February 4th, 2009


Six! Six! Just for kicks!

Ok, maybe not for kicks - but definitely for eating! Regardless, this is bento #6 for me. I know I said I was only gonna make lunches for Tuesdays & Thursdays, but since this is Week of Welcome at school (since it's the beginning of the new semester) and I'm an officer for one of the cultural student orgs on campus, I have to be at school at the club's table to meet and greet potential new members! This means that despite only have 3 hours of class, I have to stay on campus from 11am-8pm. Boooo, extra-curricular activities and the responsibilities that come with it.

In any case, here's what I packed for myself:

sidecar (left): tortilla chips with a cream cheese & chili dip (still using gameday leftovers)
bottom tier (top right): steamed rice with nori hearts and furikake stripes, (better than yesterday's but still not quite the right shape) bunnyhead boiled egg
top tier (bottom right): hotdog octopi with peppercorn eyes, roasted pork w/ sauce my mom brought back from her trip to costa rica, carrot sticks, and ketchup & salt/pepper in the sauce containers
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The Avatar Bento

Wow, I need to stop this 'taking long breaks from bento making' thing. Anywho, this was inspired by the shape on my favorite snack. Lol.

left: rice, cabbage, carrots, daikon, broccoli, nori, soy sauce
right: red bean wafer and cucumbers(air), carrots and tomato(fire), daikon(water), edamame and green pepper(earth)

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My nineteen month old is off to the park to play with his Grandma today, so I made him a snack.

He was running up and down the hallway this morning, calling out "shashi! shashi!", so I made him some.  Sushi, that is.  'Shashi' is about as close as he can come to pronouncing it just yet.

So he has some sushi with egg and cucumber, teamed with some grapes and a piece of tomato.  (Click on the image for the full version of the photo).

Dinosaur Breakfast

Here is a breakfast bento from the other day.  Lunch was just going to be a salad so I figured I'd make breakfast cute. 

Now, what I'm going to tell you might freak you out.  The dino sandwich is crunchy peanut butter, guava jelly, and turkey BALOGNA.  Yes, I'm crazy.  Growing up in Hawaii and being influenced by Japanese culture means that I prefer meat a little sweetened.  I need something teriyaki or sauce on my Subway sandwich and of course, guava jelly on my bologna.

The rest of the bento contains blue berries, strawberries, and quail eggs.

(click for larger image)

My first bento!

Hello everyone! Yesterday I had my first bento, but I ate it before I took a picture.

So here are pics of today's bentos AND my first attempt at sushi. I didn't have cucumber & only had long grain rice & none of my knives were sharp enough to cut through the nori without tearing/squishing it. The result has potential though!

I'll tease you with a pic of hubby's mini sushi bento. Complete with carrot hearts & a nori rice sushi with crab & green pepper.

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2/3 Bentos #55, #56, #57 & #58

A whole lot of Bentos today. Amazingly all 4 bentos only took me 45 minutes and I did them while cooking breakfast for the family. I'm getting faster! Yea!

#55 - My lunch: Chicken strips, yaki onigiri, steamed green beans and golden beets. Snap peas, blood orange, grapes, strawberry, dried apricot, almonds and chocolate covered raisins.

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A colorful bento

I made sure to put lots and lots of color in my bento for today!


Top tier: Jicama, celery, and a chicken egg roll
Bottom tier: Reese's snack mix, strawberries, blueberries, Haribo gummy bears
Lid: Twin cherry gummies

Hey, adults are still allowed to like gummy candies! :)
Muhammed Ebi
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Lunch Box 626: Saved by the Chicken

It's been nasty down here in the southeastern US. One day the low will be zero degrees Fahrenheit after you figure in the wind chill, and a few days later the high will be in the sixties. I just can't get used to this yoyoing around. It saps my energy, so when I drag myself in my front door I'm rarely in the mood to get creative in the kitchen, which is why I haven't been posting as frequently as usual lately. I've been packing bentos, but who needs to see my sandwiches day after day?

Last time I went by Kroger after work they had some rotisserie chickens on sale. It was cold and drizzly outside, I was tired and cranky, and tender hot herbed chickens for less than a fiver each appeared before me. I didn't even try to resist. So - here I have some roast chicken, light-fried plantain; a cafeteria roll, strawberries, pink grapefruit, and mochi. The plantain was from a batch I cooked over the weekend, and the roll was intended to be a hot dog bun, but it ended up kinda runty.

(Website post, with links to recipes.)
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2/4 Bento #59

Getting caught up on my posts. Today is a "make your own mini pizza" bento for CDC. He loves to assemble his own food at school and is always begging me when we are at the grocery store to buy him one of those "Lunchables". :P. So here is my version of the "Pizza Lunchable". Organic butter crackers (in cute shapes), mini ham cutouts (he dosen't like pepperoni), shredded cheese, pizza sauce in the condiment container, olive skewers, apple slices, carrot stars and the last leftover mini crust-less quiche (it seemed light on the protein and he loves those!).
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My First (Dorm Room) Bento

Long time lurker first time poster! I am a student currently living in a dorm and there fore bento making is hard because I get all my food from the cafeteria. It also means I can't have kitcheny things cuase I have no kitchen. But once the bento Bug bites the fever can't be cured. So I ordered a ton of bento stuff just got it in and decided to make dinner for my class tonight.

The left (and bottom tier) is filled with simple white rice, with a little container of sweet and sour sauce set into it. The right (and top tier) has sweet and sour chicken (which is what the sauce in the rice is for), two fried pork dumplings and a little Meiji caramal dice thingy.
I"m excited! =D
BTW-Any tips for dorm room bentoing would be helpful!

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Today's Bento for Rob:


Top Tier: Macaroni salad w/ black sesame seeds, kiwi, bold chex mix and grapes for filler

Bottom Tier: Salad w/ southwestern chicken strips and grape tomatoes - Light Ranch on the side for salad

He's at the nightmare dealership today, so I decided treats were in order - thus the skittles along with the kiwi gummy :) They went in the lid

This one was for Monday:


Top Tier: Greek Pasta Salad, Macaroni Salad, Bold Chex Mix, Strawberries & Pineapple, Kiwi, and Mango

Bottom Tier: Leftover from Superbowl - 1/4 Italian Sandwich and 1/4 Cheesesteak Sandwich from Dominos, Broccoli, Baby Carrots and Grape Tomatoes - Light Ranch on side for the veggies

Kat's Bento for yesterday - she forgot to take a picture of today's :( :


Top Tier: Onigiri filled w/ tuna, kiwi, grapes and pineapple, and Sunomono salad
Bottom Tier: Mochi, baby carrots, broccoli, Greek Pasta Salad and Tonkatsu in the penguin

Charmmy Kitty bento box

Tsukemono (Japanese Pickle) recipes or cookbooks please?

Hello everyone,

Somewhere recently I ran across the word tsukemono, and read a little about how Japanese pickles are made by pressing veggies in just a little salt so that they pickle in their own juice pulled out by the salt. These Japanese pickled vegetables as a complete side dish all their own seems like a neat idea. Fascinated, I picked up a cute little [3 litre] Japanese pickle press on ebay.

All of it's instructions are in Japanese, but that's ok, it's easy to see how to use it. However, whatever nifty recipe suggestions it has in the booklet are lost for me. :(

Does anyone know of any recipes for putting veggies into a pickle press? Recipes are harder to find online than I thought they'd be. I found one for cabbage, carrots, and herb leaves together, but I'd like to find some simple suggestions for just carrots, just daikon, just cucumber, etc, and how much salt to use per X amount of these. (Carrots are what I have in the fridge now, and I'm dying to pickle them.. Daikon and other things I could pick up some time later.)

I saw a Tsukemono cookbook on Amazon.com while I was browsing for pickle press prices. Is anyone familiar with any cookbooks for this that they would recommend?

My first and second bento!

Alrighty everyone, I present to you... my first bento! (You may clickie the pics to make biggie.) Technically this is my first AND second bentos, but I made them together as a surprise for my boyfriend this evening so one is the 'main course' and the second is more like the 'dessert'.

The 'main course' bento is 2 tiers. Top tier: tomato stuffed with onion & chive cream cheese, cucumber & crab sushi, decorative parsley with a cucumber star and a piggie filled with soy sauce. Bottom tier: hard boiled egg with nori swirl, 2 mushrooms wrapped in bacon, another tomato stuffed with onion & chive cream cheese and more decorative parsley and cucumber stars.

I used my brand spankin' new Animal Crossing bento my brother got me for my birthday (I absolutely adore this set!) for 'dessert'. It's only 1 tier: bananas and chocolate covered cherries; on the right side is vanilla yogurt with strawberry stars and decorations. This one's not as pretty as my very first, but it'll do it's job. Which is to be tasty. OM NOM NOM.



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Bento #18 & Backlog

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#18: Shaped Rice Dinner Bento

Top: Pork gyoza, blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, baby carrots
Bottom: Three furikake-flavored rice (salmon, egg, and a purpley one that tasted quite good), topped with pepperoni and with baby carrots and green beans over lettuce leaves.

I made like 15 of those onigiri (all flavored too!), so I'll definitely be having homemade lunch the next few days. What else do you all serve with onigiri?