markers. Sausage-flowers, mini corn cobs, broccoli, carrot and a romanesco tine.

Bentos #s 4 and 5: Pre-Exam Lunching!

So my friend and I have an exam in one of our classes tomorrow and she loves the bentos I've made, so she asked me to make each of us a lunch to eat right before our exam. They took a while to make, but that was mostly because I just got in a bunch of bento gear I had ordered and I had to stop and play with everything!

Her Bento-

Top Tier:
chicken-flavored Ramen; sauce cup with extra seasoning; carrot flowers

Bottom Tier: sunflower seeds; red grapes on skewers; carrots; ranch dressing in the sauce cup; fish-shaped egg; half a Babybel cheese

My Bento-

Top Tier: chicken-flavored Ramen; carrot flowers

Bottom Tier: sunflower seeds; red grapes on skewers; carrots and celery ; blue cheese dressing in the sauce cup; car-shaped egg; half a Babybel cheese

Snack Bento (to be shared)-

Single Tier: dried peach and plum; original Chex Mix; M&Ms

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Tomorrow's bento - my first decent one in months:

Top tier is heart-shaped fried sweet potatoes, chicken, and raspberries. Garnished with asparagus tips. Bottom tier is couscous (made with chicken broth), carrot sticks, chopped asparagus, and chopped mushrooms. Garnished with sushi nori; faces are supposed to be a glasses-less me and my dog.

I'll be trying to make nice ones like this again.

Merendis' Bento #4- accidental dinner bento

Ever have one of those days where you really mean to eat lunch, but everyone and everything seems to be against that happening?  That's how this lunch became a dinner.

I got some purple lettuce, hooray!  Adds some more colour.  Other than that... pears, a little concombre fence around some fried rice with some hot-dog and egg flowers that I saw on Anna the Red's blog and loved, and some salad with avocado and tomates.  Pretty straight-forward.  the only exception might be the fried rice.  I used some dried and reconstituted wild Polish mushrooms.  I usually use shitake or regular button mushrooms, but these added such a kick, it was wonderful!

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Feb. 04, '09

From yesterday. Probably no bento today -- I'll either order Chinese (unlikely) or be sucking on soup and o.j. (more likely since I'm sick).

Feb. 04, '09

Sidecar: 2 Chicken Corn Fritters, Blueberry Bread Pudding in the heart
Bottom Tier: Mac & Cheese
Top Tier: Plum sections in cup, Salad with Olives and Tomato

I had forgotten how much mac & cheese my little freezer containers hold! lol

And, unfortunately, the plum was REALLY bitter so didn't get eaten. :(
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Bento #83 - Sushi

This was my first attempt at making sushi with brown rice.  Overall it worked well, but the colors just don't pop like they do with white rice.   It tastes really yummy though (I had to do quality control taste testing one of the end pieces before packing - yeah, that's it "quality control".)  I'm really disappointed in how the pictures turned out, especially the bird's eye view one, this bento was so colorful and the picture didn't pick up on that.  Oh well, here it is:

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Top Tier:
1 - Red Pepper, Asparagus, and Broccoli
2 - Brown Rice Sushi with Krab, Avocado, and Vinegared Carrots (wrapped in mamenori (soy bean paper))

Bottom Tier:
1 - Bear Molded Hard Boiled Egg
2 - Broccoli
3 - Purple Kale (sauteed in olive oil with a clove of garlic and finished with red wine vinegar) 

WW Flex Points = 8.5

Bento #104 - Blackened Shrimp

I've kind of got into a rhythm here for making bento. Make some rice, put some prepared source of protein, and a vegetable in the box. Sometimes an occasional egg, and WALA: I'm done. I guess it's not a bad thing but I should probably be working on creativity. Lately I just make them so that I don't have to make myself lunch later though. Because when lunch time comes around I never want to make anything.

Bottom: Brown rice
Top: Blackened shrimp, tomato, broccoli, lemon juice in pink bottle

The shrimp is leftover from eating out last night. Yummy!

Toddler Bento

Quick and dirty toddler bento!  I just got a phone call from a friend inviting us to playgroup, so I had about five minutes to throw something together (and of course ten more minutes to post pictures *grin*).  Promite and cheese sandwiches on rye, some chicken, and some tomato.  All favourite foods, and quick to throw in a box.  You can click on the image for a larger version... but yanno, it's sandwiches and tomato and chicken. 

The box is a bit nifty, I think.  It's supposed to be for baby food - pretty appropriate for a toddler then I suppose.  It has three individual containers which fit into the larger divided container  - so lots of options there for filling the box.  When you use the containers, there's quite a bit of space between the lid of the box and the lids of the individual containers.  Instead of wasting that space, it's a useful spot to store a damp facecloth.  If you own a toddler, you'll know how useful that is.

Lids on! - and the face cloth under the lid.

2/5 Bentos #60 & #61 & BENTO CONTEST

Tried something new today and I'm hoping it was a success, I'll find out when CDC gets home from school. For his bento today I made fresh rice in the morning and put it in the new thermal bento to keep it warm. I put salt and butter on top per his request, so maybe he will eat his rice this time! I also made mini terriyaki kabobs with mini smoked sausage (cut in half), pineapple, bell-pepper and apples. I broiled them in my toaster oven for about 10 minutes and brushed with terriyaki sauce several times. Top tier has a mini apple cinnamon muffin, a cut up string cheese stick, a grape and edamame skewer, carrot stick bundle, snap peas, blood orange slice and strawberry. It all looks so good to me, hopefully he will actually eat most of it today! He's notorious for leaving most of the fruits and veggies uneaten :(


Little one's snack Bento for preschool. Mini apple cinnamon muffin, cut up string cheese stick, strawberries and cinnamon apple flowers ( both my kids love the cinnamon apples!)

In case you haven't heard I've decided to hold a contest to celebrate my 6 month Bento anniversary!! If you are interested check it out here :)
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Beef & Cheese Taquitos

 I took some beef and cheese taquitos and cut them into 4's so that they would fit nicely into the bento box. Added some sliced apples and edamame! These taquitos are yummy. I could not stop eating them while I was making this bento!
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Dorm Bento 2

Here is my bento for in between Anatomy Lecture and Anatomy lab.
In the front my octodogs frolic on bed of beef ramen along side a container of sauce for said noodles. I had to make them out of precooked hot dogs so they look a little weird. In the back it is more simple just broccoli and a container of smoked almonds. I forgot to add the little container of jelly beans I have for it. >.< Not pictured: an apple.

Also have discovered that in lack of a knife sharp enough to cut well, anything, that a scalpel from an unused dissection kit works quite well.

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Thursday's Bentos

I was sick yesterday, so today's bento was actually supposed to be for lunch yesterday. But everything should still taste fine. :) My bento comes to 5.5 points.

This bento contains:
1 cup of Cabbage Salad with Ginger and Sesame Dressing (1 point)
4 oz Tuna Steak with Wasabi-Ginger glaze (3.5 points)
1/2 cup asparagus sauteed with Sesame Oil & garlic (1 point)

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my bentoblog: wwbento.blogspot.com

Bento Everywhere!

So this last Saturday I wound making bento for FIVE PEOPLE. 
I will never make it as a caterer.

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On an unrelated, but funny, note:
My boyfriend helped a little on the 5-person bento making (he cut the broccoli and cauliflower at a snail's pace)
After we were finished, I thanked him and then gleefully said "I've always wanted a kitchen slave boy!" to which he quipped "Well it's better than the fields." Realizing the technical politcal incorrectness of what I said (he's black), I apologized profusely and said that even if he was my kitchen slave boy, I'd make sure he was all kinds of well fed! (and he was, one of the bento was for him.)


Bento #105 - Salmon Patties!

For dinner tonight at work...

Top: Omelet, lemon juice, grapes, broccoli, salmon patties, tomato
Bottom: Brown rice with a red bell pepper heart

If anyone is wondering about the salmon patties, all I did was drain a can of salmon, and throw it in the food processor with some light mayo, and breadcrumbs. Then I formed the mixture into little mini patties and stuck it in the toaster oven and cooked them into brown. =D
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new to bento-making

hello all!
i just discovered the pleasures of bento-making (and -eating), so i want to share my first, poor try:


i don't have real bento-equipment, so my boxes had to do the trick until i get my hands on the real stuff! :)

left box: two tortilla-wraps with cream-cheese, lettuce, ham, cheese, cooked egg and cucumber; two rolls of gouda-cheese with cream-cheese; two strips of "fritt", one lemon, one cherries;
right box: cherrie-tomatoes, cucumber- and red pepper-slices on a skewer and carrots;

it was very tasty. have to work on the look though! ;)
Much Ado

Bento #16

I had no need to make a bento today. I was only in for 2 hours and home by 11. But I had dinner left overs, so I wanted to!

Raw spinich leaves with feta
Potatoe raosted in paprika
Bean burgers that I forget to add the breadcrumbs too until I was half way through cooking them... so beans and egg!
Red pepper
Covered in ceaser dressing and more spinich underneath.

It was so tasty! Looked slightly better pre dressing, but as I was eating it straight after making I didn't think to take the photo first...